Sonicchannel silver

After a long hiatus, Silver the Hedgehog returns funnier than ever with his wild, 21st century antics!

Episode 1*/29*

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Silver: *sleeping on the couch* *knock on the door* *Silver mumbles* *knocking again*
Shelly (on the other side of the door): Silver, open the door!
Silver: *rolls out of the chair and hits the ground* Gyah, no parachute!! *knock, knock*
Shelly: Silver!!
Silver: Who's there?
Shelly: It's Shelly. Open the door!
Silver: Why can't YOU open it??
Shelly: I have no hands free.
Silver: OH? Then how can you knock?
Shelly: Aw, would you?! *kicks a hole through the door* Grr!!
Silver: No fair, Shelly, wrecking the house is MY job! :( *opens the door for her* You coulda just asked me to open the door for you, you know.
Shelly: *walks in carrying groceries* If I had a free hand, I'd slug 'ya.
Jezz: *comes down the stairs* What was that crash?
Shelly: Tadaima!!
Jezz: Okaerinasai!!
Silver: Why are you speaking Swahili?
Shelly: *puts the groceries on the kitchen counter* It's Japanese, Silver.
Jezz: We've been learning it to annoy Statyx. ;)
Silver: If it'll annoy him, then count me in! *juggling the groceries*
Shelly: Silver, be careful with those!--
Silver: *drops everything and the fruit goes splat*
Shelly: For the love of Mobius, Silver! That was my honeydew melon!!
Silver: *looks down at the mess* it's a honeydon't. *later that day*
Shelly: *sits next to Silver with a notebook* Okay, Silver. *turns off the TV* Ready to learn?
Silver: Yup! *takes the remote and turns the TV back on*
Shelly: *takes the remote from him and turns it back off* We don't need the TV on for this, Silver.
Silver: Hearing the TV in the background helps me to think.
Shelly: TV requires NO thinking! Now,Silver-Kun. Are you ready to learn Japanese?
Silver: ...what did you just call me?
Shelly: Silver-kun. "Kun" is a term of endearment.
Shelly: Now, the Japanese have a different way of pronouncing their vowels. For example, in English, "A" can be pronounced, "ay" as in "train", "ah" as in "Mars", "arr" as in "far", & "ahh" as in "mark", whereas the Japanese "A" comes out only as "ahh", as in "father". Get it?
Silver: *was watching TV the whole time*
Shelly: *realizes Silver hasn't been listening to a word she said* ...they also power their trees with batteries.
Silver: *oblivious to her every word*
Shelly: *hits him over the head with her journal*
Silver: Hey! Why'd you do that? I missed the anvil!
Statyx: *knocks on the door* Shells, it's Statyx! Can I come in?
Shelly: Irasshyaimasu!
Statyx: *walks in and closes the door behind him* Dude, you know I'm bad at Japanese!
SHELLY: Yeah, I know ;) So what brings you here so late?
Statyx: I just wanted to return this-- *sees Silver* Psychonaut.
Silver: Brainstorm.
Shelly: Guys. -_-|
Statyx: *looks at Shelly's notebook* You're teaching him Japanese? Seriously?? He-- most brick walls are easier to penetrate than his head is!!
Shelly: FYI, Statyx, he already knows a little bit of the language.
Statyx: Oh, really? Silver? How do you say "hello" in Japanese?
Silver: Uh...! *sweating* Erm...uh...SUSHI!
Statyx: *bursts into laughter* WHOO! *cough* Good luck, Howler-- *howling as he walks out the door*
Shelly: *slams down the journal and gets up* Okay! That does it! Silver, we are going to turn you into a Nihonjin!
Silver: But I don't wanna die yet!!
Shelly: ...<sigh> *plops back down in the couch* Somebody shoot me.
