(inspired by Statyx the hedgehog (Kagimizu) This comedy tells the story of Silver and his time-travelling back 200 years in the past... and getting stuck there! Now, he and his friends have to figure out how to send him back. And, more importantly, help him remember his reason for his urgent appearance! But for now, here are the not-so-smooth life and times of Silver the Hedgehog!

Episode 1:

Jezz & Shelly: [strolling together in the park]
Jezz: Ah, such a nice day for a stroll, wouldn't you say, Shelly?
Shelly: Absolutely. The fresh air, flowers abundant, nothing could ruin this day...
Jezz: *eyes open wide* Uh, Shelly!!!
Shelly: *distracted by the butterflies* [something opening in the sky and object falling directly towards Shelly]
Shelly: *feeding the birds*
Jezz: Earth to Shelly! HELLOOOO?!?! How can I hear me?!
[screaming grows louder]
Shelly: Hmm. Sounds like the cats are fightI!--[lands on Shelly]
Shelly: JiNkIeS! It's the apocalypse! THE SKY IS FALLING!
Both: SILVER?!
Silver: [groan] Where am I?
Shelly & Silver: *both scream at the sight of each other*
Jezz: Silver, what are you doing here?
Silver: I'll tell 'ya what I'm doing here--I don't know! We were testing the time machine and next thing I know I'm looking at Clementine over here!
Shelly: HOW could you get that far from my name? It's Shelly!
Silver: Yeah, I know. See, Clementine's a shade of orange, and--
Jezz: We don't have time for this! Just let me use my powers to send you back 200 years. *starts to focus, users large amount of energy on Silver* Chaos Rift!!!
Silver: *fried* *coughs up black smoke*
Jezz: OH. Ah, um...oh boy.
Shelly: By the look on your face, I'd say that wasn't supposed to happen.
Jezz: It wasn't.
Silver: Guess I'm stuck here... *kicks rock, rock goes far enough to break fountain* Oops.
Shelly: The mayor isn't gonna like THAT.
Jezz: Let's get outta here before we run into Statyx and start Doomsday.
Shelly: AGREED. *grabs Silver and runs*

We'll be right back!

Later that day...

All: *on sidewalk*
Shelly: So, what are things like in the future.
Silver: I dunno. How do things work here?
Jezz: Well, for starters, most humans get around in things called cars.
Silver: Ohhh...what're those?
Jezz &; Shelly: *both exchange faces*
Shelly: You've never heard of a car?
Silver: *shakes head*
Jezz: I always thought that they'd fly in the future...
Silver: So they don't fly now?
Shelly: Nope. Flying is in the airplane's department.
Silver: What's an airplane?

[timbani sound]

Shelly: Well, Silver, looks like we'll have to help you brush up on your history.
Jezz: I'm sure it'll be easy as pie.
Silver: *is about to talk*
Jezz: *holds up hand* It's food!
Silver: OH.

Episode 2

Jezz: *sitting in living room reading magazine* *thinking* I wonder how Shelly and Jezz are doing at the mall...?
Shelly: *opens door*
Silver: *moaning, holding his eye*
Jezz: What's the matter?
Shelly: Silver was learning how to use a straw.
Jezz: I can see where that went wrong...
Shelly: OK, Silver, you can open your eye now.
Silver: *opens eye* It's a MIRACLE!
Shelly: *exasperated sigh* I'll get started on dinner.
Jezz: *gets back to reading newspaper*
Silver: Whatcha doin'?
Jezz: ...Reading a newspaper?
Silver: Oh.
Jezz: *gets back to reading*
Silver: What's a newspaper?
Jezz: [to himself] the thing I'm about to roll up and slap you siller with...
Silver: Can you read it to me?
Jezz: Gee, Silver, why not read it for yourself?
Silver: I don't know how to read.
Jezz: Why am I not surprised?
Shelly: Come and get it!
Silver: Get what?
Silver: Oh.

We'll be right back!

[during dinnertime]

Shelly: DIG IN!
Silver: Dig? I didn't know we were supposed to bring shovels...
Jezz: "Dig in" means "enjoy the food", Silver.
Silver: Oh. *leans over and takes a bite out of the chicken* Mmm...
Shelly ...Guess we'll have to train him...
Silver: mmm... This is good, what is it?
Jezz: It's chicken.
Silver: *spits out on Jezz* FOOD IS MY ENEMY.
Jezz: *brushing off food bits* Vegetarian in the house...
Shelly: Silver, maybe next time you could use the utensils in front of you?
Silver: Oh. Okay! *picks up fork* I wonder what this one is for?
Jezz: Should we tell him?
Shelly: He's a big boy, Jezz.
Silver: *snaps fingers* Aha! *scratching back with fork* Like this?
Jezz: Not even close! You use it for eating!
Silver: sure?
Shelly: Yes, and before you ask what that is, you jab the food with the fork and put it in your mouth.
Silver: I know what eating is. But wait -- I thought I was using utensils, not forks.

10 minutes later

Shelly & Silver together: Fork, spoon, knife, napkin!
Shelly: Very good, Silver!
Silver: *eating like a properly-behaved gerntleman*
Shelly: See? Teach him a thing or two and everything works out in the end.
Silver: *talking with his mouth full* *gets food all over Jezz*
Jezz: Just shoot me.

Episode 3

Jezz: OK, Silver, today's the day I get to teach you how to play sports.
Silver: What kinda game's that?
Jezz: It's not actually a game, so to speak, but a series of games. We'll start off easy: I'll throw the ball and you try to catch it.
Silver: Okay.
Jezz: GO LONG!
Silver: *standing still*
Jezz: GO LONG!!
Silver: *still immobile*
Jezz: That means "Run, I'm about to throw the ball!"
Silver: Oh!
Silver: *starts running*
Jezz: *throws ball*
Silver: *misses ball, keeps running*
Jezz: You can stop now, Silver!
Silver: *dosen't stop running, runs into tree*
Jezz: (this is gonna be a long, painful day)
Silver: *runs back over* How'd I do?
Jezz: Ya handled it like a pro! OK, let's try something a little easier.
Shelly: *watching at a window* This is better than cable *eats popcorn*
Jezz: I'll hold the ball like this, and then you try to kick it as hard as you can. Got it?
Silver: Got it!

[Charlie Brown Theme plays]

Silver: *gets a running start*
Jezz: *getting annoyed by a bee* Hey, move it! [growl] Shoo! Go away, I'm busy! *moves football at the last minute*
Silver: *trips*
Shelly: Goof greif.
Jezz: Oops. ^_^|

We'll be right back!

[a little while later]

Jezz: OK, Silver. Listen carefully. This is a basketball. That is a hoop. Get the ball into the hoop.
Silver: Gotcha! *uses pscohkinesis to get the ball into the hoop*
Jezz: OK, that was very...creative. Now try to do it without your powers.
Silver: OK. *perfectl executes a slam-dunk*
Jezz: T-that was perfect! Hi-5!
Silver: *uses pschokinesis to Hi-5 Jezz and accidentaly sends him flying into an anthill*
Shelly: Oh boy. I better get out there before things get ugly.
Jezz: *biting sounds, Jezz starts jumping around screaming* AAH!!! RED ANTS! RED ANTS!
Shelly: *comes running outside with a waterbucket and dumps water on Jezz*
Silver: Wow, Jezz! Next to the Funky Chicken, I bet that's the most popular dance around!
Jezz: *to Shelly* Hold me back! *trying to run after Silver but is held back by Shelly*
Silver: Gee, take it easy. Haven't you learned your manners and Connecticut?
Jezz & Shelly: ETIQUETTE!
Silver: That, too.

Episode 4

Silver: So, Shelly, what are we going to learn today?
Shelly: Gee, Silver, I don't have a clue! I mean, what could one learn in a garden full of gardening tools that you could use to cultivate a garden???
Silver: • • • ...I have no idea.
Shelly: It rhymes with "bardening"...
Silver: "Cardening"! Oh, no, wait. "Dardening"! "Fa--
Shelly: It starts with a "G"!!
Silver: OH! I GOT IT!
Shelly: (Hallelujah...)
Silver: Jardening! We are going to do some Jardening!
Shelly: ...I'm going to go take some aspirin. *goes inside*
Silver: *grabs a shovel* KWAA! I AM OBIWAN KENOBI, THE GREATEST WARRIOR OF OUR TIME! FEEL THE WRATH OF MY LIGHTSABER! YAA *throws shovel* [clang] [thud] *green hedgehog lying on the ground*
Silver: Whoops. *uses psychokinesis to lift him up* Hey, are you okay!
Green Hedgehog: You're gonna pay for that, you little...!
Shelly & Jezz: *walking out to the garden*
Shelly: Are you sure you wanna come out and help me with Silver?
Jezz: Believe me, you're gonna need all the help you can ge-- oh boy.
Green Hedgehog: Looks, buddy, the name's Statyx; remember it!
Silver: Too late ☺
Statyx: *grabs Silver by the mane* Listen, kid, since there are witnesses around, I'm gonna let you off with a warning. But if you ever try anything funny like that again, I'm gonna do THIS! [camera focuses on Shelly & Jezz] [jackhammer sounds]
Jezz: Oh snap
Shelly: *covers eyes*
Statyx: [off-screen] And THIS!
Shelly: *peeks* [boom] Oh mud crunkeys
Statyx: AND THIS! [thump] And I don't wanna do that!
Silver: *head sticking out of the ground*
Statyx: So says Statyx the Hedgehog! *dusts hands off* Later, dude.
Shelly: Well, Silver, looks like your first lesson will be how to dig up weeds!
Silver: *giggling* Hurry, the worms kinda tickle.

Episode 5

Silver & Shelly: *sitting in the park*
Shelly: *feeding the birds* You wanna try, Silver?
Silver: Sure! *eats breadcrumbs*
Shelly: *sigh*
Statyx: Hey, Shelly.
Shelly: Hi, Statyx!
Silver: OW. OW. OW. OW. OW. OW. OW. OW. OW. OW. OW. OW. OW.
Statyx: I didn't even touch you yet.
Silver: Just practising. OW. OW. OW. OW.
Statyx: Sure are a lotta birds out today.
Shelly: I'll say. Okay, Silver, gimme the bag back before you get a stomach ache.
Silver: OK. *gives Shelly bag*
Shelly: It's empty.
Silver: You said the bag.
Statyx: Wow, isn't it fit for a bird-brain to eat bird food?
Shelly: Knock it off, Statyx.
Statyx: Just sayin'.
Silver: That's it!
Shelly: What's "it"?
Silver: I've found out what I'm going to be when I grow up -- A BIRD!
Statyx & Shelly: ...
Silver: I'd better go practise! [zoom]
Shelly & Statyx: *burst out with laughter*
Silver: Let's see...if I'm going to be a feathered friend, the first thing I'll need is a tree. *walks up to a tree with signs all over it that say "Quarantine" and "Warning: Unstable tree!" and "Don't be stupid!"* This one looks pretty firm. *climbs up the tree* Ahh. Nice and cozy... *starts to nap in the tree* [snap]
Silver: Hm??? [tree starts falling over]
Silver: ...Timber. [crash]
Silver: *head pops out of the tree's leaves*
Jet: *pops up* Do you mind? *disappears in the tree*

We'll be right back!

Shelly: Silver! Oh, Silver, where are you? I hate more 'snacks'!
Statyx: Don't 'ya mean birdseed?
Shelly: To him there's no difference.
Silver: KA-KAW! KA-KAW!
Statyx: Cuc-koo! Cuc-koo!
Shelly: *nudges Statyx* Here, Silver! Fly down and get some delicious treats!
Silver: Nice try, I know your plot! When I fly down there, you're gonna have Statyx try and catch me with a net!
Statyx: What makes 'ya believe that? *hiding net behind him*
Shelly: Come on, Silver! Statyx likes them!
Statyx: Yeah! Wait, wha--
Shelly: *stuffs birdseed in Statyx' mouth*
Silver: Well, it does look tasty, and if Statyx likes it, then I should, too! *tries flapping his fake wings and falls out of the tree*
Statyx: *retching*
Silver: Aw, I bent my beak! I guess I'm not meant to be a bird after all...
Shelly: Oh, cheer up, Silver! You can be whatever you wanna be -- as long as it's not another animal.
Silver: Yeah, you're right...but Shelly?
Shelly: Yes?
Silver: Can I still wear the cool beak?
Shelly: *giggles* Sure. Now, how about we all head home for supper?
Statyx: Yeah, I'm starving!
Silver: *stuffs birdseed in Statyx' mouth* Eat up! ☺
Statyx: *spits it out, grabs Silver by the mane* Do that again, hedgehog, and you're going home in an envelope.
Silver: *lays an egg*
All: *stare at egg*
Shelly: ...
Statyx: ...
Silver: ...

Episode 6

Jezz: *listening to music*
Shelly: *house shakes* SIIIIIIILVEEEEEEEEEER!!! *comes stomping into the room*
Jezz: *humming* ♪Of an absolution...♪
Shelly: *unplugs MP3*
Jezz: *still dancing*
Shelly: The music's off, Jezz.
Jezz: ...oh. Man, I've been hanging around Silver too much!
Shelly: Funny you should mention him. *puts down refridgerator and opens it* All our foods gone!
Jezz: can lift a 'fridge?
Shelly: ...Do you know where Silver is or not?
Silver: *lay on the floor of his room surrounded by garbage*
Shelly: *kicks down door* Silver!
Silver: That's my name.
Shelly: You ate EVERYTHING!
Silver: You said I could have some snacks for my party.
Shelly: Yes, snacks, not a buffet!
Jezz: You know, Shelly, I'm sure he didn't mean it. It was all in fun.
Shelly: Well, I guess you're right...
Silver: So, what's for breakfast?
Shelly: *through teeth* I will be at the grocery store.
Silver: Ooh, can I come?
Shelly: Why, so you can eat everything there, too?
Jezz: It'd be a good opportunity to teach Silver how to shop himself.
Shelly: I don't know...
Jezz: Look at it this way: if he learns to go out and buy food, you won't have to!
Shelly: C'mon, Silver, we're going shopping!
Twister: *pops up at window* Hey, maybe I could take him!
Jezz: ...Twister, have you been listening to everything we've been saying?
Twister: ...uh...this isn't about me.
Shelly: Er, what are you standing on?
Twister: ...Do you want me to take him off your hands or not?

We'll be right back!

Twister: *walks into the store* Here we are, Silver! ...Silver?
Silver: *gets stuck in revolving door* HELP! IT'S TIME-TRAVEL ALL OVER AGAIN!!
Twister: *grabs him*
Silver: Thanks.
Twister: I can see why Shelly gave me that leash...*blinks, then Silver disappears* Aw, man!
Silver: *running in a circle, screaming*
Twister: Found him... *walks over to Silver and drags him by his ear*
Twister: Not for long if you keep running off like that.
Silver: *disappears again* [woman screams] [smack]
Silver: *walks back to Twister with a black eye* Who knew a purse full of candy could pack such a wallop...
Twister: That's it, I'm taking you home!
P.A.: ATTN., shoppers, we will be closing in 5 minutes.
Twister: Great, now we only have a few minutes to get everything on the list and back home!
Silver: Don't worry, 5 minutes isn't that--
[lights turn off, keys jingle]
Silver: ...bad?

Episode 7

Silver: *peeks through the mail slot* *tip-toes inside* *closes door, continues tip-toeing*
Jezz: *reading newspaper, notices Silver* Hey, Silver.
Silver: I DIDN'T DO IT! Oh, hi.
Jezz:  ? Are you okay?
Silver: Uh, yeah... I'm going up to my room, nobody disturb me!
Shelly: Just what're you hiding, Silver?
Silver: Me? Hiding something? Naaah, that's preposterous! What makes you think I'm hiding anything behind my back? Because it sure isn't an animal or anything!
Shelly: Okay, Silver, let's see it.
Silver: *opens his hands and reveals a squirrel*
Jezz: A squirrel? Really?
Silver: I call him Frothy ^ ^
Shelly: Silver, what did we say about bringing animals in the house?
Silver: ...Aren't we animals?
Shelly: Let me rephrase that: what did we say about bringing pets into the house?
Silver: Awww, come on!
Jezz: Silver, remember the last time a pet was in this house?
Silver: But..!
Jezz: And the time before that...
Silver: It'll grow ba--
Jezz & Shelly: And the time before that...
Silver: ...Fine. Come on, Frothy. We're not wanted here. *goes back outside*
We have got to figure out how we're gonna get Silver back to his own time.
Jezz: Yeah, you're right. The longer he stays in the present, the higher the risk of him effecting his future.
Shelly: Do you think you could perfect your Chaos Rift and try it again?
Jezz: Shelly, I created the Chaos Powers. My Chaos Rift is already perfect.
Shelly: Oh, really? Then why is it that when you tried it on him it toasted him?
Jezz: Uh... [screaming outside]
Both: [exchange faces and run outside]
Silver: *being carried off by a stampede of squirrels, tied up and gagged*
Shelly: Oh, querido dios!
Jezz: Silver!
Silver: MMPH! MMM-MMM!

