Okay, I know a LOT of you have been asking for adminship, and I have to say, it's getting really difficult for both users, and admins and beaurecrats. For users, because not everyone gets to be an admin, for one reason or another, and us admins, because we have to be the bearers of bad news, or deal with upset users. So, before you even think about adminship, read this little guide, and you may start to have second thoughts on nomination.

Chapter 1: Requirements

A lot of you may think that you can get adminship just by getting a lot of edits and not getting into trouble, but there's more to it than that. You have to be responsible, and do things by the book. Here are a few things you should know:

Edits are not gold:
As unbelievable as it sounds, getting 100 edits or more is not going to get you anywhere off the ground. If you want to at least grab the admins' attentions, you should have at least 3,000 edits. This can be obtained with hard work and dedication. For example, give images categories, such as Archie Comics images, or User images. If you want to edit articles, make sure the information is canonical to the article. If you see the "Love" section of Sonic's page, and you see Sally Acorn down there, she dosen't belong down there. Know why? Because, she was not the love interest of the Sonic in the games, she was the love interest of Sonic in the Archie comics and tv show incarnations! And, the easist of them all, you can just correct whatever incorrect grammar you might find on a page.
Reputation is important:
Don't think your reputation will change if you get adminship. No matter what you do, people are still going to treat you the way you deserve to be treated, not because of authority. So, when you visit the site, behave yourself. You don't need to curse out others, or disrespect admins, or anything like that. Join because you want to help.
Don't write like you're 4:
Good grammar is important, because if you have bad grammar, people will have a bad time comprehending (understanding) what you say. A lot of people, especially those who text, use things like "LOL OMG ROTFL :)", which is okay for forums, but not always for talk pages. If you're discussing something with an admin -- or anyone, for that matter -- you shouldn't type things like "U don know wat u r sayin". As stated above, when you're a user on the Wiki, you should have some class. If you have a condition, however, that prevents you from using correct grammar, you can always learn how to write better. Have a tutor show you the ropes.
Do things by the book:
Every Wiki has a set of rules that you need to follow, and they're put there for a reason. Now, if you break a rule 4 times, despite warnings, you'll get banned. This can put a smude on your reputation. It affect your chance of adminship, however, depends on the offense and the punishment.

Chapter 2: What is an "admin"?

Admin, as we all know, is short for "Administrator." Now, there are certain things you have to know before you say that you want to be an admin.

Not everyone needs adminship:
We know, a lot of you want to be admins, so you can do more good for your Wiki. Well, think about it: Have you ever been admin before? Do you need to be an admin? Do you even know what can admin can do? Well, I'll clarify that right now: Adminstrators can delete, move, or lock articles and block users. The only thing they can't do is grant other people administrative rights. That's where the beaurecrats come in. That, in itself, is a lot of responsibility.
It's not just the admins that count:
A lot of people, sadly, don't know this: when someone makes a request for adminship, the entire community can vote! It's not just the admins/beaurecrats' say that counts, even IF they're the ones giving you the title. Anyone who wants to vote CAN vote, normal users shouldn't have their's null and void. Is that fair?

Chapter 3: Administrators' etiquette*

  • The material in this chapter was written by Guyviroth. Whatever parts are in green, please give HIM the credit for those particular parts. Whatever is in blue/orange is by me, Little Miss Colourful.

Not all administrators on every Wikia are reasonable. I learned this when I FIRST came to Wikia. I was writing up my fancharacter on my userpage, and I did this: Selena Gomez.

I put that part in the English voice actor(s) box. Now, there's nothing wrong with adding a link to the actor/actress. But, someone (I'm tempted to use their name, so let's call him "Mr. Waggles.") had told me that this was wrong. I did it a few more times, believing he was totally wrong. And, he was. He just didn't know this. He said that if I did it again, he'd ban me.

Now, think about this little issue for a minute? Was any of that reasonable behavior for a beaurecrat? Whether he was right or wrong, it was how he treated me that weekend. An admin OR a beaurecrat should be cooperative and fair. Here's Guyviroth's provided point of view:

Never takes sides and never do anything that would suggest you to be biased.
An Admin should be well disciplined in order to have the correct mindset when commenting towards another person; having a bad day or just being in a bad mood should not reflect on how you should deal with a situation.
An admin should follow the wiki's ToS as well as the wiki's own rules to the letter and not stretching or bending them to their own needs. Also, you should expect the correct punishment if you break a rule; don't expect to be treated kindly because you are of a position of authority.
Strict but Firm.
It is not a bad thing or a bannable offense if you should find yourself in a position of giving out criticism; people should find your comments to be of assistance to help them better their article or otherwise and not find it as a personal attack against them. However, be firm with your criticism.