We'll be right back!
Shelly: Alright, Silver. We're gonna skip the basics and go right to vocabulary. We'll show Statyx just how smart you ARE!
Silver: Heck yeah, we are! *looks at the screen* Don't get ahead of us, people.
Shelly: ...right. Okay, first things first: "Hello" in Japanese is "konnichiwa." NOT SUSHI!
Silver: Really? ...y-you sure, because--
Silver: Okay okay! what was the word again?
Shelly: Konnichiwa.
Silver: ...Koh...whoa...nee chewan?
Shelly: Konnichiwa.
Silver: Go, whoa, whoa...knee?
Shelly: *getting annoyed* Ko-nni-chi-wa.
Silver: ...that makes no SENSE!!
Shelly: The second N is NOT pronounced! Koh-oh-nee-chee-wah!!
Silver: Ko-wana-che-wa!
Silver: Cone-wee-cha!
Silver: Konnichiwa!
Shelly: Konnichiwa--wait, you got it!
Silver: Konnichiwa--wait, you got it!
Shelly: Yes! Silver, you got it right that time!
Silver: I did? ...Phew. That's good. Wait, what's konnichiwa.
Shelly: HELLO!!
Silver: Hi!!
Shelly: Shimatta!!
Silver: I'm good, thanks.
Shelly: Stop it!
Jezz: Hey, how's the lesson going?
Shelly: AKIRAMERU DES(U)!! *stomps off*
Jezz: I saw that coming.
Silver: *reading Shelly's notebook* Hey, this stuff isn't hard to read at all!
Jezz: That's because Shelly's so good at teaching.
Silver: No, Shelly didn't teach me this. I always knew how to read this stuff.
Jezz: did?
Silver: Yeah, the schools from my time teach you this stuff before you're potty-trained.
Jezz: Let me see this. *takes the notebook* ...this gives me an idea. *dials on his cell phone* Hey, Statyx! Could you come over, Shelly needs to be taken to anger management and we're having trouble getting her in the cage.
Shelly: (in another room) I'm relaxed!! *crash*
Jezz: And make it snappy. *hangs up* Hey Silver, when Statyx gets here, only speak Swahili.
Silver: But I thought you wanted me to learn Japanese?
Jezz: I do, but just trust me.
[A few minutes later]
Statyx: *comes in with a net* Jezz, I'm here to help you catch the monkey.
Silver: *reading a newspaper, Jezz and Shelly are nowhere in sight*
Silver: *takes his nose out of his newspaper* Kare wa koko dewa arimasen. (He isn't here.)
Statyx: ...I beg your pardon??
Silver: Nani? (What?)
Statyx: I don't under--wait, are you speaking Japanese??
Silver: Mochiron desu. (Of course.)
Statyx: ...*twitches*
Silver: Watashi wa baka to omoitta. Anata wa machigatteita. (You thought I was stupid. You were mistaken.)
Statyx: Guess you're not as stupid as I thought.
Silver: Watashi wa choudo wa itta!! (I just said that!)
Statyx: Yeah, step aside. *pushes Silver out of the way* Uh, will the two hedgehogs hiding behind the staircase please come forward?
Shelly: *pops out* I'm not a monkey!! *earthquake, things fall over*
Jezz: *shaking* You ought to not hold your breath for so long.
Shelly: Sorry. Anyways, I can't believe your plan worked. How'd you teach him all that so fast?
Jezz: I didn't teach him -- he always knew.
Shelly: ...
Statyx: ...
Jezz: ...*clears throat* Um, SIlver, care to explain?
Silver: Sure. See, 200 years in the future, more people are learning Japanese, since that's where the more advanced weapons are being created.
Statyx: Then why'd you call it Swahili?
Shelly: 'Cause he's Silver.
Statyx: Oh, right.
Silver: I resent that!
Shelly: Well, enough of that, who wants ice cream?
Silver: *raises his (psychokinetic) hand* I do! *furniture goes flying and knocks everybody out*
Jezz: Still resent that? -_x
Silver: *moans* Not really.
Statyx: <cough>
Shelly: Ow.