We'll be right back!

Later that day...

[Jezz, Shelly and Silver walk up to the house covered in bruises]
Jezz: Ugh...where are the keys...
Shelly: Inside the house.
Silver: *suddenly perky* I'll help! *uses psychokinesis to blast the door down*
Jezz: Why did I not see that coming?
Shelly: Silver, we really need to talk.
Silver: Well I'm thinkin' the Mets have a good chance this year--
Shelly: Not that kind, Silver...
Jezz: She means you have to GO HOME!
Silver: But we are hom already, Silly! Here, lemme show 'ya: *drags them both outside* We can in like this...*walks through doorway*
Shelly & Jezz: 200 years from now, you nincompoop!!
Silver: Oh, that home!
Jezz: *fire pours from his mouse as he talks* Whaddya think?! The whole time you've been here all you've done is create chaos beyond repair! Every day, I have to reset my own arm back into the socket because:
  • "I didn't know it was loaded!"
  • "I didn't know that was his head!"
  • "Ya got any glue?"
Shelly: *covers Jezz' mouth* Silver, what he means is--
Silver: Oh, no, you don't have to! I know where I'm not wanted. I'll just go to my room now. I couldn't possibly do anyone harm up there. *walks upstairs*
Shelly: Oh dear...
Jezz: What have I done...
Shelly: *coughs violently, spits out an acorn* Oh, that's not pretty.
Jezz: *walks up the stairs, knocks on Silver's door* Silver? Buddy? Listen, I'm real sorry about yelling at you just now. I mean, sometimes I get a little upset when you do...certain things. You're my friend, after all. ... *long silence* ...Silver? *opens door* [room is empty, window is open* HOLY KUZCO! *runs to the window* (He didn't...jump...did he?!) *looks at the ground below* Where did he--
Silver: *clears throat* [floating in front of Jezz, holding suitcase]
Jezz: Silver, you're okay!
Silver: Yeah, and I forgive you. I admit, ever since I came here I've been a little...odd, but I can't seen to figure out why. I never had any problems with my other visits.
Jezz: Yeah. Something must've went wrong after you came to this time. *flashback to the first episode...*
Jezz: "We don't have time for this! Just let me use my powers to send you back 200 years." *starts to focus, users large amount of energy on Silver* "Chaos Rift!!!"
Silver: *fried* *coughs up black smoke*
Jezz: "OH". "Ah, um...oh boy."
[flashback ends]
Both: The Chaos Rift!!
Jezz:'s my fault you...
Silver: Suffered drain bamage?
Jezz: Brain damage.
Silver: Cover your mouth when you sneeze.
Jezz: ? I'm sorry, Silver. For...everything.
Silver: Aw...*about to hug*
Both: *realize what they're doing, laugh sheepishly and just handshake*
Silver: *floats back into his room* Guess I won't be needing this. *drops suitcase* *suitcase punches a hole in the floor, which they both fall into* AAAAH!!! *crash*
Shelly: ...that's gonna hurt in the morning.
Jezz: *seeing stars* Y-you sure you don't want a room on the first floor?

Episode 8

Jezz: Okay Silver, guess what you're going to learn today!
Silver: *opens his mouth*
Jezz: Nevermind, please don't guess. Today, you're going to learn how to GOLF!
Silver: Is that a type of--
Jezz: No, it's not.
Silver: You don't even know what I was gonna say!
Jezz: Believe me, I do.
Shelly: Yeah, Silver, you're pretty predictable.
Silver: I am not!
Shelly: Hey, look, there's Statyx!
Jezz: And Fou!
Shelly: Seeya. *tries to run away but gets caught by Jezz*
Jezz: Oh, no, you don't.
Statyx: Hey, guys!
Silver: Thunder-Dud.
Statyx: Psychonaut.
Shelly: Would you two be nice just for once?
Both: Nope.
Shelly: *sighs*
Fou: Hi, Monkey!
Shelly: I'M NOT A MONKEY!! *course shakes*
Jezz: Gonna be a long day.
2 minutes later
Jezz: Okay Silver, watch me. FORE! *hits ball into hole*
Shelly: Hole in One!
Jezz: Now you try.
Silver: Okay.
Jezz: TAKE COVER!!! *Shelly and Jezz both duck*
Silver: 5!!! *throws golf club* *bonk*
Statyx: *walks over to Silver with an angry expression* *pulls golf club out of his quills* I believe this is yours?
Silver: Thanks! *hits Jezz in the mouth on the backswing* 6!!! *hits Statyx in his head and totally misses the golf ball*
Statyx: *chases Silver all around the course* GET BACK HERE!!
Shelly: Good greif...
Fou: *laughing*
We'll be right back!
Jezz: Okay, Silver, let's try this. When you hit your second shot only inches from the cup, it's called a "birdie". Watch: Fore! *hits ball, ball goes under the windmill, and stops nearby the hole* *walks over to the ball and hits it a second time* There. That's what's called a birdie. You try.
Silver: *wind-up*
Silver: Okay. question though.
Jezz: What's that?
Silver: Four what?
Silver: *hits the ball too hard* *a squawk is heard and feathers fly* Yay! I got a birdie!
Shelly: No, you got an Eagle.
Jezz: Poor little fella. Flew right through the Silver Zone.
Statyx: *whispers to Fou* I don't know about you, but I don't know what could make this more enjoyable.
Jezz: Okay, Silver, this is the most important rule of golf: Timing is everything.
Silver: *checks his watch* It's 11:30. Almost time for lunch.
Jezz: Not that kind of timing, Silver. Watch. You have to hit it at just the right... *thunder-clap* *starts raining*
Silver: OH! I see what you mean by timing! You mean "hit the ball before the storm rolls in"!
Jezz: ...I'm going to bed.
Shelly: Shouldn't we help Statyx and Fou find--*turns around to see them both trembling under a tree* --shelter?
Silver: I can't wait to come back next week!
Shelly and Jezz: *groan*

Episode 9

Shelly & Shadow: *battling*
Kit: *cheerleading*
Jezz & Silver: *sitting on the bench, watching*
Silver: What are they fighting about?
Jezz: I have no idea.
Kit: Shadow Shadow, he's my man, he can do it, but Monkey sure can't!
Shelly: I'M NOT A MONKEY! *vibration*
Shadow: *stumbles and falls on his back due to the quake*
Shelly: HA!
Shadow: So I was handicapped. *kicks Shelly*
[Both resume fighting]
Silver: Come on, Shelly! Knock him into last week!
Kit: No chance! My Shadow can beat that Monk--
Silver: She is NOT a monkey! ...*leans over to Shelly* You're not a monkey, right?
Shelly: *struggling with Shadow* NO, I'm a hedge--oof! *gets blasted backwards into a tree*
Silver: See? She's a hedge, she said so!
Kit: You really are 21 flavors of dumb, aren't 'ya?
Silver: I may be dumb, but at least I'm not stupid!
Kit: Riiight. -_-
Shadow: *gets sent flying into a tree*
Kit: Shaddie!! Are you alright?
Shadow: *groan* I'm fine, Kitten.
Shelly: Boo-yah!! You got served, Spikey!
Shadow: Oh, yeah? *charges at her, fighting continues*
Kit: Yaaay, Shadow! *throws pompons in the air* GO, SHADOW!
Jezz & Silver: GO, SHELLY!
Shelly: *kicks Shadow away, Shadow dosen't get up*
Jezz & Silver: WHOO! YEAH!
Kit: Hmph! *throws down her pompons*
Silver: Looks like the hedge won this round!
Shelly: -_-|
Kit: So she got lucky!
Silver: Luck has nothing to do with it.
Kit: Oh, yeah?!
Silver: Yeah!
Kit: We'll I'll bet luck dosen't run in the family!
Silver: Sure it does, want me to demonstrate?
Kit: OH, YEAH!
Jezz: Hold it, you two! Can't we all just get along?
Both: NO!
Jezz: Come on, surely you two can agree on something?
Both: NO!
Shelly: Except that.
Jezz: Why don't we try finding things you two have in common?
Kit: What could I possibly have in common with him?
Jezz: Well, you both like to fight.
Kit: ...true.
Jezz: So, let's go back to the house and--
All: Bad idea.
Jezz: Why?
Shelly: Because when we're through we may not have one.
Jezz: Oh yeah.
We'll be right back!
[Kit and Silver facing each other, sitting]
Jezz: Okay, let's see if we can work something out here. *writing on a board* Okay, first, Kit, what's your favorite color?
Kit: Red.
Jezz: Okay, Silver?
Silver: Broccoli.
Jezz & Kit: ?
Jezz: ...oookay. Next question. Kit, what's your favorite thing to do on vacation?
Kit: To go on a picnic with Shaddie. *winks at Shadow*
Shadow: *blushes hard*
Jezz: Okay. Silver, your favorite thing?
Silver: *fell asleep*
Jezz: *sigh* *snaps his fingers* *a bolt of electricity zaps Silver awake*
Silver: Ah, wha, whozit?
Statyx: I can't tell you how long I wanted to do that, Psycho-Not!
Jezz: Thank you, Statyx.
Silver: Wait, you're here?! Like I needed another problem!
Jezz: One rivarly at a time, please! We don't need any more stress! We're trying to make peace, not break it!
Statyx: I agree. So have a seat, Psycho-Nut.
Silver: *growls, sits back down*
Jezz: Okay, now let's try and walk in each others shoes for a bit.
Silver: I wouldn't try her shoes on if you paid me a million dollars.
Kit: Says the guy in the high heels.
Jezz: *pushing the two back, who are trying to kill each other* Alright, that's enough!! I mean, pretend to be the other person so you can see their point of view. Kit, you go first.
Kit: I only hope I can do it justice *flutters eyelids* *clears throat* "Hi, I'm Silver! I'm so dumb I drool on myself and think it's raining!"
Silver: Grrr....
Kit: (cont'd) "Hey everyone, watch me spell 'GO'! G-E-A-U-X!"
Silver: *telepathically flips her chair backwards* Did I do that? ^ ^
Kit: *gets up* Yes, you did. -.-
Jezz: Oy. Alright, Silver, you give it a shot.
Silver: Okay. *high-pitched* "Hi, I'm Kit the Cat! I'm so perfect, and I just looove my Shaddie!" *winks at Shadow*
Shadow: *nausea*
Silver: "Look at me, I'm fancy and my brown hair flows in the wind!"
Kit: *growing furious*
Silver: "I like--WHAA!
Kit: *jumps on him, screeching* *fighting cloud*
Jezz: There's gotta be an easier way to do this...
Statyx: *throws lightning ball at the two*
Kit and Silver: Yeow!!
Statyx: I love this job.
Jezz: Okay, since you two have been totally immune to every tactic so far, I'm going to try a new approach.
Kit: A bat?
Silver: A dog?
Jezz: No. Put these on *lifts two sumo suits*
Kit: Why do we--
Jezz: PUT 'EM ON!
Both: *put on the suits, zip them up*
Silver: Okay, they're on, now what?
Jezz: *hands them each an oar* You two are going to keep fighting until you're ready to sit down and talk about your problems.
Silver: Aren't you always saying that violence isn't the answer?
Jezz: It isn't. But if this little exercise gets you two to a nice, safe place of communication, then whack away.
Silver: I can't hit a girl!
Kit: Good, then this'll be fun! *hits him*
Silver: OW! *both fighting*
Jezz: Well, that's that. Who wants to go out for some pizza?
Shelly, Shadow, Statyx & Jezz: *all leave the room*
Kit & Silver: *fighting, insulting each other*

Episode 10

Silver: *Playing in the trash*
Shelly: Silver, what are you doing?
Silver: I'm Dumpster Diving, wanna come in? The trash is nice and dirty!
Shelly: it's time for Din--uggh, you reek!
[later in the bathroom]
Shelly: Now, scrub down good, or no treats for you. *shakes Dog treats box* *closes door*
Silver: Uhhh... *turns handle too much and breaks it, causing the shower head to break from tons of water*
[In the Living room]
Jezz: Shelly, where's Silver?
Shelly: *taking a shower*
[Suddenly the wall Breaks with water erupting from the wall]

Jezz and Shelly: *jaws wide open*

Silver: (comes from the wall) WEEE, that was a fun Water Slide, Shelly!
Shelly: *Jaw still wide open, and one eye twitches*
Statyx: *walks through front door* Can I come in? I'm already in, so say "yes". *notices flooded living room* *whistles* Good thing I'm 30 seconds late, huh, guys?
Shelly: ...I'll get a mop. *leaves room*
Statyx: Still messing up, Silver-Psycho?
Silver: For your information, I just went on the best water slide ever! And YOU missed it, Thunder-Dud.
Statyx: That's actually a good thing for me.
Silver: *scoffs* Whatever!
Statyx: So, how long will it be until he gets his noggin fixed and I can have a worthy opponent again?
Jezz: Not sure. I'm afraid of using the Chaos Rift on him again because it might make things worse.
Statyx: *watches Silver mis-use a toothbrush* I don't think it could get much worse.
Jezz: Oh, really? Let's say I zap his brain so hard, he forgets how to breathe.
Statyx: Good point.
Silver: Come on, guys! I can take on Sparky here just as well as I could before!
Statyx: This is coming from the guy who can't tell the difference between a toothbrush and a back-scratcher?
Silver: ...*throws away toothbrush* I can still fight you, and I'll prove it, too! Tomorrow at noon, Central City!
Statyx: You're on, Psycho-Nut!
Silver: Good! Now if you'll excuse me--
Shelly: Go Dumpster Diving again and I'll make sure you never see another cookie for the rest of your life!!
Silver: ...fine.
We'll be right back!
Shelly: *wearing a referee outfit* In this corner, The Time Traveling Idiot, the Psychonut, SILLLLVER! Aaaand in this corner, the Lightning Legacy, the Living Lightning, STAAAAAATYX!!! Eye of the Tiger plays:*people cheering on the sidewalks*
Statyx: I'm gonna enjoy this.
Silver: So will I.
Shelly: *rings bell*
Statyx: *throws a sphere of lightning at Silver*
Silver: *zzt, ding!* Soups on!
Statyx: Come on, Silver-Psycho, it's that the best you've got to offer?
Shelly: Come on, Silver, you can do it!
Jezz: Make your ancestors proud!
Silver: Don't worry, I won't let you guys down!
Fou: Go, Statyx!
Shelly: ...when did he get here?
Fou: Hi, Monkey!:*arena shakes* I'M NOT A MONKEY!!!
Statyx: I'm waiting, Psychonut!
Silver: *telekinetic hand grabs Statyx, throws him*
Statyx: Oof! Not bad--WHOA!
Silver: *telekinetically throws him into the air, jumps high and kicks him*
Shelly and Jezz: *cheering*
Fou: Come on, Statyx! You can do it!
Statyx: *twirls Silver around, throws him back down to the ground*
Shelly: *blows whistle* Round 1 goes to Statyx!
Fou: Yay, Statyx!
Statyx: Thank you, you're too kind ;)
Jezz: Uh, Statyx?!
Statyx: Yeah?!
Jezz: When are you gonna get down?!
Statyx: I-- *looks down* Uh...oh. *falling, crash* *fade out, fade in*
Blaze: *walks by holding a sign that says "Round Two"* I can't believe I have to do this. -_-
Statyx: *electrifies the whole arena*
Silver: *Bzzzt!*
Statyx: Toasty brown!
Silver: Grrah! *leaps towards Statyx, grabs him with PK and slams him into the ground repeatedly*
Jezz: He so...serious now!
Shelly: *crying*
Jezz: What's wrong, Shelly?
Shelly: I've never been so proud!! *blows nose*
Silver: *slam* Had enough, Thunder-Dud?
Statyx: Not even close!!
Silver: Suit yourself. *whirls him around, throws him into a tree*
Statyx: Ow...
Silver: *jumps out of arena, runs up to Statyx* Now it's time I finish this!
Jezz: Isn't it against the rules to fight out of the arena?
Shelly: It's also against the rules to let Silver near by tulips, but that hasn't stopped him, now has it?
Jezz: Good point.
Silver: *slow motion about to kick Statyx, but misses and kicks the tree* OOOWWW!!!! OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW!
Statyx: *gets up, sweeps Silver off his feet*
Shelly: 1...2...3! *blows whistle* Game, set, match!
Silver: Whoa whoa whoa, whaddya mean, "game, set, match"?!
Shelly: Sorry, Silver, but you were down!
Statyx: Good match, Silver. *helps him up*
Silver: Just wait 'till next time, Statyx! I'll get you!
Jezz: *walks over to Silver* Come on, Silver. Let's go inside for lunch.
Silver: Oh, good, 'cause I'm starving!
Statyx: Hey, wait a minute...isn't it against the rules to take the fighting anywhere out of the ring?
Jezz: That's what I said!
Statyx: See, this is why chivalry is so hard in these times.
Silver: "Chivalry"? Is that a breakfast cereal?
All: Oi.
Silver: ...I think it's a candy bar.

