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5/29/09 There's no use crying over spilled milk...

Shadow: *drinking milk*
Shelly: *tips Shadow's glass*
Shadow: *cough*
Shelly: LOL You should have seen that milk come outta your nose, dude! XD
Shadow: I have to get new rivals...

5/30/09 An apple a day keeps the doctor away..."

Shadow: *going to the bathroom* *opens the door and apples spill out* [muffled] SHELLY!!!
Shelly: What's the matter Shadow? *Shadow digs himself out* [cont'd] Afraid of a little health food? *Shadow chases Shelly*

6/01/09 If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all...

Shadow: Well, if it isn't the mo-- *Shelly puts duck tape on his mouth* *mmm!!! MMMPH MMMH!
Shelly: What's that Shadow? You want me to take your motorcycle for a ride? Well, I'd be glad to! *Shadow chases Shelly until she gets to his motorcycle and rides off on it*

6/02/09 Let them eat cake...

  • everyone finishes singing "Happy Birthdy" to Shadow*
Shadow: *inhales to blow out the candles*
Kit: *jumps out of the cake and punces on Shadow* That was your wish, right, Shaddie? *licking icing off Shadow*
Shelly: And that's my present. ^ ^

6/03/09 Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healty, wealthy and wise...

Shelly: *finishes a 6-pack of coffee* 0_o *starts bouncing on the bed and dosen't stop until dawn, then falls asleep*
Dawn: Shelly? Wake up, today's the day you're supposed to spar with Shadow. Shelly? SHELLY?!?!?!
Dawn: You had too much coffee before bed again, didn't you?
Shelly: WhAt MaKeS yOu 'S'aY tHaT ? *falls asleep*

6/04/09 Slow and steady wins the race...

Tails: Hey, guys! I've created a speedometer so we can finally see just how fast Sonic runs! Allow me to demonstrate. *points speedometer at tree, tiny plunger hits tree* According to the speedometer, this going..0 mph...
Sonic: Well, let's see if I can beat that :P *starts running*
Tails: *shoots Sonic with speedometer* Wow! 100 mph!
Shelly: Let me try. *runs and Tails shoots speedometer* 90 mph!
Sonic: Sweet! You're getting faster every day, sport! *ruffles Shelly's hair*
Shelly: Ooh! Let's see how fast Shadow runs!
Shadow: *walking by*
Tails: *shoots Shadow with speedometer*
Shadow: !!! What was THAT for... *plucks plunger off his tail*
Tails: It's a speedometer, Shadow. It shows how fast you're going.
Shelly: And according to the meter, the tree's faster than you. ^ ^
Shadow: *chasing Shelly*
Shelly: That all ya got? I bet the tree could catch me!

6/05/09 Look before you leap...

Shelly: *jumps off diving board* Jeronimo!!! *hits head on concrete*
Shadow: Hey, monkey! Do you realize there was no water in the pool yet?!
Shelly: Well, I do NOW!
Sonic: Shelly, are you ok?
Shadow: I wouldn't worry. Her head's so hard, you should be worried about the pool

6/06/09 Easier said than done... [Shelly and Dawn go for a stroll together in the park]

Shelly: Isn't it such a nice day outside? *begins to rain*
Dawn: You had to ask.
Shelly: You're not going to go through one of your 'weather moodswings' again, are you?
Dawn: One targeted crossing guard and you're LABELLED FOR LIFE!
Shelly: Hey, I've heard somewhere that people can change the weather with certain actions!
Dawn: Like...? *5 mins later*
Shelly: *dressed as a native, singing weird native song banging drum* Hi, ho ho ho hi Gaspacho, [gibberish]
Dawn: If anyone asks, I never met you... *walks away*

6/07/09 One man's trash is another man's treasure...

Shadow: *throws out half a chili dog*
Shelly: *pops out of trash can* *inhales* ahhh... HOW CAN YOU THROW OUT SOMETHING SO BEAUTIFUL?! Shame on you, Shadow the Hedgehog, SHAME SHAME SHAME! *takes big bite*
Shadow: What are you, Sonic?
Sonic: *wrestling her for chili dog*
Shadow: I'm surrounded by idiots...