Episode 2/30

Statyx: *dragging Silver by the leg*
Silver: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! I don't wannaaah!!
Statyx: *talking over Silver's whining* Knock it off, Silver bullet. Shelly asked me to babysit you while she's out, you think I'M any happier about this?
Silver: Why, then?! WHY are you doing this?
Statyx: Suffice to say, I owe her... -___-|
Silver: Yeah and you owe ME, but I don't see my reward yet!!
Statyx: Shut up. We're here. *drags Silver into the mansion*
Blaze: Welcome home, Statyx. What've you brought back this time?
Statyx: *holds Silver up by the leg* A handicap.
Blaze: *flames up*
Statyx: Hold-hold it, Blaze!! It's okay! This is a favor for Shelly!
Blaze: Bringing in the one thing that can blow this place to smithereens is a FAVOR?!
Statyx: Don't worry, he's tranquil.
Silver: Hey, you didn't get your paper! *PKs a rolled-up newspaper into Statyx's head*
Statyx: ...*twitches* For Shelly. For Shelly... *drops Silver*
Silver: *gets up* Ahh. Thank you.
Statyx: Come this way, Silver. I'll show you your room, in which, you will be locked away until Shelly comes to pick you up.
Silver: *looks at Blaze, clicks his tongue, then steps on the rug and gets electrified* I. Forgot. About. That. Part.
Statyx: *muttering up the stairs* That'll teach you, you little lemming...
[A moment later...]
Silver: *following Statyx down the hall* *whistles, his whistle echoes* This place is bigger than I knew.
Statyx: And you STILL don't know.
Silver: Hey, what's in here? *touches the knob*
Statyx: *smirks*
Silver: *opens the door, shocked, then closes it* ... 0_0 *twitch twitch* You could've told me that was Fou's bathroom...
Statyx: Yeah. I could've. *keeps walking*
Silver: *vomits in the corner*
Statyx: *clicks his watch, activating the speakers* Maid service, second floor please.
Silver: *dizzily follows Statyx down the hall, then bumps into a door he didn't know was unlocked and falls into the room* *scream, Silver gets knocked out of the room by a soundwave and through another door*
Echo: Idiot!!
Statyx: <sigh> Now Shelly owes me. Sorry, Echo! He's a little dizzy!
Echo: *in a bathrobe* What ELSE is new?! *slams door*
Statyx: I see she's in a good mood.
Silver: *zzap!*
Statyx: Sounds like he's in MY room now. *he walks into the room with the hole shaped like Silver in it, and sees him on the floor* Silver, are you alright? -_-
Silver: Mommy, Silver fell out of the crib again... o_+
Statyx: *stands him up* That's what I thought.
Silver: Hey, Silver, what's that? *points to a picture on the wall*
Statyx: Oh, that's something Shelly drew me for my birthday gift.
Silver: *comes back to his senses* Your what?
Statyx: Look, I know you've taken a LOT of damage, but even YOU know what a birthday is.
Silver: ...critically thinking, I do know what a birthday is, but why would she give you anything for your birthday?
Statyx: You're supposed to get presents during your birthday, nitwit!
Silver: do?
Statyx: *grabs Silver and pulls him close* WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Haven't you ever had a stinkin' birthday party before?!
Silver: *nods "no"*
Statyx: pullin' my leg?
Silver: *nods "no" again*
Statyx: ...oh. *lets go* Sorry to hear that.
Silver: Why? Is it important?
Statyx: Well, uh...
Blaze: *knocks on the door* Time for dinner, boys.
Statyx: Thanks...uh, Silver, why don't you join us?
Silver: But you said I was confined to my room...
Statyx: After dinner. [later on...]
Blaze: So, you never had a birthday party? Not once?
Silver: Nope. I don't even know when my birthday is.
Fou: *spits out his food* That's terrible! I'd NEVER wanna miss my birthday!
Blaze: Fou! Manners, we have a guest.
Silver: I don't see what the big deal is... *doorbell rings*
Statyx: That must be Shelly.
Fou: I'll get it!
Statyx: Watch your step, Fou. It's too late at night to set her off, you know.
Fou: I'll behave! *flies off*
Blaze: You know, if you wanted to, we could throw you a party here sometime.
Silver: Nah. I mean, that's awfully kind of you, but... *earthquake* (I'M NOT A MONKEY!)
Statyx: That's your convoy at the door.
Fou: Shelly's here!
Shelly: Hey, Silver. Ready to go?
Statyx: He was very well-behaved, Shells.
Shelly: ...what did he blow up.
Statyx: The guest room, the halls, my bedroom door and he soiled the living room carpet.
Silver: ^ ^
Shelly: Sheez, Silver!! Ah, let's just go home.
Statyx: Thanks for the meal!
Blaze: You're very welcome, Silver. Hope to see you again soon.
Silver: Stop lying, woman, we know you never wanna see me again.
Blaze: Then hurry up and leave.
Shelly: Thanks for everything, guys. [Shelly and Silver go home.]
Statyx: *thinking*
Fou: Ooh! Ooh! I know that look! He's got an idea!
Blaze: ...what's on your mind, Statyx?
Statyx: Okay, here's the plan...
We'll be right back!