Episode 11

Shelly: *deep breath* Okay, Silver, let's try this...again. What is a "polygon"?
Silver: *snaps fingers* Oh! When your parrot's dead!
Shelly: No. It's a shape. *shows him a polygon on a card* Next question: What is Ecuador?
Silver: *scoff* Easy. It's you how you get in at Ecua.
Shelly: No! It's in South America!! Ugh! Okay, let's try this one more time. What is "The Nutcracker Suite"?
Silver: *rubs chin* Erm...OH I GOT IT! The best room in the Nutcracker Hotel!
Shelly: *rips cards, furious groan* It's hopeless! That brain damage has done too much to you! You should practically be walking on all fours! GRAAAH! Come with me! *grabs Silver's arm*
Silver: Where are we going?
Shelly: We're gonna get Statyx to try and zap you back to your normal self!
Silver: WHAT! I'm not going to that Thunder-Dud!
Shelly: It's either that or you'll never get back home!
Silver: The latter, please.
Shelly: *tightens grip*
Silver: Ow, man, you're strong!

*knocks to Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits*

Statyx: *opens door* Helloooo! *sees Silver, slams door*
Shelly: *doorbell, constant banging* OPEN UP! STATYX!! I'M GONNA BLAST THE DOOR DOWN IF YOU DON'T OPEN UP!!
Statyx: Keep your shorts on, Howler Monkey!
Shelly: I'M NOT A MONKEY!!! *slams head through door* Help me fix Silver, NOW!!!
Statyx: *Wide eyed* Okay, okay, just don't destroy the place! Sheesh, you're no fun when you're mad, you know that?
[1 min later]
Statyx, Shelly, Silver & Jezz: *all standing in the middle of the living room*
Statyx: Okay, let me see what I can do...
Silver: *snickers*
Statyx: What?
Silver: You said "doo".
Statyx: Shut up. *charges up* Chaos...
Shelly: WAIT!
Statyx: *crackle, sizzle* WHAT?
Shelly: You're not gonna hurt him are you?
Statyx: It's gonna depend on how still he keeps!
Shelly: Okay...
Jezz: *puts hand on Shelly's shoulder, smiles*
Shelly: *smiles back*
Statyx: *charges up* Chaos....RIFT! *shock Silver*
Silver: Bzzzzzzt!!! *ding* *blank look on his face*
Shelly: Did
Jezz: ...S-Silver?
Silver: Yes?
Jezz: How do you feel?
Silver: Fine.
Shelly: I think it worked! He's cured!
Statyx: Let's test it. Yo, Silver-Psycho. What's 2 + 2?
Silver: 4.
Shelly, Jezz and Statyx: *cheer*
Shelly: Silver, now that you're back to normal, maybe you can finally tell us why you wound up back in our time?
Silver: a total accident...*flashback* My friends and I were testing out a new time window, one that was only supposed to VIEW time.
Sunset: Check it out, Silver, aren't those your ancestors?
Silver: Yeah...Shelly the Hedgehog and Jazz.
Jezz: Whoa whoa whoa, "Jazz"?
Silver: Who's telling the story here?
Jezz: *growl*
Silver: Anyways, the Time Window we were using was a prototype. We didn't realize it would..."overload".:*time window short circuits, zaps Silver* AAAAH! *Silver fades into a whisp*
Sunset: SILVER!
Silver: *flashback ends* Next thing I know, I meet up with you guys, I get my brain fried... *eyes Jezz*
Jezz: *embarrased chuckle*
Silver: And I get stuck here!
Shelly: So, unless Sunset can figure out how to bring you back...
Statyx: Or we can send you back...
Jezz: You're stuck here?
Silver: *nods*
Statyx: *whistles* That's some story.
Shelly: On the bright side, I get to spend time with my favorite cetra grandson!
Silver: *smile* Yeah. Oh, one more thing. *PK's Statyx through the wall*
Statyx: That's the thanks I get for helping you out, you Psychonut?!
Silver: That's for planting me into the ground last month!
We'll be right back!
Jezz: Ready, Statyx?
Statyx: Ready. Are you ready, Silver-Psycho?
Silver: Ready!
Jezz and Statyx: *both charging up* Chaos...RIFT! *both hit Silver, explosion*
[everyone is charred]
Jezz: *cough, hack, wheeze*
Statyx: Well, that backfired.
Jezz: No kidding. Silver, are you okay?
Silver: We're #1! We're #1!
Jezz: Uh-oh.
Statyx: That was just too easy.
Jezz: Hey...where's Shelly?:*both look at the place she was standing, and all that's left is a grease spot*
Jezz: *screams* SHELLY! SHE'S GONE! Oh, sure, not only do we totally miss the guy we're aiming for, but my girlfriend just*falls to his knees, hits the floor*
Statyx: Would you relax? Maybe the time travel did work, just not on Silver.
Jezz: *wiping eye* Y-yeah. Maybe so.
Statyx: But wait, that means...!
Silver: Six more weeks of Winter?
Both: NO!
Statyx: It means Shelly could be ANYWHERE in time, and we don't even know where to start looking!! Plus, exactly HOW are we gonna travel back in time after the post-armageddon that just occured?!
Jezz: *clears throat* You're forgetting I am Jezz of Time.
Statyx: ...oh. Right.
Jezz: Let's get going. Everyone hold hands.
Statyx & Silver: NO!
Jezz: Do you want to find Shelly or not?
Silver: I know I do.
Statyx: Well, since I'm outvoted, there's no use in going on. Let's go find the Howler Monkey.:*earthquake*
Jezz: Did you feel that tremor?! She's alive!!
Statyx: And as loud as ever! 0_o
Jezz: Chaos...Control! *the three teleport away*
To be continued...

Episode 12

Jezz & Shelly: [strolling together in the park]
Jezz: Ah, such a nice day for a stroll, wouldn't you say, Shelly?
Shelly: Absolutely. The fresh air, flowers abundant, nothing could ruin this day...
Jezz: *eyes open wide* Uh, Shelly!!!
Shelly: *distracted by the butterflies* [something opening in the sky and object falling directly towards Shelly]
Shelly: *feeding the birds*
Jezz: Earth to Shelly! HELLOOOO?!?! How can I hear me?!
[screaming grows louder]
Shelly: Hmm. Sounds like the cats are fightI!--[lands on Shelly]
Shelly: JiNkIeS! It's the apocalypse! THE SKY IS FALLING!
Both: SILVER?!
Silver: [groan] Where am I?
Shelly & Silver: *both scream at the sight of each other*
Jezz: Silver, what are you doing here?
Silver: I'll tell 'ya what I'm doing here--I don't know! We were testing the time machine and next thing I know I'm looking at Clementine over here!
Shelly: HOW could you get that far from my name? It's Shelly!
Silver: Yeah, I know. See, Clementine's a shade of orange, and--
Jezz: We don't have time for this! Just let me use my powers to send you back 200 years. *starts to focus, users large amount of energy on Silver* Chaos-- *faint screaming* Does anyone else hear screaming...? *screaming grows louder, an orange blur crashes on top of Jezz* ...ow.
Future Shelly: *stands up* Stuck the landing. *sees Past Shelly, jaw drops*
Past Shelly: *sees Future Shelly, jaw drops*
Future Shelly: Oh, don't tell me. *looks around* This is the day Silver suffered massive brain damage!
Silver: WHAT?! *grabs Future* Who are you?!
Future Shelly: Who do I look like, you Silver...PSYCHO!!
Past Shelly: *stammers* But, I..HUH?!
Future Shelly: Hey Shells, did he use the Chaos Rift yet?
Past Shelly: Um, er uh...n-no.
Future Shelly: Good. You've saved us all a hernia, buddy. [meanwhile, with Jezz, Silver and Statyx] *all appeared in the hospital*
Jezz: Why'd we wind up here?
Statyx: *walks into the emergency room* Shelly? *screaming sound* *closes door, passes out*
Jezz: W-what happened? Statyx? *looks in the same room* "It's a girl!" *faints*
Silver: G-guys? *looks in, unfazed* Aww, how sweet! We've travelled to the day Shelly had a--
Jezz: I. Know.
Statyx: Wow. *gets up* Lets get outta here in case they have twins!!
Jezz: *stands up quick* Agreed. Chaos Control!! *all teleport out* [meanwhile]
Future Shelly: Alright, now, listen: Even thought you guys are planning on sending me back to my time, you must be extremely careful. If you're not, not only will you wind up giving Silver -- and me-- brain damage, but I could be stuck in this time and there would be a paradox that could change our future.
Jezz: Alright, Shelly. Ready?
Past Shelly: Ready.
Both: Chaos...RIFT! *open a vortex, Future Shelly jumps through it*
Future Shelly: *gets a massive headache* Ugh...!
Statyx, Silver and Jezz: *teleport back to the front door of their own time*
Silver: This place looks awfully familiar...
Jezz: We're right back where we started!!
Statyx: Great. What now? I'm getting tired of--*portal opens above them, Shelly falls*
Jezz: Heads up!! *him and Statyx dive out of the way*
Silver: What? *Shelly lands on Silver*
Jezz: Shelly! Silver!
Statyx: I give you a 9 for the dive, but a 2 for the landing!
Jezz: *helps Shelly up* Shelly, are you alright?
Shelly: Inky Dinky Pourlê Vous! *giggles*
Jezz: ...tell me I heard that wrong.
Statyx: Either Shelly learned a bit of French on her way back, or she's got the same condition as Silver has. Or, had.
Silver: *guffaws* Yeah. You dumb.
Statyx: Has.
Jezz: What do we do?
Statyx: Leave her home with a bowl of water and some kibble?
Jezz: Be serious!
Statyx: I am serious. *sighs* Sorry Shelly, but this is for your own good. *puts his hand on her head* *zaps her*
Shelly: *passes out*
Statyx: She should be back to normal when she wakes up.
Jezz: *sweating*
Statyx: Joking.
Jezz: Good. Now, aren't you gonna do the same for Silver?
Statyx: You know, I would, but I'm kinda liking the new Silver. ...I CAN'T BELIEVE I JUST SAID THAT!
Jezz: Oi Vey.

Episode 13 (Halloween Special)

Silver: *pacing back and forth, sweating* Am I sweating?
Jezz: Silver, Shelly's putting on her costume, not giving birth. (If that were the case, I'd be pacing!)
Silver: ...oh yeah. ...Jezz?
Jezz: If you ask me what birth is you're going to bed.
Silver: *looks at clock* 5pm?
Jezz: At 4 if you make me mad enough!
Shelly: *comes downstairs dressed as a witch* Tah-Dah!
Jezz: AIEE! *turns around quickly, grabs a napkin and holds it to his nose*
Shelly: Silver, can you guess what I am?
Silver: You're a...OH! You're the cleaning lady!
Shelly: ... *facepalms* That was so far off it's not even funny. I'm a witch!
Silver: Which what?
Shelly: Go.
Silver: *runs upstairs* I still don't get it.
Jezz: *puts down bloody tissue* You look great, Shelly. Really.
Shelly: Aww, thank you! *hugs Jezz, who hugs back, blushing*
Statyx: Get a room, you two.
Jezz & Shelly: Gaah!
Jezz: When did you get in here?
Statyx: You left the door open. *points to the back door, which has had it's door chain ripped off*
Shelly: You could've knocked.
Statyx: Yeah, I could've. Just one problem: I'M BEING CHASED BY THE SCARIEST THING OF ALL TIME!!
Jezz: Who is it, your mother-in-law? *him and Shelly burst into laughter*
Statyx: Nooo...
Amy: *bashes the door down with her hammer* STATYX!!!
Statyx: ...yours.
Jezz: Oh, snap.
Amy: *chases Statyx into the kitchen* *crashing!*
Shelly: ...lovely, ain't she?
Jezz: Looks like a butterfly, STINGS like a bee.
Silver: *falls down the stairs* *stands up wearing a witch costume* Tah-Dah!
Shelly: What the...! You're wearing the same costume as I am!!
Silver: No! I'm wearing a witch costume, and you're a maid.
Shelly: *twitches* *they hear a crash*
Silver: ...oh, Amy's here.
Jezz: (sarcastically) Wow, I couldn't possibly have known that one.
Statyx: *runs upstairs screaming, still getting chased by Amy* YOU'RE A MAD WOMAN!! *slam!*
Shelly: I wonder what he said this time.
Jezz: Probably something like, "I'm going as Amy for Halloween this year!"
Shelly: Speaking of which, shouldn't we get going so that by the time we get back the cops'll have left?
Jezz: Good idea. Ready, Silver?
Silver: Am I ever! Let's go! *knocks door down*
Shelly: ...Silver, sweetie. There's a new invention called a "knob". I think you should try it. *police sirens, red and blue lights flashing* your thing, dude.
Jezz: Chaos Control! *the three disappear*

Episode 14

*Shelly, Jezz and Silver playing baseball, with Statyx watching*
Jezz: Heeeeey, batta batta! Hey batter, SWING! *throws ball*
Silver: *thows bat, bat lands in tree*
Jezz: realize the pitcher i the one that throws, right?
Silver: Yes, well, now that you mention it, that would make more sense.
Shelly: *takes off umpire's mask, sighs* I'll get the bat. *climbs up the tree*
Jezz: Well, I'll admit that wasn't as bad as the last time...
Silver: Yeah, last time was horrible...
Statyx: What happened last time?
Silver: I have no idea.
Jezz: Let's just say Silver learned a very important lesson: don't throw the ball so hard if you don't know there's a zoo nearby.
Silver: That's right, and I've still got the scar to prove it.
Shelly: GUYS! *slides down tree* Look what I found! *uncurls fist and reveals a blue Flicky.
Statyx: What the?! That can't be...
Shelly: It's a Flicky!
Jezz: But, all the Flickies are supposed to be on Flicky Island! How'd this one end up all the way in Soleanna?
Shelly: I dunno, but if there's one person I know who cares about the safety of Flickies more than anyone else, it's--
Silver: Oooh ooh! I know I know!
Shelly: ...Silver.
Silver: Tawny the Drum!
All: RABBIT! *earthquake*
Silver: I knew that! I was just testing you!
Shelly: Ugh. Let's just go. [awkward silence] *everone stares at Jezz*
Jezz: ...WHAT? Oh yeah! Chaos Control! *baseball bat falls and teleports away with everyone else*
*they arrive on Flicky Island, with Shelly rubbing her head* Talk about being "batty".
Statyx: Not funny, Shelly.
Shelly: You're telling me?
Jezz: Let's just go find Tawny. *the group starts through the jungle and after awhile, Silver stops*
Silver: She's nearby.
Shelly: How do you know?
Jezz: It's undoubtedly a sixth sense that he will eventually inherit from yours truly.
Silver: No... *points to a trail of beaten Egg Pawns*
Shelly: ...Well, that solves the mystery of "How the Flicky Lost It's Way".
Silver: Yeah, and when we're finished here, I wanna solve the mystery of "Who Finished Off All My Halloween Candy". *starts walking, everyone else follows, Jezz burps*
We'll be right back!
Shelly: Tawny! Tawny?
Statyx: Hey, Tawn, where are ya?
Silver: Olly Olly Oxen Free!
Jezz: This isn't a game of Hide'n'Seek, Silver!
Silver: Well, if that's the case, then why are we looking for her?
Statyx: To bring 'er the Flicky, whoop Eggman and leave!
Silver: EggWho?
Shelly: *giggling*
Everyone else: *groan*
Shelly: *giggling louder*
Statyx: Was it really that funny, Shelly?
Shelly: *laughter* I don't know! HAHAHAHHA!!!
Jezz: Huh. Usually that kinda stuff annoys you, Shelly.
Shelly: *laughing loud* I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING!! *hits the floor*
Jezz: *helps her up* Hey guys, I think something really is wrong with Shelly.
Shelly: *howling with laughter*
Statyx: Nah, Howler Monkeys are supposed to howl like that.
Shelly: *laughing intensely*
Statyx: ...What? No "I'm not a monkey"? No avalanche? Okay, now I know something's wrong.
Jezz: *chuckling*
Silver: Not you, too...
Jezz: *laughter*
Statyx: Silver, quick! Hold your breath!!
Silver: Umm, okay... *both take a deep breath*
Statyx: Follow me!! *everyone runs after Statyx and jump behind a log* *Statyx throws a ball of electricity at something, and the next moment there is a huge explosion*
Shelly & Jezz: *gradually stop laughing, start panting*
Jezz: W-w-w-what happened just now?
Statyx: A container of laughing gas.
Shelly: I swear I'll never laugh again.
Silver: Yeah yeah, good work, Thunder-Dud. Now let's go find Tawny and make sure she didn't die of laugh--*gets hit in the head with a coconut, bites his tongue*
Shelly and Statyx: *laughter* Okay okay, maybe not ever again!
Jezz: Oi. Silver, are you okay?
Silver: What 'You Say About a baseball? *passes out*
Shelly: ...Did that by any chance cure his brain damage?
Jezz: Shelly!
*distant laughter*
Statyx: That sounds like Tawny!
Jezz: Let's go!! *both run off, Shelly picks up Silver and runs with them*
Statyx: *clears away a few trees, and the three spot Tawny, who is rolling on the ground laughing, holding her stomach*
Statyx: *grabs laughing Tawny and runs back into the bushes* *blasts a nearby tank of laughing gas, explosion*
Tawny: *panting* Thanks *pant* What're you guys doing here?
Shelly: We came to bring home a Flicky we found back in Soleanna.
Statyx: We never suspected Eggman to be the reason.
Jezz: Was he the one who planted all this laughing gas around here?
Tawny: Yup. No wonder this little critter ran away. He just couldn't take it. *notices Silver, who is still out* What happened to him?
Shelly: He got hit on the head with a coconut.
Tawny: that all?
Statyx: He so unstable now he should be walking on all fours by the time he wakes up.
Jezz: He may even start speaking Japanese.
Statyx: -_-
Tawny: Look! *points to Eggman, who is in his Egg Mobile, underneath it a net full of Flickies*
Eggman: Well, well, well, the little rabbit brought friends!
Jezz: Eggman!!
Eggman: Oh, did my Nitrous oxide do that to your little friend?
Shelly: Luckily, you did nothing to Silver. *gives Silver to Jezz* BACK UP!! EGGMAN, I'M GONNA HIT YOU IN THE TEETH SO HARD, IT'LL WAKE UP YOUR DENTIST!!! *spindashes the net open, the Flickies fly free*
Eggman: What the?! Sigma, how DARE you!
Everyone: Oh boy.
Shelly: ... *looks up with red eyes, distorted voice* MY NAME IS NOT *kicks Eggman far away* SIGMA!!
Eggman: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
Shelly: *lands on her feet* *sweetly* So, who ready to go home?
Statyx: *whistles*
Tawny: Nice.
Jezz: Why I fell in love with her.
Shelly: *smiles*
Silver: *yawns* What a nice nap. So, who's ready to go find Tawny?
Tawny: How was your rest, Silver?
Silver: ...who the duce are you?
Tawny: That coconut hit you harder that I thought.
Jezz: Uh, actually *clears throat* That's uh, that's my fault. *puts Silver down* I used a Chaos Rift on him to try to take him back and it kinda, well..."backfired"
Shelly: He thinks "SingSing" is where you go when you wanna become a pop star.
Statyx: He thinks Pennsylvania is where they make #2 Pencils.

Episode 15

Silver: Hey Jezz, can I go for a walk?
Jezz: Sure, go get your collar.
Silver: Very funny. -_-
Jezz: *laughing* Go ahead, have fun kiddo.
Silver: *goes out the door* What's he think I am, a nincompoop? "Go get your dollar, Silver"! Please. Ooof! *bumps into someone* Ugh, watch it!
Girl: You watch it!
Silver: *gets up* Listen you, I-- *jaw drops, eyes widen* [the yellow hedgehog moves in slow motion] -- love you with every fiber of my being.
Girl: *giggles Already? We just met.
Silver: *helps her up* Sorry. Are you oka?
Girl: Don't worry, I've taken harder falls than that. I'm Sunny. And you are? *extends her hand*
Silver: I forget...oh yeah! I'm Silver. *shakes her hand*
Sunny: Well, Silver, maybe we could do something together sometime?
Silver: *stammering*
Sunny: JUst nod.
Silver: *nots "yes"*
Sunny: Great! So, I'll see you later?
Silver: Yeah! You can come to my place anytime; it's the one that's always getting blown sky high.
Sunny: Should be easy! Bye! *runs off, waves*
Silver: Bye...*goofy smile, hearts over his head, faints in the middle of the road* [a car drives up the road]
We'll be right back!
Silver: *walks through the door, bruised up*
Jezz: Silver, what happened to you?
Silver: I fell in love. *smiles, teeth are missing*
Shelly: Aww, how cute! With who?
Silver: Cloudy. I mean Rainy. I mean Snowy. *panicked* I CAN'T REMEMBER HER NAME! This is TERRIBLE!
Shelly: Don't worry, Silver, it'll come to you.
Jezz: *sigh* I remember the day we fell in love, Shelly.
Shelly: Yeah... *flashbacks to Jezz of Time*
[Jezz made it to Shelly... barely. Jezz had almost missed her when he saw two Aero Fighters coming in from the sides. He Homing Attacked them and wall jumped in front of the gate to New Town. He turned around and saw Shelly, who seemed to just notice he was coming. He pulled out the flowers]
Jezz: These are for you. Sorry about running out on you the other day, my nerves were in complete chaos, so I had to get away fast before I fell apart. *both giggled* [Jezz and Shelly took a walk in the forest of Soleanna]
Shelly: So, you ran because you got extremely nervous?
Jezz: Yes, and I had to take nerve medicine just to calm down. And I decided to make up for that by buying you flowers... and I can't remember what else I did... Oh yeah, I made another card. It's attached to the flowers.
Shelly: *looks around the flowers and finds a paper airplane with the wings saying "Open Me!". She opened it and read it.*
Jezz: *passes Shelly his smelling salts*
Shelly: Uh, what're these-
Jezz: *passes out*
Shelly: --for? *flashback ends*
Jezz: Hey wait a sec, is that how it happened?
Shelly: Well, that's as far as I remember.
Silver: Oh, I get it! So you guys want me to shmooze Windy and then faint?
Both: NO!
Jezz: We need a professional at this. [the next moment, Shelly is banging on someone's door]
Statyx: Keep your shorts on, Howler Monkey!!
Shelly: I'M NOT A MONKEY!! *earthquake, two cars crash*
Silver: *rubbing his head* Gotta love her.
Jezz: Exactly: I gotta.
Statyx: Well well well, looks who's banging on my door. It's the Silver-Psycho and company.
Silver: Don't start with me, Thunder-Dud.
Shelly: How lovely. Now, will you two please try not to kill each other long enough for Statyx to teach Silver a little something about romance?
Statyx: Aw, well how about that! Poow widdle Siwva has a crushy-wushy *pinches his cheek*
Silver: *snaps at him*
Statyx: Well, with that attitude, I don't think I'm going to help you.
Shelly: *grabs Statyx by the shoulders* You will help my great-grandson or I'll hit you so hard they'll write country-folk songs about it!!
Statyx: Take it easy, Monk--
Shelly: *grits her teeth*
Statyx: Okay, okay. C'mon, Silver, let's see what we can do with you.
Silver: Oh, joy. -_-
Statyx: *holding pen and paper* Okay, describe the crush, and be as specific as possible.
Silver: I feel like I'm a witness being interrogated.
Statyx: You want my help or not?
Silver: Okay okay. Now uhh, she has yellow fur.
Statyx: Okay.
Silver: She was wearing a black shirt.
Statyx: *raises eyebrow* O-kay.
Silver: She wore black gloves, black shorts with vertical green stripes, oh, and she had purple streaks on her quills, with one of 'em sticking upwards.
Shelly: *leans over to Jezz* And yet he can't remember her name?
Jezz: Yeah. Hey, is Statyx alright?
Statyx: *looking at Silver in shock* Uh... uh...
Silver: Hellooooo? Are the lights on?
Statyx: Yeah, yeah. *rubs forehead* Now tell me, did this person have... one blue eye and one red eye?
Silver: Yeah!
Statyx: *pupils shrink, looking in shock/horror* .........Sunny....
Silver: *snaps fingers* Yeah, that was her name!
Statyx: .......*faints*
Shelly: Whoa!
Jezz: What the heck!?
......up.....wake......up! Wake up!
[Shelly is seen shaking a dazed Statyx violently]
Shelly: Wake up lightning rod!! Wake up already!!
Jezz: Uh, Shelly, can I make a suggestion?
Shelly: *lets Statyx fall back down* Shoot, cause I ain't getting anywhere.
Jezz: *whispers something in Shelly's ear. Shelly smiles*
Shelly: I'm gonna enjoy this. Hey Statyx! Spike is hitting on Blaze!
Statyx: *shoots up, waving electrified arms violently* LET ME AT 'EM!!! I'LL BURN HIS TAIL RIGHT OFF!!!
Shelly: Whoa boy, I was just trying to wake you up!
Statyx: *growls*
Shelly: Now, what K.O'ed you in the first place?
Statyx: Oh... that.... *legs go limp, falls back*
Jezz: *catches him* Whoa boy! We can't have that again!
Shelly: What is up with you?
Statyx: ...She's my sister.
Shelly: Wha?
Statyx: *grabs Shelly and shakes her violently* Silver has a crush on my half-sister!!!
Silver: What? But how can that be? She's too beautiful to be related to you.
Shelly: *holds them both back, who are trying to reach/kill the other* Alright, alright, clearly this is gonna get chaotic. So he're what you do.
Statyx: Ya keep away from her, THAT'S what!!
Shelly: *covers his mouth* Silver and Sunny will go on a date.
Statyx: *passes out again*
Shelly: BUT Statyx will be your chaperone.
Statyx: *wakes up* Fine.
Silver: Chaperone? Why would I wanna eat him?
Statyx: ...*faints*
Shelly: ...Jezz, gimme your smelling salts.
[later, at sunset]
*ding dong!*
Sunny: Huh, I wonder who that could be? *opens door*
Silver: *dressed up fancy, holding a bouquet of roses* Hi, Soggy.
Sunny: It's Sunny.
Silver: Not really, it's pretty dark out.
Sunny: Oh yeah, I noticed.
Statyx: Oi.
Sunny: Statyx, what're you doing here?
Statyx: I'm your chaperone tonight.
Sunny: Why would I wanna eat you?
Statyx: ...(what happened to Sunny? She's almost as witty as brain-busted-Silver!) reason.
Sunny: Well, come on in!
Silver: *gives Sunny the roses*
Sunny: Aw, tulips! *takes a bite out of them* Thanks!
Silver: Aw, don't mention it.
Statyx: ?
Sunny: Well, let's go in the living room *hits a wall* You ok?
Silver: Yeah, thanks.
Statyx: Oh, my... *runs for the door*
Sunny: Where'er you going? You just got here!
Statyx: Something really urgent just came up, I'll be back in a second!
Sunny: OK!
Statyx: *starts down the sidewalk, stops, then runs in front of the window* If you make any moves on my sister I'll send you 300 years into the future!! *runs back to Jezz and Shelly's*
Jezz: *sitting on the couch* Ah, we're finally alone.
Shelly: And you know what that means... *both get closer*
Both: Television! *Jezz turns on the TV*
Statyx: *blasts down the door* GUYS!! Guys, you'll never guess what I just found out!!
Shelly: They put your favorite soap back on the air?
Statyx: NO!! Okay, remember when we were talking about how Sunny and Silver are...I can't even say it.
Jezz: In love?
Shelly: Smitten?
Statyx: *grabs both their heads, zaps them* Be quiet! Anyways, I got there and I realized that Sunny's just as smart as Silver now!!
Both: *gasp*
Shelly: And that means...
Jezz: She tried using Chaos Rift and...
Statyx: Now she's got...
Jezz: We gotta get over there, NOW!
Statyx: No kiddin'! *all run out the door*
Sunny and Silver: *eating dinner*
Silver: And then I said, "It's movie day!" *both laugh*
Sunny: You're really funny, Silver.
Silver: Thanks! And you're really nice, Sunny.
Sunny: *blushes* You really think so?
Silver: Yeah! *blushes too* As a matter of fact, I-- *door bursts down*
Silver: Finally, the pizza guy is here!
Statyx: *wrinkles his eyebrow*
Shelly: Sunny! *runs up to her*
Sunny: And a pizza girl!
Shelly: What the-- Just listen! Sunny, don't you remember Silver from before?
Sunny: Sure! We met earlier today!
Shelly: No, before that.
Sunny: Ummmmmmm...*looks down, then looks back up again* Pizza girl!
Shelly: GAAH! I give up! C'mon Silver, we're going home!
Silver: But Sunny...!
Shelly: When we're ready, we'll fix you and send the two of you home.
Jezz: But for now, it's time to say goodbye.
Silver and Sunny: *look at each other, lips wobbling* I'm gonna miss you, Sunny.
Sunny: Me too, Silver. *both start crying*
Statyx: Oh, this is too much...
Jezz: I dunno. I mean, just look at how much they care for each other. I'd be pretty sad, too, if I were separated from Shelly.
Shelly: And I'd probably be singing in a dumpster if not for Jezz...he's RIGHT! We can't just tear them apart!
Statyx: BUT SHE'S MY SISTER! I DON'T WANT MY ARCH-RIVAL, AND MY LITTLE SISTER TO BE MAKING GOOGELY-EYES AT EACH OTHER!! ...still...*looks at the two, still crying* *sigh* Sunny.
Sunny: *sniff sniff* Hmm?
Statyx: Would you like to come and live with me, so that you'll get to see Silver every day?
Sunny: *perks up* You'd do that?
Statyx: ........*nods*
Silver and Sunny: *happy, hug*
Silver: *runs over to Statyx and kisses him*
Statyx: AUGH!! Why you!!!
Silver: YES!! *Silver and Sunny do a little dance*
Statyx: You guys take her home for me. I'm gonna go boil my lips.
Both: *still dancing*

Episode 16

Shelly: *playing the drums*
Silver: Wooow, I never knew the tuba sounded to good!
Shelly: Drums.
Silver: Thanks, you too>
Shelly: ?
Statyx: *comes in the room holding his trumpet* Hey, sorry I'm late.
Shelly: You're not the only one, dude.
Statyx: *looks around* Oh, so technically I'm early. XD
Shelly: Haw haw haw, hilarious.
Silver: Late for what?
Shelly: Band practice.
Silver: You're trying to get banned? From what? *both groan*
Sonic: *comes through the door with a quitar case* We're here!
Echo: Woulda been here sooner, but Molasses thought it was a good idea to get chili dogs before arriving.
Sonic: Huh. Didn't seem to bother you when you were eating most of it!
Echo: Yeah, but it wasn't my money to spend. I'm innocent until proven guilty. *belches* ...guilty as charged.
Sonic: Riiight. So, we ready?
Statyx: Everyone but Hope is.
Silver: Can I be in the band?
All: *chuckling*
Silver: What?
Statyx: Thunder-Dud, how do I put this lightly? should be locked up for your singing.
Silver: But I sing GREAT!
Shelly: Sorry, Silver, but there's just no more room for you in the band.
Silver: I could be a rodie!
Echo: *clears throat* That's my job.
Silver: Who are you again?
Echo: Keep it up, your worst nightmare.
Silver: *gasp* You mean the one where I'm married to the muffin man?
Echo: ...and I thought Emmy was out of it.
Sonic: You mean Amy?
Echo: Who's Amy...
Hope: *runs in* Am I late?
All except Silver: Yes.
Statyx: Come on, sis, we don't have all day.
Hope: Okay...
Echo: Break a leg, Molasses.
Sonic: Thanks...something tells me that was a double entendre.
Echo: It was. *sticks her tongue out*
Sonic: *does the same, gets on stage*
Shelly: *giggles* Everyone ready?
All: Ready. They perform "I Look Up To The Sky Because You Are There"
Shelly: Nice work guys! Take 5, we deserve it.
All: *stare at Shelly*
Shelly: Heh...thank you.
Sonic: Whew. Hey Rodie, could you do me a favor and make me a sandwich?
Echo: Sure thing. *takes a slice of bread and puts it on Sonic's head* Now you're a sandwich.
Sonic: Funny. *eats slice* Got any mayo?
Echo: Yes.
Sonic: gonna give it to me?
Echo: Of course not.
Statyx: Ah. Love. *gets hit with a guitar*
Echo: *dusts off hands*
Sonic: That was my guitar!!
Echo: What else is new?
Sonic: DAAH!!
Hope and Shelly: *giggling*
Hope: Shelly, I feel a little nervous. I've never performed in front of a lot of people before.
Shelly: Don't worry about it, Hope. Here's what I do: Just imagine the audience in their underwear.
Hope: ...okay?
Silver: Wow, Shelly, that sure is one preeeety drumset. You're one lucky girl to--
Shelly: You can't be in the band, Silver.
Silver: WHY NOT?!
Shelly: Because you previously thought that my drums were tubas!
Silver: I was young and foolish back then!
Statyx: "Back then"? *chuckles*
Silver: Thunder-Dud.
Statyx: Psycho-Nut.
Shelly: Enough! Statyx, leave Silver alone, and Silver, if you want to make music you could always go play with that macaroni flute you made the other day.
Statyx: *holding in a laugh, a tear falls from his eye, bursts into laughter* MACARONI FLUTE?! HAHAHAHHAHAHA!! Oh, that's just too RICH! BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!
Silver: Yeah yeah yeah, yuck it up. I'm outta here. *walks out the door*
Statyx: You gonna go play with your popsicle stick xylophone? *more laughter*
We'll be right back!
*later on, outside of the stadium*
Statyx: You guys ready?
Sonic: *nods*
Hope: Yup!
Echo: *comes over with a chili dog* Ready.
Sonic: Why didn't you get me one?
Echo: You only gave me a buck.
Sonic: But it's the two for one special!
Echo: I know.
Sonic: *grinds teeth*
Echo: Alright, stop whining. Just take mines; I'm full anyways.
Statyx: Echo the Hedgehog, ever full? I guess there really is a first time for everything.
Sonic: *takes Chili Dog* I'll say. *eats
Man at Chili Dog cart: Hey! Somebody stole one of my hot dogs!
Sonic: *stops chewing* You didn't.
Man: *points to Sonic* There he is!
Echo: Did I?
Two Policemen: *chase Sonic*
Echo: Looks like you're short one guitarist.
Statyx: Echo, why did you do that?
Echo: He's the one who took it out of my hand. He shoulda just bought it himself.
Shelly: Hey, two guys aren't the only ones hungry here!
Statyx: ate everyone's dinner before we even got here.
Shelly: A drummer needs to build up her appetite!
Sonic: *jumps down from the roof* Let's get in there before the cops come back! *all run inside*
*band playing*
Statyx: Oh, man!
Sonic: What?
Statyx: We never came up with a name for our group!
Hope: What shall we call it, then?
Statyx: How about...
Echo: The Cops.
Sonic: Hey, that's pretty good.
Echo: No. *points to the policemen searching for Sonic*
Sonic: Aw man! Hold this for me, will ya? *gives Echo his guitar, runs off* If she breaks my guitar, wring her neck for me, will ya?
Echo: Dosen't he say the sweetest things?
Policemen: Have you seen a blue hedgehog with a chili dog?
Echo: He's out on stage.
Police: *run onstage, crashing sounds*
Announcer: Ooh! Interruption! That qualifies as an automatic disqualification!
Statyx: You're evil, you know that?
Echo: I know it. And I own it.
Sonic: *blue blurs back to that spot, grabs guitar* Gee, thanks a lot, Echo.
Echo: You're quite welcome, Molasses.
Announcer: And now, ladies and gentlemen, The Cops!
Sonic: *blue blur*
Sonic: *runs back* I knew that. I was just checking the stereo.
Shelly: COME ON! *band goes on stage, all except Hope, who is shaking in her boots*
Statyx: Psst. Hope. We're on.
Hope: *walks on stage in front of the microphone, trembling*
Shelly: This can't be good.
Sonic: Hope. The audience. In their underwear.
Hope: *closes her eyes* (Audience in their briefs. Audience in their briefs...) *opens her eyes, everyone is in their underwear* *bursts into uncontrollable laughter, runs offstage*
Audience: *murmurs, boos, throws tomatoes*
Sonic: Uh-oh. Hope can't go on. We need someone else to sing!
Echo: Who?! There's no one else here!
Statyx: And Shelly sings like a cute, tone-deaf walrus!
Shelly: *nods, then gives Statyx an angry expression*
Sonic: *looks at Echo for a second* That's it! *grabs microphone* Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for our replacement singer, Echo the Hedgehog!
Echo: Tell me you're joking.
Echo: Ah, don't get your quills in a knot. *walks up to microphone, speaks into it* Alright, let's wrap this up before the angry mob. *audience laughs* *perform I Look Up To The Sky Because You Are There (With Echo singing in Japanese)
Audience: *applause, cheering*
Sonic: I didn't know you knew Japanese, Echo!
Echo: That's where sitting on the sidewalk reading manga out of the garbage comes in handy, eh, Molasses?
Sonic: *smirks*
Announcer: And the first place trophy of the Battle of the Bands goes to...*drumroll*
Shelly: *revealed to be the one doing that*
Statyx: *throws his trumpet*
Shelly: Agouchie! *falls over*
Announcer: ...Silver the Hedgehog!
Band: *cheering*
Sonic and Echo: *belly-bump*
Band: WHAT?!
Silver: *comes out wearing a tux*
Sonic: What you talking 'bout, Willis?
Echo: Oré?
Statyx: HOW ON EARTH?!
Silver: *wipes away a tear, takes the trophy* I'd like to thank everyone who supported me. Or should I say, "everyone who formed a band together, laughed at me and wouldn't let me join!"
Band: *jaws drop*
Hope: *applauding*
Announcer: How about an encore, Silver?
Audience: *wild cheering*
Silver: Great! *looks at others* Get offa my stage. :)
Band: *walking off*
Shelly: How on earth could Silver the Hedgehog, of all people, be a good singer?
Statyx: Apparently, we're about to find out.
Silver: *takes microphone, sings Dreams of an Absolution ~JS REMIX~
Audience: *wild cheering*
Shelly: ...yet he can't figure out a payphone.

Episode 17

Kit: *arguing with Silver* Can too.
Silver: Cannot!
Kit: Can too.
Silver: Cannot!
Kit: Can too.
Silver: Cannot!
Kit: Can too.
Silver: Cannot!
Kit: Can too.
Shelly: Oh for Pete's sake would you two just cut it out already?! What are you even arguing about this time?!
Silver: Kit says she can "outsmart" me anytime of the day!
Kit: And he thinks I can't.
Shelly: Okay, then why not just settle it? Kit, prove it to Silver.
Kit: Okay. Silver, say "fort".
Silver: ..."fort".
Kit: Now spell "fort".
Silver: F-O-R-T.
Kit: Now say it 3 times.
Silver: "Fort, fort, fort."
Kit: Now spell it twice.
Silver: F-O-R-T, F-O-R-T. *both continue going on*
Statyx: How long do they plan on doing this?
Shelly: Until his little heart gives out.
Kit: Now spell it three times.
Silver: F-O-R-T F-O-R-T F-O-R-T! *panting*
Kit: Now, what do you eat your soup with?
Silver: *thinks for a second* Fork.
Statyx and Shelly: Ooh...
Kit: Really? Because I eat my soup with a spoon.
Statyx: *laughing* She gotcha that time, Silver-Psycho! *hooting, laughter*
Shelly: Ouch.
Silver: ......*twiches*
Kit: My work here is done.
Silver: *fist tightens* Grr....RAAH! *jumps on Kit, both roll out the house and down the street*
Shelly: Whoa! *runs to the front door, watches them roll*
Statyx: *follows* Look at 'em go! *pulls out a camcorder*
Shelly: Statyx!
Statyx: What? There's nothing I can do to help, so why not just watch?
Shelly: ...good point.
Kit and Silver: *still rolling, cars come and drive right over them; they remain unaffected*
Shelly: *whistles* What luck.
Statyx: Yeah, but good or bad?
Shelly: Ah, I guess we'll find out.
Kit: I'm just surprised you know the word "cat" and used it in a complete sentence!! *roll off a ramp*
Shelly: SILVER!!
Statyx: Oh, man! Wipeout!!
Kit and Silver: *roll into a path of trees, crash*
Kit: Ugh...
Silver: That's the last time I try and fly.
Kit: you purposely rolled us off that cliff?
Silver: Yeah! What kinda yutz rolls off a cliff by accident?
Kit: *twiches, slowly walks over to him*
Silver: Kit? What, are you comin' over to gimme a hug?
Kit: *growling*
Silver: ...maybe not. *running from Kit, who is screeching*
Kit: *jumps on him, fighting sounds*
Silver: OW! HEY! WATCH THE MANE! *kicks her off*
Kit: *lands on all fours, pounces* MREEOW!
Silver: *leaps out of the way* Easy, Kitty!
Kit: NOBODY CALLS ME "Kitty" except for my Shadow!! *gasps* Shadow! He can get me out of here! *dials on her phone*
Silver: You have a cell phone?
Kit: Duh! Who dosen't have a cell these days?
Silver: ...I dunno...
Kit: Hello? Shaddie?......Shaddie, Silver got us lost some deep, dark forest! Please come help!...uh-huh...Okay! Love you too! *smooch, hangs up* Okay, Shadow says he can use the signal from my cell phone to track us down, and-- ...Silver? Where are you?
Silver: HEELP! *going down the river fast* I forgot how to swim!!
Kit: Silver! But...but I'm a cat! I can't swim!!
Silver: Then grab something and use it to pull me out! AAH!!
Kit: *looks around frantically, spots a branch* Here, grab this!
Silver: I forgot how to grab, too!
Kit: No, you didn't. You're just panicking too much! You're going to be okay, so just grab the thing!
Silver: *grabs the branch, just in time otherwise he would have went down the waterfall* Thanks, Kit. You...saved me.
Kit: Sure thing. ...wait, *checking her pockets* where's my phone? *phone floats in river and down the waterfall* Oh, PEFECT! Because I saved your sorry tail, we'll never get out of here!!
Silver: Well...I guess that this means--
Kit: You owe me a new phone?
Silver: Well yes, that, and until we can get out of here *extends his hand* our rivalry must come to an end.
Kit: ...uh...
Silver: Partners?
Kit: ... ... ... *shakes Silver's hand* Partners.
Silver: Great. So...when do we eat?
Kit: A better question would be what do we eat?
Silver: *looks up to the tree* I hear coconuts are pretty good. *walks over to the tree, shakes down a coconut, which falls onto Kit's head*
Kit: OW!!
Silver: *looks at her* Did I do that?
Kit: Yes, you did. -_-
We'll be right back!
Silver and Kit: *walking through the forest*
Kit: Well, we can't live on coconuts forever. We need a way out of here.
Silver: We could try a smoke signal!
Kit: Silver, that's brilliant! You're not as dumb as you look, are ya?
Silver: *stares blankly into space* say somethin'?
Kit: Ugh! *starts gathering sticks* Just help me gather these sticks. If the smoke signal dosen't work, we'll at least have a warm campfire. *ripping sound offscreen*
Silver: *holding up a tree* Will this work?
Kit: *jaw drops, ears drop, drops sticks* W...when did you get that strong?
Silver: Eh, I've been workin' out...
Kit: Well, you really shouldn't rip trees out of the ground like that. They have life in them, you know.
Silver: They do? *to the tree* Are you okay? Hello? Speak to me!! *puts tree down* Clear! *punches tree* Ow....!
Silver: Kit?
Kit: *clenches teeth, makes a fist* *camera shows an above view, with the sound of Kit screaming and bidrs flying away* *growling sound* What was that? A bear?
Silver: No. My stomach. *rubbing stomach* I haven't eaten since breakfast.
Kit: I haven't since brunch.
Silver: ...okay, as many times as I've seen a watch, I haven't yet seen "Brunch o'clock".
Kit: ...Moronsayswhat.
Silver: What?
Kit: Thought so. Anyways, c'mon, let's go find some food.
Silver: Gotcha. *searching in the bushes*
Kit: *searches the ground, finds a mushroom* *gasp* I found a mushroom! *about to eat it*
Silver: STOP! *runs to her and knocks it out of her hand*
Kit: Silver the Hedgehog, what are you doing? I'm starving here!!
Silver: Well, I think you'd rather be starving than dead! Haven't you noticed that the bugs are all the way over there, instead of where the mushrooms lay?
Kit: Yeah, so?
Silver: Insects avoid toxic mushrooms! You could have got food poisoning, or worse!
Kit: ...r-really?
Silver: Really!
Kit: ...t-thank you, Silver...but, how did you know?
Silver: I read it in a book once.
Kit: You? Reading?
Silver: Sure! I mean, I may have a little brain damage, but I still know how to read!
Kit: Silver, I've seen you read. You once pronounced "cone" wrong.
Silver: ...I, uh...I just hadn't eaten that day.
Kit: Suuure. *both walks over to the bushes and start to pick berries* [later that night...] *the two are in front of a campfire, warming up*
Silver: Looks like we'll be stuck here for awhile.
Kit: Yeah, thanks a lot, Silver.
Silver: My pleasure. It's no picnic for me either, 'ya know. Speaking of picnic...*eats a few berries*
Kit: Remember, we need to ration them out so they last us a while. I'm not sure how long we'll be out here.
Silver: Don't worry, the ones in my hands are the only ones I'll be eating right now.
Kit: Good. *takes a few berries and starts eating* [that morning...]
Silver: *slowly opens his eyes, yawns* *distant, banging sound* Hmm? What's that? *goes over to Kit and shakes her* Kit. Kit!
Kit: Mm, Shadow...
Silver: KIT!!
Kit: *wakes up* Huh?! What?!
Silver: Kit, do you hear that? *banging continues*
Kit: Sounds like a...drum?
Silver: C'mon, let's follow it! *runs in the direction of the sound*
Kit: Silver, wait up! *gets up and follows him* *both peek out from the bushes, and spot the natives banging their drum and doing a dance*
Kit: *gasp* Indians! They've set up their fort here--
Indians: *turn around and spot Kit and Silver*
Kit: Nice.
Indian: *takes of his mask* Kit? Silver? What're you guys doing here?
Silver: Hey! He's no Indian!
Man Dressed as an Indian: Duh! What kind of Indian arrives at a party?
Silver and Kit: Party?
Man Dressed as an Indian: Yeah! This Soleanna's annual Fun Festival!
Kit: ...and this whole time, we thought we were lost in the forest.
Man Dressed as an Indian: *bursts into laughter* Lost...HA! the forest..HAHA! Hey guys! Brain-Dead Silver and his friend thought they got lost in the forest! *two other men start laughing*
Kit: *gives Silver an angry look*
Silver: Eheheh...well, on the bright side, Kit, we were able to settle...*backing up* our...differences...?
Kit: MRREEOW! *starts chasing Silver (again)*
Silver: Aw, maaan!!

Episode 18 (Thanksgiving Special)

Shelly: *setting up the table* *ding-dong* Jezz, could you get that?
Jezz: Sure thing! *walks to the door, about to open it*
Silver: Wait! *falls down the stairs* I'll get it!
Jezz: Silver, I really don't think--
Silver: No no, please! I wanna welcome our first guests! *opens door to Statyx and Blaze* I told you Jezz shoulda got the door.
Statyx: Hey! Happy Thanksgiving, Silver-Psycho!
Silver: You two, Thunder-Dud! *one-armed hug*
Shelly: I'm in the wrong house.
Jezz: Yeah, since when did you two start to get along?
Silver: It's Thanksgiving, so we agreed to get along just this once.
Statyx: Yup. By tomorrow, this truce'll be over, and I'll unleash a big pound of freak on him.
Silver: Likewise.
Blaze: *clears throat*
Statyx: Hehheh, right. *walk into the dining room* Hey, that smells good!
Shelly: Why, thank you! And the table's almost set!
Silver: *pulls up a chair for Blaze*
Blaze: Oh, why thank you.
Silver: You're quite welcome.
Statyx: ...*twitches* *pulls up a chair* Here Silver, have a seat!
Silver: Why, thank--
Statyx: *pulls the chair up further and Silver falls on his tail*
Silver: Oomph! What the?!
Statyx: Oops, pardon me.
Silver: *groans, sits down*
Statyx: *pulls up a chair, about to sit*
Silver: *puts his hand under the table, psychokinetically pulls Statyx's chair back, Statyx falls*
Statyx: Hey! What the?!
Silver: Oh dear, are you alright, Statyx? You should be more careful, you know.
Statyx: *grinds teeth*
Shelly: (Oh, boy!) Okay, we're all set!
Jezz: *prays* Amen.
All: Amen. *all get a big plate of food*
Statyx: Mm, this is real good, Shelly.
Shelly: Thanks!
Statyx: You made all this?
Shelly: Yeah, and Jezz helped me out some, too.
Silver: I wanted to help out too, but...
Shelly: BUT we didn't want anything else to catch fire today.
Blaze: "Else"? What caught fire?
Shelly: About half the kitchen. Silver tried to make a bowl of cereal and it backfired somehow.
Silver: *blushes*
Statyx: *tsk, tsk, tsk* You should be more careful, you know.
Silver: *squeezes his fork, leaves dents in it* [later that night]
Blaze: That was a delicious dinner, Shelly.
Shelly: Yeah, and it's not done yet! *walks into the kitchen for a minute, brings back a big tray*
Silver: PIE!! :D
Shelly: *clears throat* Manners.
Silver: Uh...*clears throat* Oh, pie, how wonderful.
Shelly: *puts a pie in front of everyone*
Jezz: Shelly makes the best pies, you know.
Blaze: Mm, this is' good. Maybe you could give me a few cooking tips, Shelly?
Shelly: Sure thing!
Silver: Would one of those be not to do the oven's job.
Statyx: *throws his pie at Silver, splat*
Silver:'re mincemeat. *pies fly back and forth*
Shelly: Aren't we having FUN? *ducks under the table* *Jezz and Blaze are already down there*
Jezz: Oi Vey.

Episode 19

Jezz and Silver: *sitting down to breakfast*
Shelly: *walks in carrying the mail* Bill, bill, bill...
Silver: Who is this "Bill" person you keep talking about?
Shelly: Good greif. ...Hmm, what's this? "Career Assesment Test".
Silver: What's that?
Shelly: It's a test that decides what you'll be when you grow up.
Silver: Cool! I wanna take it!
Shelly: *opens envelope* Hmm, there's 4 of these sheets...
Silver: *snatches one* Wahoo! This is gonna be great! *runs off with it, hits the wall, a picture falls and smashes* I'm okay!
Jezz: This ought to be interesting. *knock knock* It's open!
Statyx: *comes in* Yo guys, what's up?
Shelly: Just taking a career test.
Statyx: Career test, eh? *picks up a sheet* What for? Don't you already know what you're gonna be?
Shelly: No, but nevertheless, it's just for fun!
Jezz: Even I'm considering taking it.
Statyx: That's just plain silly... [5 minutes later] *sitting, writing* *thumping sounds on the stairs*
Statyx: What was that?!
Shelly: *unfazed* Silver going down the stairs.
Silver: *bruised up* I'm finished!
Shelly: I'm pretty much done, too.
Jezz: Me, three.
Statyx: Ditto.
Shelly: *puts all the sheets into an envelope* I'm gonna go drop this in the P.O. Box. *leaves*
Silver: I wonder what my results are gonna be...?
Statyx: Maybe you'll be assigned the aspiring career as a paperweight.
Silver: HAHAHA! Statyx, you're so funny! *psychokinetically throws a chair at him* And I think you'd make a great living as a TARGET!!
Jezz: I hope Shelly comes back soon and starts nagging you two!!
We'll be right back!
[two weeks later]
Shelly: Mail call! *sorting mail* Hey, guys! The Career Aptitude Test results came today!
Statyx: Alright! Let's see 'em!
Shelly: *hands out sheets* Okay! I got...*boing sound*...uh..."teacher". ^ ^
Statyx: Huh. I was expecting "circus clown".
Shelly: *blushes* [the paper has "Clown College teacher"]...*to Silver* Normall, I don't condome this, but...
Silver: I'm on it. *PK's a dish at Statyx, which he dodges, and Shelly gets hit instead*
Statyx: I'm not gonna fall for something I did two weeks ago.. Anyways, I got..."musician"! Awesome!!
Jezz: ..."Meditation Teacher"! Nice!
Shelly: Yeah! Sounds like a dream job.
Jezz: *smiles*
Shelly: What'd you get, Silver?
Silver: ...I can't read this.
Shelly: You've never had a problem with reading before...
Silver: No, I can read it. I just won't.
Shelly: Then, give it to me. *tries to take it*
Silver: No! *eats the paper* HA!
Shelly: *picks up envelope, takes another sheet out* They sent me a copy of that one.
Silver: *pupils shrink*
Shelly: *reads results, smile disappears*
Jezz: What is it, Shelly?
Shelly: *idle*
Statyx: *takes results sheet, reads it, bursts into whooping laughter* *falls out of his chair* WAHOO! *emphatic laughter*
Jezz: *picks up sheet, reading* ..."Crash Dummy"?
Silver: *hits his face on the table* Why, WHY, WHYYY...
Statyx: *gets up* I THINK I PEED! *hits the floor again*
Shelly: ...uh, no more aptitude tests for awhile, okay?
Jezz: I'm with you, sister.

Episode 20

Silver: *hiding in the bushes with water balloons, watching Statyx walk down the street* Target sighted. *chuckles*
Shelly: *walks over* What're you doing, Silver?
Silver: *shreiks, pulls her into the bush*
Shelly: Silver, are you planning to barrage Statyx with these?!
Silver: Uh...nope! I'm just hiding h ere in the bushes so that no one sees me having fun on this sunny Summer day!
Shelly: Yeah, right, and I'm the tooth fairy!
Silver: WHo in American Pie is the tooth fairy!
Shelly: UGH! Forget it! *stomps off*
Silver: ...she didn't tell me who the tooth fairy was.
Statyx: *walks past the bush* Keep dreamin', Silver-Psycho. *administers some electricity, all the water balloons explode on Silver*
Silver: *blblb!*
Jezz: Hey Shelly, what was Silver doing out there?
Shelly: Attempting to attack Statyx with water balloons. According to him he's "enjoying this wonderful Summer day!"
Jezz:'s Autumn.
Shelly: You wanna tell him that?
Silver: *opens the door soaked* I'm home.
Shelly: Backfired?
Silver: Backzapped.
Jezz: *throws him a towel* We really need to talk about your little rivalry with Statyx.
Silver: *drying off* What's there to talk about? Thunder-Dud and I are gonna be rivals 'till we're old and grey.
Shelly: Then we're gonna have to buy more towels.
Silver: No chance, sister! Because I, Silver the Hedgehog, Greatest Genius of His Generation, am going to pull a prank SO big on Statyx, he's the one who's gonna need more towels!!
Statyx: *pops up at the window* I thought your official title was, "Silver the Hedgehog, The Guy Who Has Trouble Standing and Breathing at the Same Time!" *walks off laughing*
Silver: Grr! It's on! *falls over*
We'll be right back!
Silver: *hammering on a photobooth*
Shelly: *walks over* What on Mobius are you making all that racket for?!
Silver: I'm setting a trap for Thunder-Dud! When he steps into this baby with his litteral "flame", they're gonna get soaked to the marrow! And I'm gonna get 19 megapixel proof of it!
Shelly: *peeks in it* You realize there no water in this thing, right?
Silver: ...what?
Statyx: * Blaze: *walk into the photobooth, take pictures, come out*
Blaze: That was fun.
Statyx: *takes the pictures* Yeah, totally! *both leave*
Silver: *facepalms* Of all the days to forget the punchline... [the next day]
Silver: *setting up a rope at Statyx's front door*
Shelly: *recording* Statyx is gonna wanna water all this failure later on.
Silver: Thanks for the encouragement. *dusts off hands* There. Now, when Sparky trips on the rope, it will trigger the piano above, and I shall have my REVENGE!
Shelly: Doncha' think this is a little dangerous?
Silver: Who asked you, camera Monkey?
Shelly: I'M NOT A MONKEY! *piano falls, crashes*
Statyx: *opens door whistling* Whoaa, close one. *steps over piano wreckage* Hey, Shelly.
Silver: ...S-Silver? Where'd you go?
Silver: *crawls out from under piano, spits out a tooth* You owe me 75 cents, please. [later on]
Silver: PERFECT! This is PERFECT! YES!!
Shelly: ...a door.
Silver: Not just a door, Shelly. Take a peek at what's behind it.
Shelly: *opens door, a cannon fires* OH SNAP! *quickly closes door, thud is heard* Sugar Frosted Flakes, Silver the Hedgehog! Are you trying to KILL Statyx?!
Silver: Ah, he'll live! *hangs a "males" sign on the door* Now, hide! *both hide behind a dumpster*
Shelly: Ew, it stinks over here.
Silver: Shh, here he comes!
Statyx: *goes inside with a newspaper tucked under his arm*
Silver: "Boom!" Heheeh! [silence]
Silver: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! How could that NOT have worked?! *yanks door open, sticks his head in* *cannon launches, crashing sounds*
Silver: *perfectly still, reaching for something* *grabs a black sign reading "censored", hides his face behind it, and walks away* *doorbell rings*
Statyx: *opens door* Y'ello? ...oh, it's you.
Silver: *bandaged up, extends his arm*
Statyx: ...what are you--
Silver: I give up, you win.
Statyx: I win what?
Shelly: Oh, lemme show 'ya what he's been doing since yesterday. *shows Statyx everything that's happened in the past 24 hours on her camcorder*
Statyx: *whistles* That's one desperate hedgehog, weird though. With my bad luck, you'd think hed've got me already.
Silver: That's what baffled me.
Statyx: Well, I guess there's no shame in losing. *shakes Silver's hand, Silver screams*
Silver: *passes out, revealed to have been wearing a joybuzzer*
Statyx: Again, one desperate hedgehog.

Episode 21

Shelly: *sleeping, clock reads 6:59AM*
Silver: *turns off alarm right before it rings* GOOD MORNING, SHELLY!!
Shelly: *wakes up screaming* SILVER!!
Silver: How'd you sleep? I made you breakfast in bed! *puts a big tray full of food on her lap, opens the curtains*
Shelly: ...wha...? Silver, is eveything alright? You're acting stranger than usual.
Silver: Stranger?
Shelly: Yes.
Silver:, how do you like your breakfast?
Shelly: Well, the eggs look like mucus, the bacon tastes like wood and I think someone washed their hands in my orange juice. That's besides the point, though.
Silver: Point?
Shelly: Yes!
Silver: ...I'm gonna go wake up Jezz now. *about to run out the door*
Shelly: Silver! You're plotting something, aren't you?
Silver: Plotting?
Shelly: ...Silver, I know that when you start repeating me, I'm in trouble.
Silver: Trouble?
Shelly: BIG trouble.
Silver: *chuckles nervously* Well, I suppose you mean this little "incident" that occurred yesterdusk...? [flashback]
Silver: *plants a time-bomb on the side of the house* There we go! I finally have my own alarm clock! [flashback ends[ It took me until dawn to realize that it was a bomb, not an alarm.
Shelly: WHAT?! *runs to the bomb, it explodes before she reaches it* *house explodes, Shelly & Jezz are sent flying (Jezz is still fast asleep, holding his pillow)*
Silver: *protected by a PK shield* ...phew. Well, note to self: never used G.U.N. Certified alarm clocks.
Statyx: *walks up* Hey, Silver-Psycho, do you have ANY idea what time it-- *notices the now in ruins house* Wow. The third time this month.
Silver: Aw, CAN it! And help me find Shelly.
Statyx: Sure thing> HOWLER MONKEY!!
Shelly: *in mid-air* Okay, call me crazy, but I thought someone called me "Howler Monkey"... AGAIN! *"Again" echoes*
Statyx: ...Hong Kong. Sheesh, dude, what'd you do this time?
Silver: *pulls out another G.U.N. time bomb* My alarm clock blew up.
Statyx: *snatches bomb, zaps Silver* THIS IS A BOMB, YOU BELLO!!
Silver: ...gee, that explains a lot.
Statyx: *frustrated roar* WHERE DID YOU EVEN GET THIS?!
Silver: Remember last week when I blew up the house andwe had to stay at your place? I borrowed a few from your safe.
Statyx: Are you refering to the one with the huge, yellow letters reading "DANGER, DO NOT OPEN"?!
Silver: Oh yeah! That's the one! You know, if you didn't want me to open it, you really shoulda told me so.
Statyx: *continuously shocks Silver*
We'll be right back!
Statyx: Alright, Silver. I moved everything explosive, flammable, sharp & otherwise out of the way, so you can stay here until your house comes back into orbit.
Silver: Nice place you got here. *steps on the rug, gets zapped* I. Hate. Electricity.
Statyx: I can't help it!
Silver: Eh, I've experienced worse. *steps on the rug again, BZZT!* Everything. Looks. Blue.
Statyx: *moves rug* Come on, I'll show you to the living room.
Silver: *follows Statyx, waddling*
Statyx: Just take a seat wherever you like while I get breakfast ready.
Silver: *shaking*
Statyx: Relax, Silver-Psycho. The floor's made of wood, not rug.
Silver: Oh, phew. *sits down, gets shocked* Something. Tastes like. Poison.
Statyx: Uh, I think the roast is burning. *runs off* [later...] Come & get it!
Silver: *snoring*
Statyx: *claps in front of him*
Statyx: Time to eat. *drags him away*
Silver: Chicken! *reaches for it*
Statyx: *zaps his hand* Wait for Blaze and Fou, Hedgehog!
Silver: *rubbing his hand* Geez...
Statyx: They're probaby both still in bed. I'll go get them. *walks out the room, crashing sounds, Silver screams* 2 seconds. New record. *comes back in* What happened? *table knocked over, Blaze is standing on Silver, holding him up by the wrist* WHO'S LITTLE BOY IS THIS?!

*a little bit later on, Statyx, Silver, Blaze and Fou are all seated at the now-upright table, eating bacon and eggs*

Blaze: I apologize for earlier, Silver. And you can stay here for as long as you like.
Silver: Thanks, Blaze. I appreciate it, really. And if you want, I'll even make dinner tonight!
Blaze: Oh, you don't have to do that. You're the guest.
Statyx: And I can't afford any more kitchens.
Blaze: Statyx.
Statyx: I'm serious.
Silver: Don't worry, I promise not to do any damage while I'm here.
Statyx: 'Ya shouldn't make promises you can't keep.
Blaze: Statyx.
Statyx: I'm serious.

Episode 22 (Christmas Special)

Shelly: *sleeping*
Silver: *jumps on her, scaring her out of her sleep* MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Silver: But it's Christmas!
Shelly: *checks calendar* It's the 23rd. Christmas isn't for another 2 days.
Silver: Aww...!
Shelly: Now go back to bed, Silver.
Silver: *walks off disappointed* [the next morning] SHELLY! *jumps in her bed, Shelly wakes up screaming*
Shelly: Gosh darnit Silver!! Do you have any idea what TIME it is?!!
Silver: I can't tell time, but I can tell when it's Christmas!
Shelly: No, 'ya CAN'T! It's the 24th! Christmas is TOMORROW!
Silver: Aww, still?
Shelly: Yes, STILL!
Silver: *gets off the bed* *walks off, grumbling to himself* [Christmas morning]
Shelly: *rocking Silver* Silver, Silver! Wake up! It's Christmas!
Silver: *grogily* Yeah, right. And my name is Englebert Humperdinck.
Shelly: *shows him calendar
Silver: *jaw drops*
Shelly: *sets his jaw back in place*
Silver: WAHOOO!! *jumps out of bed, trips, falls down the stairs*
Jezz: *yawning, hears thudding* Silver's awake.
Silver: *runs to the tree, trips, gets back up and keeps running* Watchagetme watchagetme watchagetme watchagetme WATCHAGETME?!
Shelly: *running down the stairs* Wait up, Silver! I can't run very fast in my pajamas!
Jezz: *runs downstairs in a robe* Merry Christmas! *hugs Shelly, who hugs back*
Silver: Yeah yeah, hugs and kisses. Now, BRING ON THE PRESENTS!
Shelly: *giggles* Alright, Silver, go ahead. *ding-dong* Ah, hold it. We have company.
Silver: I can't imagine who it is. -_-
Shelly: *opens the door to Statyx and Blaze*
Statyx: *wearing a red hat and white beard* HO HO HO!
Silver: SANTA!! *jumps on Statyx, knocking him back outside* It's SANTA!!
Statyx: Get off me, you Silver IDIOT!! *takes off beard* It's me!
Silver: *gasp* shaved over the weekend?
Statyx: ...just leave me here.
Silver: *sniffing* Hey Shells, isn't it a bit early to start roasting the turkey?
Shelly: I'm not roasting turkey.
Blaze: But I'm roasting hedgehog!!
Silver: OW!!! OWOWOW! *jumps backwards into the snow, sizzle* Ahhh....
Blaze: *helps Statyx up*
Statyx: Ugh, thanks.
Blaze: Don't mention it. *everyone sans Silver starts heading inside*
Shelly: Come on, Englebert. It's cold outside.
Silver: *grumbling* What a Christmas. *everyone giving gifts to each other*
Silver: Where is it? I know it's under here somewhere...
Statyx: Whatcha lookin' for, Psychonut?
Silver: A present. What's it tooya?
Statyx: I thought you received all your presents already.
Silver: It's not for me. I made it for someone.
Statyx: Oh? Who?
Silver: Found it!! Oh no, wait, that's not it.
Statyx: I don't know why I'm proposing this, it must be the Christmas spirit, but do you want my help?
Silver: Why would I want your help, of all the people?
Statyx: Because eventually, you're going to be desperate.
Silver: Yeah, right. . . . *grabs Statyx* PLEASE HELP ME, I'M DESPERATE!!
Statyx: *prys Silver off of him* Save the hugs for the mistletoe, buster. I'll help you find your gift. Okay, now first: what did it look like?
Silver: Like a present.
Statyx: ...It is a special day. Do not make me electrocute you.
Silver: Well, it's kinda small and round. I wrapped it up in green wrapping with a nice, big red bow.
Statyx: Uh-huh. And did you happen to put it in a special place, so you could find it?
Silver: Yes, but I can't rememeber where!
Statyx: Okay, let's retrace your steps.
Silver: *extends his arm*
Statyx: You pick up that pencil and I'll give you a season's beating.
Silver: *puts his arm down*
Statyx: Alright, now when I say "retrace your steps", I mean try and remember everything you did yesteryday.
Silver: I dunno, not only was yesterday a busy day, but it's also kinda fuzzy. [flashback] SHELLY! *jumps in her bed, Shelly wakes up screaming*
Shelly: Gosh darnit Silver!! Do you have any idea what TIME it is?!!
Silver: I can't tell time, but I can tell when it's Christmas!
Shelly: No, 'ya CAN'T! It's the 24th! Christmas is TOMORROW!
Silver: Aww, still?
Shelly: Yes, STILL--
Statyx: Wait wait, whoa, wait a minnit. You woke Shelly up one day prior to Christmas?
Silver: No, silly! I woke her up the day before Christmas!
Statyx: ... ... ... *looks like he's about to transform into Souless Statyx*
Silver: ...I think I just thunk.
Statyx: *no longer enraged* What??
Silver: *reaches into the chimney, pulls out the present he described* I put it in there for safekeeping!
Statyx: Well, that's a little more hypertension than needed on Christmas, but my work here is done. Good luck, dude. *about to walk off*
Silver: Wait!
Statyx: What now?
Silver: *hands him the present*
Statyx: for me...?
Silver: Sure! We may hate each other every other day, but Christmas is a time when enemies become friends.
Statyx: Hmm. Maybe you did learn something this Christmas after all, Silver.
Silver: *smiles* Well, go ahead! Open it!
Statyx: Okay, okay! *opens present* What's this?
Silver: An alarm clock! *explosion*

Episode 23 (New Years Special)

Sonic: *in a tux* Hello, and welcome to the "New Years Bash!" As we count down to midnight, we're gonna have the biggest game show party in history of New Years Eve! Team 1 has Shadow the Hedgehog, and the lovely Kit the Cat!
Shadow: *looks away*
Kit: *blows kisses*
Sonic: Team 2 has Jezz the Hedgehog and his gal, Shelly the Hedgehog!
Jezz and Shelly: *high five*
Sonic: Team 3 holds Statyx the Hedgehog, and everyone's favorite Silver Psycho, Silver!
Statyx: Why'd I get paired with the brain dead one?!
Silver: Why I get paired with the taser?!
Sonic: Aren't they adorable? And last, but not least, Team 4 has the lovely Shamia the Meerkat, and Echo the Hedgehog!
Shamia: *excited*
Echo: *waving*
Sonic: Okay, let's get started!
Sound Test!
Sonic: In "Sound Test", DJ Knux is going to remix a song, and you try to guess what it is! Hit it, Knucklehead!
Knuckles: "...*scratch scratch* --is world-- *violin sounds*" Ding!
Sonic: Team 3!
Silver: Dreams of an Absolution! *bzzt!*
Sonic: Ooh, too bad, Silver. That's incorrect. Ding!
Shamia: His World!
Sonic: Correct! Team 4 earns 10 points!
Shamia and Echo: *hugging*
Sonic: Next song!
Knuckles: *remixing* "...ome, rough-- *scratching, brief saxophone* Ding!
Sonic: Team 3!
Silver: Dreams of an Absolution!
Statyx: *tazes Silver* I regret nothing.
Sonic: That's gonna hurt in the mornin'. And no, it is, again, NOT. Ding!
Sonic: Team 1!
Kit: Unknown From M.E.!
Sonic: Correct! Team 1 earns 10 points.
Kit and Shadow: *brief kiss*
Sonic: Okay, you two get a room. And Shelly and Jezz, you two are just standing around like nobody's business, what's up with that?
Jezz: *shrugs, smiling*
Shelly: *laughing*
Sonic: You'd think the daughter of yours truly'd have better reflexes *audience laughs*
Shelly: *immediately stops laughing and starts blushing* *points to Statyx* YOUUU...!
Statyx: Yup, I told him.
Shelly: You're going DOWN, now!
Sonic: Well, look at the bright side, Shells, there's nothing more that could embarass you.
Silver: Hi, Nana! *audience laughter*
Shelly: ... ... ... *twitches*
Jezz: ...well, he's right.
Sonic: DJ! Mix up another track before the cops show up, would ya?
Knuckles: Mixing! *scratch, skip* *piano* *uution!* Ding!
Sonic: Team 3!
Silver: My Sweet Passion! *booing* Ding!
Sonic: Team 2!
Jezz and Shelly: Dreams of an Absolution!
Sonic: Correct!!
Silver: WHAT?! DO OVER!!
Sonic: Sorry, Silver, but you might wanna get your ears checked. They might be full 'o melted brain. *audience laughter* And we'll be right back after these commercial messages!
We'll be right back!
Sonic: Hello and welcome back toe the New Year's Bash!
What You Say?
Sonic: In "What You Say", you'll here a famous quote, and you have to finish the sentence! Are you all ready?
Team 1: Ready!
Team 2: Ready!
Silver: Are we ready?
Statyx: YES!
Silver: We're ready!
Team 4: Ready!
Sonic: Okay, DJ Knux do your thing!
Knuckles: *plays a voice" "I'm NOT a--" * Ding!
Sonic: Team 3!
Silver: Dreams of an Absolution!
Sonic: You're still doing that, really??
Statyx: From now on, I hit the button. Ding!
Sonic: Team 2!
Jezz: Monkey.
Sonic: Correct! 10 more points for Team 2! And that quote came from our favorite little monkey, Shelly the Hedgehog!
Shelly: *bowing, blowing kisses* Hey!!
Sonic: *chuckles* Alright, next quote!
Knuckles: *plays another voice* "I am Shadow the Hedgehog. I've left the past behind me. No one can tell me what to do now! I will destroy you, -- Ding!
Shadow: Black Doom.
Sonic: Correct! And of course, no one else knew that but Shadow, since he and I were the only ones here who were there.
Knuckles: What about me?
Sonic: And Knucklehead.
Knuckles: *anime vain*
Sonic: Now play the next voice sample, would ya?
Knuckles: *plays another voice sample* "Nothing starts until you take action. If you have time to worry, -- Ding!
Sonic: Team 4!
Echo: Run.
Sonic: And the ever-plucky Echo gets it right!
Shamia: *clapping*
Echo: *claps once*
Sonic: And that quote was spoken by yours truly, although I don't really remember ever saying that...
Echo: You'd forget your head if it weren't sewn on by your mommy. *audiences laughs*
Sonic: Isn't she lovely?
20 Questions!
Sonic: In this next game, you're given one minute and 20 chances to guess which character I'm talking about. I'll give you hints so you can determine that character. The wrong answer will result in elimination until one team is left standing. The clock will start when I read the first clue. "I am a hedgehog". Ding! *clock freezes*
Silver: Blaze! *bzzt!* *booing*
Statyx: *tazes Silver unconcious* I said I hit the button, nincompoop!
Sonic: It just isn't your day, is it?! *audience laughs*
Statyx: NO!!!
Sonic: *times starts up again, unchanged* 59, 58 I can run at high speeds. 54, 53 Ding! *timer stops*
Sonic Team 1!
Kit: Shadow! *bzzt*
Sonic: *imitates buzzer* Sorry, guys. It's not Shadow. Now, teams 2 and 4, we're entering Sudden Death. The next question will determine the New Year Bash champtions. *timer starts up again* 52 I go where the wind takes me. Ding! *timer stops at 48*
Sonic: Team 2?
Shelly: Sonic? *bzzt*
Sonic: WHAT? It isn't me? There's gonna be some mistake here, people *looks at his card* Oh, nope, no wait, it's not me. *confetti rains on Shamia and Echo*
Sonic: Congratulations, Team 4! You two lucky girls are the New Years Bash champions!
Shamia: Yay!! *hugs Echo, who hugs back* (unenthusiastically) Yaay.
Shamia: Aren't you happy?
Echo: I'm proud. For me, that's close enough.
Sonic: Tawny, let's see what our champions have won!
Tawny: *pulls back the curtain* 2 free tickets to the O'Reilly 300!
Echo: *ear twitches* Hmm. Maybe it was a good idea letting Statyx talk me into coming here.
Tawny: And our other 6 contestants get: *pulls back another curtain* A 2 week long free trip to Hawaii!
All: *cheering*
Sonic: And to wrap it all up, the end of 2009, the beginning of the next generation is coming up in a matter of moments! *11:58 shows up on the screen* *Sonic's friends come from the audience up on stage* 60, 59, 58, 57, 56, 55, 54, 53, 52, 51, 50, 49, 48, 47, 46, 45, 44, 43, 42, 41, 40, 39, 38, 37, 36, 35, 34, 33, 32, 31, 30, 29, 28, 27,26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! HAPPY NEW YEAR! *fireworks* *cheering*
Silver: *hits the buzzer* Dick Sergeant!!

Episode 24

[Shelly enters the house, and notices a trail of rose petals leading to the living room]
Shelly: Huh? What's this? *follows the trail of roses, which leads her into the candlelit living room, where Jezz is seen sitting on the couch*
Jezz: Hey Shelly.
Shelly: *giggles* Jezz, what are you doing?
Jezz: What? A guy can't be romantic for the girl he loves?
Shelly: *giggles* I don't have a problem with that. *sits down and snuggles up to Jezz*
Jezz: I'm glad.
[Shelly and Jezz move in for a kiss, when suddenly, the TV turns on, the screen filled with static. All of a sudden, two hands come from the TV, and grip the sides of the TV. Statyx then pops out of the TV screen to the waist]
Statyx: WE NEED TO TALK!!!!
Jezz & Shelly: BWAHAH!! *Jezz and Shelly freak out, causing the couch to tip over and fall backwards*
Statyx: *pulls the rest of himself out of the TV, and stands up* Sorry about interrupting, but I wanted to make sure I didn't witness anything X-rated.
[Jezz & Shelly shoot up.]
Jezz: You actually think I would-!?
Shelly: And that I would let him-!?
Statyx: Yes and yes. Silver is proof of that.
[Shelly and Jezz then blush furiously]
Statyx: Speaking of which. *grabs Shelly and Jezz's arms* You two are comin with me!! *dragging Jezz and Shelly, eventually stops and set them on their feet* Now look!
Shelly: Geez, what's the big- *looks, pupils shrink, and jaw drops*
Jezz: Yeah, what's your- *same as Shelly*
[The two see that Statyx's house has been turned completely upside down]
Statyx: Yeah. Imagine my and Fou's shock, when we woke up to see that our house was UPSIDE DOWN!!!
Jezz: What about Sunny?
Statyx: She thought we had moved to a fun-house in the middle of the night.
Shelly: Still brain-damaged?
Statyx: Yes and that isn't the point!! Make Silver fix this now!!
Shelly: Hey, what proof do you have that Silver did this?
Statyx: Firstly, who has both the ability and motive to do this? And secondly, come with me.
[Statyx leads Jezz and Shelly to one of the walls, where "SILVER WAS HERE" is written in excellent penmanship]
Shelly: Well, his penmanship has certainly improved.
Statyx: I don't care if he's a proffesional writer!! Make him fix this NOW!!!
Selly: Oh come on Statyx, it was just a prank!
Statyx: *gets in Shelly's face* Do it or I'll chain you to Shadow and Fou for a week.
Jezz: You know, I really don't like how you're able to manipulate my girlfriend like that.
Statyx: Whatever.
We'll be right back!
Loud, angry, female voice: STAAATYYYYYYYX!!!
Statyx: *jumps behind Jezz* HELP ME!!
Jezz: Whoa, why're you so scared all of a sudden?
Jezz: Is it Amy?
Statyx: No, WORSE! Look out! *both jump out of the way just in time to avoid a big soundwave*
Echo: *spindashes at them*
Statyx: ECHO!
Echo: *grabs Statyx, pulls her close to him* You...YOU...!
Statyx: Hey, Echo. Say, whatever happened to "anger is pointless"?
Echo: You have 5 seconds to tell me why you did this to my flute! *shows him a flute broken in half*
Statyx: Don't look at me, look at Silver...wherever he may be.
Echo: Do you know how long this flute had been with me?
Statyx: Echo, you're not listening. I. Did. Not. Break. Your. Flute.
Shelly: *runs back, panting* I looked all throughout Soleanna, and Silver the Hedgehog has just up and disappeared! *notices Echo* didn't tell me your ex was staying with ya, Statyx.
Echo: *drops Statyx, gets in Shelly's face* What did you say, MONKEY?
Shelly: I AM NOT A MONKEY!!!
Echo: *cracks kncukles*
Statyx: Run, Shelly! You don't know who you're up against!
Shelly: Come on, Sparky, how scary is she?
Statyx: She's scarier than Amy.
Shelly: *runs for her life with Echo on her tail, screaming*
Jezz: ...seriously, though, where's Silver? If he's not in town, there where would he go?
Statyx: Well, if you were a brain-damaged time-traveller lookin' for trouble, where would you go?
Jezz: ...Town Square?
Statyx: Town Square it is, then.
Shelly: *trips and falls on her face in front of Jezz*
Jezz: First, this. *holds up one hand, stopping Echo in her tracks* If you want revenge on whoever ruined your flute, you'll come with us.
Echo: *thumbs over to Statyx* Put up with him? Again?
Statyx: You do it every other day. And besides, *thumbs over to his 180'ed house* look what I have to put up with.
Echo: ...alright, I'm in. [later that day]
Shelly, Statyx and Jezz: Silver! Where are you?! SILVER!!
Statyx: *uncovers manhole* Hey, Silver-Psycho! You down there?!
Echo: *emitting soundwaves*
Jezz: What're you doing, uh...?
Echo: Echo. And I'm listening for your pet's heartbeat.
Jezz: I'm Jezz. And Silver isn't our pet, he's just a little brain damaged is all.
Shelly: And on a mischevious rampage.
Statyx: And who's fault is that?
Shelly: Would you stop blaming Jzez, already?! I'm sure if we had went to YOU for help before Jezz tried, he'd be even WORSE!
Statyx: You saying you don't trust me, Howler Monkey?
Shelly: I'M NOT A MONKEY!! *quake*
Echo: Okaaay, making it really hard to concentrate, here.
Statyx: Sorry, Ech.
Echo: I think I've got something, though. ...this way. *runs in one direction, the others follow* *Echo leads them all the way back to Jezz's house*
Echo: He's in there.
Shelly: But we tore the house apart looking for him!
Echo: He must've came back while you were out.
Statyx: Ain't that just our luck... *all go inside, go down the stairs, leading to the basement door*
Echo: He should be behind this door. *tries to open it*
Shelly: Is it locked?
Echo: Well, what do you think?
Shelly: Where are the keys?
Jezz: Silver traded them for a smashed amusement park penny last week, remember?
Shelly: ...this is news to me, Jezz.
Jezz: Oh. Sorry, guess I forgot to tell you *embarassed smile*
Statyx: I may not have a key... ...BUT I DO HAVE AN AX! *raises ax, chipping away at the door cross-eyed* Come out here, Silver! *maniacal laughter* I got something to ax you!
Shelly: *slaps Statyx* Would you calm down?! We're already bankrupt, we don't need another idiot hedgehog destroying our house.
Jezz: That explains how he got in our place.
Shelly: I have an idea, but it's going to take ninja-like stealth, intel, and guts. *jumps up, grabs the key on the rails, and unlocks the door*
Statyx: *facepalms, grumbling to himself* Mental institution...key...
Shelly: *opens door* Silver?
Silver: *lay asleep on a crate*
Shelly: *walks over to him, shakes him a little bit* Silver? Wake up, buddy.
Silver: *out cold*
Statyx: Wait, let him sleep. This is my chance to put my ax to good use--
Shelly: Statyx.
Statyx: Alright. -_-
Echo: Look, his hand is glowing.
Silver: *still asleep, PKs a crate into the air*
Shelly: Hit the deck! *everyone scrambles, crate lands on Statyx*
Statyx: Whyyy, lady luck?!
Echo: You realize what this means, right?
Jezz: That Silver was not only sleep walking...
Shelly: But
Echo: I'll accept that.
Shelly: Silver, wake up. We need to talk.
Silver: *talking in his sleep* My clams...
Jezz: ...who dreams about CLAMS?
Shelly: Apparently, our little friend here. Watch this. Silver, I'm making chocolate chip pancakes!
Silver: *quickly wakes up* Cool, I'll have 12! *looks around, confused* Oh, hey guys! Say, what're you all doing in my room?
Jezz: This isn't your room, Silver. This is the basement.
Shelly: You were sleep-walking, and you were using your psychokinesis iin your sleep.
Silver: I was?
Shelly: Yes, and we'll figure out how to prevent that later. Right now, let's all just go to sleep, and solve it in the morning. I'm bushed.
Silver: *notices Echo* *wolf whistle*
Echo: *hits him with a soundwave*
Statyx: YYYYEEEESSS!!!!! FINALLY! Finally, someone else gets a soundwave to the butt besides me!! Hallelujah!
Echo: Oh, don't worry, Thunder-Dud. I didn't forget you. *chases Statyx upstairs* Come back here and take your medicine!
Statyx: What did I do?! HE broke your flute!
Echo: And I'ma keep chasin' you till it's fixed!!!

Episode 25

Jezz: Shelly, must you keep yelling?
Shelly: That wasn't me this time, I swear! *loud "hic!", another quake* Sounds like it's coming from Silver's room! *both run upstairs, knock on Silver's door* Silver? You okay in there? *"Hic!", quake* *opens door*
Silver: *sitting on his bed* Hiya, guys! Nice -- HIC! -- day, isn't it?
Jezz: Of course.
Shelly: Typical.
Silver: *gets up* Hey, dosen't today seem -- HIC! -- a bit -- HIC! -- off to you guys?
Jezz: *flying, holding up Shelly* GEE, WHATEVER MAKES 'YA THINK SO?! [moments later]
Shelly: *throws a Chaos Spear through Statyx's door*
Statyx: *pops his head through the hole* 'Ya coulda knocked, Howler Monkey. *HIC!* Yeow! You're so good at that now, you don't even need to yell!
Jezz: Ah-ah, easy Shells. Um, Silver's got a violent case of the hiccups, so could you help us?
Statyx: Well, normally I'd refuse to help Silver, but with my asophagus through the door, I don't have much of a choice. *sheepish laughter*
Shelly: Attaboy. *smashes door to pieces*
Statyx: *hyperventilating* Thanks.
Silver: *was hiccuping through the whole conversation*
We'll be right back!
Statyx: Alright, let's examine the patient. Silver, say "Aah."
Silver: *long scream that blows everything away*
Statyx: .............I said to say "ahh", not, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!"
Silver: *HIC*
Statyx: Okay, let's try something simple. Count backwards from 100.
Silver: Whatever. *HIC* 100, 98, ninety-apple, 99, 100...wait a minute.
Shelly: Yeah. *HIC* Reeeal simple, Statyx.
Statyx: Hush. *HIC* Okay, try holding your breath.
Note: Each *HIC* is coming from Silver, not anyone else.
Silver: Got it. *deeply inhales, holds his breath* *after awhile, he starts to blush red, then purple, then blue, and then passes out*
Silver: Umm-mm!!
Shelly: *runs over and kicks Silver in the gut*
Silver: *panting* .......................................................*inhales deeply and holds his breath*
Shelly: *kicks the air out of him again* THAT'S ENOUGH!
Silver: *panting* Okay...*pant, pant* What's our next move? *pant...*
Statyx: Hmm, I'm stumped here...*rubs his chin* SILVER, LOOK OUT! A TORPEDO!!
Silver: Nice try, I'm not THAT gullible.
Statyx: You're's just a wall.
Silver: OH MY GOD!!! *ducks in cover*
Shelly: What good does THAT do???
Statyx: Sometimes a good scare can make hiccups go away. ...and see? They're gone. Soak in the silence, Shells.
Silver: ...*HIC*
Shelly: Mm, I'm soakin' in somethin', and it ain't silence. *HIC*
Statyx: Alright, alright. *HIC* I got one last trick up my sleeve. Shelly, *HIC* go get a *HIC* glass *HIC* of water.
Shelly: On it. *leaves for a moment, (Silver hiccups the whole time) and comes back with a full glass* Here ya go, buddy.
Silver: Ah, *HIC* just what I needed. *throws it onto Statyx, zapping him, and knocking him out*
Silver: *loud, obnoxious laughter* Priceless...! *laughter continues*
Jezz: *shaking Statyx* Are you okay, Statyx?
Statyx: No. I'm done. He can keep those hiccups the rest of his life, *stands up and dusts himself off* I don't want any more involvement in this.
Silver: *gasping* Whew... you hear that?
Shelly: You mean Statyx's sizzling?
Silver: Nope. My hiccups! They're gone! I'm CURED!
Statyx: I still get paid, right? *coughs up smoke*
Silver: Just don't expect me to thank you.
Statyx: Oh, I don't. I expect you to leave.
Silver: Fine. *leaves, and slams the door behind him*
Statyx: ...*hiccups*

Episode 26 (St. Valentine's Day Special)

Jezz, Silver and Statyx: *at the mall, shopping*
Statyx: *picks out a bouquet of flowers*
Silver: What're those?
Statyx: Flowers, Jet Lag.
Silver: I mean what kind? Roses, violets, crysthanthemums?
Statyx: They are posies, I believe. Since when does he know about botany?
Silver: Whatever. .*looking through the Valentines (cards), picks one up, reads it*
"From sunrise to sunset, all I ever do,
"is spend all my time thinking about you!" - you think Sunny'll like this one?
Statyx: Whether she does or not, you watch yourself around my little sister, or you'll wake up on Valentine's Day.
Silver: That's tomorrow.
Statyx: Valentine's Day 2011.
Silver: ...that's tomorrow.
Statyx: *facepalms*
Jezz: *two aisles away* NOOO!!!
Statyx and Silver: *come running*
Statyx: What's wrong?!
Jezz: *on his knees, in front of empty shelves* Th-th-they're're all gone...
Silver: What's gone?
Jezz: The chocolates! *grabs Statyx by the shoulders, shaking him* THEY BOUGHT UP ALL THE BOXES OF VALENTINE'S DAY CHOCOLATE!!!
Statyx: Relax, bro! You can get Shelly something else!
Jezz: But Shelly LOVES those chocolates! They weren't even going anywhere last year!
Statyx: haven't known Shelly for a year.
Jezz: I know, but I like chocolate.
Silver: Hey, look! *points to a big, heart-shaped box on the highest shelf*
Jezz: ...YES!! *flies up to it* Hello, little box of chocolates. You're comin' hope with Jezz today-- Ah, AHH...ACHOO!! *sneezes, box falls down*Oh, great! *flies after it, catches it, lands face-first into the floor, box flies out of his hand and into someone's shopping cart* Noo!! *runs up to the person pushing the cart* Excuse me, ma'am, but I dropped something in there, so I'm just gonna.. *reaches his hand in*
Security Guard: Hey! *chasing Jezz, who has the box*
Jezz: *flies* Sorry, but it's time to check out! *accidentaly slams into a shelf, and the box flies out the window* Aw, come on!
Statyx: Wow. Usually, something like that'd happen to me.
Jezz: No! *flies out the window, the box drops onto a passing delivery truck* *flying after it*, gets on* There you are! *about to pick it up* *the truck goes under a bridge* EEEEEE!! *flat on his stomach in the middle of the road* What else can go wrong...*almost gets run over by a car*'s days like this I'm glad to be a hedgehog. A small, easily-dodgeable hedgehog. *gets up, runs in the direction the truck went* *red light, the truck stops* *flying at a high speed* Where did it go?! I know it went this way...AHA! *heads for the truck* I'm going too fast! I CAN'T STOP!!! AAAAH!! *crashes through the back of the truck* [a few hours later...] *truck stops at the house*
Mailman: *carries a heavy package to the doorstep, rings the bell*
Shelly: *answers the door* Hey, a package! *brings it inside, opens it up*
Shelly: *screams* You almost gave me a heart attack!!
Jezz: Sorry, I wanted to surprise you :)
Shelly: Well, mission accomplished.
Jezz: *gives her the box of chocolates*
Shelly: *gaps* Oh...oh, Jezz, I don't know what to say! *kisses him* *unwraps the box, uncovers it, and there is only one chocolate in there*
Shelly: ...thanks, Cheap Charlie.

Episode 27

Silver: *runs down the stairs, holding a suit on a hangar in each hand* Shelly, quick! Which suit do you think I should wear tonight?
Shelly: Suit? What's so special about tonight?
Jezz: And where'd you get those monkey suits anyw--
Shelly: I'M NOT A MONKEY!!! Oops.
Silver: Tonight's the night I try out my stand up comedy act!
Shelly: Silver, you're not funny.
Silver: Oh, really? Well, listem to THIS! Whaddya call a cat in a dog park?
Jezz: What?
Silver: Dead.
[silence] *clears throat*
Silver: Ooh, tough crowd.
Shelly: Well, I'll help you out with your material, Silver.
Silver: Ah, I don't need help! I'm funny enough to leave the whole house in stitches by the end of the night.
Jezz: You're right about the stitches part.
[later, that night]
Shelly, Jezz, Statyx and Blaze: *all seated at a table near the stage*
Shelly: I hope Silver knows what he's doing.
Jezz: So do I. I'd like to see him telling good jokes for a full 30 minutes in front of this many people.
Statyx: Explain why I'm here?
Blaze: Because if Silver stinks, you get to throw a chair.
Statyx: Oh yeah!
Announcer: Ladies a gentlemen, please welcome tonight's amateur stand-up comedian, Silver the Hedgehog! *"More Than A Woman", by the BeeJees plays*
Silver: Thank you, thank you! I'm seein' a lot of lovely couples tonight. ...I see you two ladies found each other.
Shelly, Jezz, Statyx & Blaze: *mouthes agape*
Silver: Anyways, the other day I decided to get a pet...
Audience: *jeering*
Statyx: New record. *throws his chair*
Silver: ...alright, who threw the chair?! YOU! *points to Statyx*
Statyx: *waves*
Silver: You people should know better than that! You know the chair-throwing contest dosen't start until 8! *audience bursts into laughter*
Silver: Shame, people.
Shelly, Jezz & Blaze: *laughing*
Statyx: That was funny?
Jezz: Pretty funny!
Statyx: Oh, please.
Silver: So, like I was saying, I stopped by the pound. The guy there thought I was one of the escaped convicts of his. *audience laughs* So he scoops a net and tries to catch me. I, a hedgehog wind up being chased by a dog catcher out of a pet store.
Statyx: GOOD! 'CUZ YOUR JOKES ARE FOR THE BIRDS! *audience laughs and applauds* Thank you, you're too kind.
Silver: ...*eye twitches*
We'll be right back!
Silver: So anyways, I come back the next day and sort things out with the guy. Then he shows me over to the dogs. He shows me a rotweiler and he goes "this here's a cute little guy." And then I reply "Yeah, he is cute. ...though, he'd look a lot better without the foam in his mouth." *audience laughs* "Yeah, he would, wouldn't he..."

Episode 28 (Independence Day Special)

*Shelly, Jezz, Statyx, Blaze, Sunny, Fou, and Silver are all at the beach*

Shelly: Silver, Jezz! Hurry up, the fireworks are about to start!
Fou: Boy, I can't wait!
Blaze: It is nice to get out and celebrate, isn't it?
Statyx: Yeah. God bless America!
Jezz: *runs up* Sorry we took so long. Someone got locked in the changing rooms.
Shelly: The changing rooms?? Why? He dosen't even WEAR clothes!
Jezz: Tell that to him.
Silver: *waves*
Statyx: Congrats, Shells.
Shelly: For what?
Statyx: You've officially become a ventriloquist.
Shelly: ...I have?
Statyx: Yeah, you've got a dummy right here, don'cha?
Shelly: Be nice. -.-
Silver: Look up there! *the fireworks begin, and light up the sky with different colors and patterns*
Shelly: Wow...
Blaze: Amazing, isn't it?
Statyx: *holds Blaze's hand* Sure is...
Fou: Wow! Awesome!!
Silver: Sweet!
Fou: I'm gonna go get a closer look! *Fou flies up to the sky towards the fireworks*
Silver: Fou, hold on! Don't go up there!
Jezz: He should be okay, right? I mean, he's a pyrokinetic moving towards pyrotechnics.
Silver: He's also moving towards BIG explosions!
Statyx: What could go wrong? Fou's got enough sense not to get too close.
Silver:Uh, guys...I...have a confession to make. I wasn't really locked in the changing rooms.
Shelly: I'm not all that surprised.
Silver: Yeah? Well, you will be when you hear this: I arranged it so that the fireworks up there will be bigger, better, and uh...more combustable, if you know what I mean.
All: ..............FOU!!!!! *all calling Fou frantically*
Statyx: Come down!
Shelly: It's not safe! NOT SAFE!!
Fou: You guys stop worrying!
Statyx: Just how "big" did you ask them to make it, Silver?
Silver: Big? How is citywide big?
Statyx: HEART ATTACK...*faints*
Jezz: *flies towards Fou*
Shelly: Jezz!
Jezz: Don't worry, I'll be right back!
Shelly: Be careful!
Fou: Wow, they look even better up close! *BOOM!, Fou gets knocked backwards* Whoaa!! What was that?! *BOOM!, Fou gets sent flying upwards* AAH! Even from the ground, they weren't THIS BIG! I gotta get back down! *BOOM* My wing! *Fou gets sent flying down, and would have fallen into the water if not for Jezz, who swooped down just in time to catch Fou*
Jezz: Gotcha!
Blaze: He caught him!
Shelly: Way to go, Jezz!
Jezz: *flies back down to the beach and sets Fou down* Ah, it was no big deal.
Silver: Well, alls well that ends well, right guys?
All: *staring at Silver*
Silver: ...Right, guys...?
Statyx: *puts his hand on Silver's forehead and zaps him hard* ALLS WELL THAT ENDS WELL?! FOU ALMOST FELL INTO THE OCEAN, JACKWAGON!!!
Silver: Yeah, but he didn't, right?? I say that's a pretty darn good way to end the 4th of July; a happy ending.
Statyx: *grits his teeth, then speaks to Blaze* Hold me back! *both Blaze and Shelly each grab an arm of Statyx's, keeping him just one inch away from Silver*
Silver: Hey, come on, lighten up, Thunder Dud. Can't we just enjoy the fireworks? *explosion*
Statyx: Those aren't fireworks anymore, they're BOMBS!!!
Silver: Oh...yeah, bombing the town dosen't sound good...*BIG explosion, everyone gets shrouded in a smoke cloud*
[The next day]
Silver, Jezz and Statyx: *rebuilding a building*
Silver: We have SOME fun last night, didn't we guys?
Statyx: *throws a brick at Silver, but he dodges* FUN?! Blowing up the town and doing community service isn't FUN!! I am a GUN agent, do you know how badly this will blemish my resumé?!
Silver: How was I supposed to know fireworks were made with explosions?!
Statyx: That's pretty much ALL they're made of, you numbskull! I don't believe this! Most brick walls are easier to penetrate than your head is!! And speaking of bricks!! *keeps throwing bricks, which Silver PK deflects* It could be worse, Statyx!
Statyx: HOW!?!? *explosion comes from behind Statyx and blows him away*
Silver: ...did I mention that I may have used a bit too much gunpowder?
Statyx: *long growl, starts chasing Silver around a blown-up statue, and they wind up orbiting it* When I get my hands on you, you're TOAST! LITERALLY!!!
Jezz: *sigh* So much for American spirit...