6/08/09 All and one and one for all...

Shelly & Shadow: *surrounded by Eggman's robots*
Shadow: Here's the plan. I go after Eggman while you cover me and take down the robots
Shelly: No WAY! I wanna take down Eggman, and I'm not letting you get the spotlight today, buddy!
Shadow: What! *both start arguing* [3 days later]
Shelly: *rattling cup against bars* Nobody knows the trouble I've seen, nobody knows my sorrow...
Shadow: Would you give me that...! *both fight over cup*

6/09/09 The best laid plans of mice and men go oft awry...

Shadow: *setting a mouse-trap*
Shelly: Hey Shadow--
Shadow: Shh!
Shelly: But Shadow...
Shadow: Quiet, monkey
Shelly: SHADOW!!!
Shadow: WHAT! *trap rattles, and cheese is gone*
Shelly: I was gonna say that maybe the mouse'll come if you stop looking at the cheese...and I was right! ...I should start running now, shouldn't I?
Shadow: YOU WON'T GET THE CHANCE!!! *chases Shelly*

6/10/09 Eat humble pie... Jezz: *standing in front of Shadow and Shelly, who are seated in front of each other* Why don't you go first Shadow?

Shadow: *mumbles indistinctly*
Jezz I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that
Shadow: *mumbles* I'm sorry I called you a monkey.
Jezz: Very good. And Shelly?
Shelly: Do I have to?
Jezz: *clears throat*
Shelly: *mumbles* I'm sorry I called you spikey. AND threw all your books into the pond. AND wrote the book 1001 Ways To Bug Shadow.
Shadow: What was that last one?
Shelly: ...Threw your books into the pond? ^ ^ Oh, and I'm sorry for one more thing
Shadow: WHAT
Shelly: EAT HUMBLE PIE! *throws creme pie in Shadow's face*
Jezz: Shelly!!! 0_o
Shelly: That's my name ^ ^

6/11/09 What goes around comes around...

Shadow: *opens his closet and gets hit with a creme pie*
Shelly: TOUCHDOWN! You got pi'd, dude! *opens her backpack and gets hit with a boxing glove*
Shadow: Bullseye.
Shelly: Touche'...

6/12/09 Truth is stranger than fiction...

Shadow, Shelly, Sonic and Amy: *camping out in a tent*
Shelly: *telling a scary story* ...And then, he went into the house, and the door shut locked behind him. Frantically, he tried opening the door to no avail. Then, as he saw the scariest thing he had ever seen in his life, he let out a horrifying shreik...AN EVIL FLOATING UMBRELLA!
Amy: *screams*
Shelly: Take it easy, Amy. It's just a story...
Amy: That wasn't me.
Sonic: *in Shadow's arms, trembling*
Shadow: That better be sweat dripping down your legs, boy...
Sonic: That's IT! I'm packing in! Where's my flashlight...
Voice: Heeeere you gooooo....
Sonic: Oh, thanks.
Everyone: 0_o *all scream*

6/13/09 It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all (love stinks)...

Spike: *walking in the park and spots Shelly and Dawn talking & giggling* *uses breath spray* Why, he--
Shelly: *smacks him with a fly swatter* Not even in your dreams, Renzar!!!
Spike: Owww...

6/14/09 A rose by any other name would smell as sweet...

Shelly: *sniffing flowers* Ahhh, don't you just LOVE spring, Shadow?
Shadow: I don't 'love' anything. *to himself* Except Kit...
Shelly: Come on, Spikey! Just take a whiff and I'll leave you alone
Shadow: Really...
Shelly: ...Maybe.
Shadow: *reluctantly sniffs a rosebush* OW!
Charmy: Get your own rosebush!
Shadow: *has sting-mark on his nose*
Shelly: Wow, Rudolph, that looks like a honker! XD
Shadow: *chases Shelly through the park (again)*

6/15/09 Once bitten, twice shy...

Shelly: *smelling flowers* Ahh...nothing like sniffing the flowers on a warm, sunny afternoon...
Shadow: *walks by* Well, well, well, if it isn't the monkey
Shelly: I'M NOT A MONKEY! *causes short earthquake* The only thing I am is stopping and smelling the roses. Care to join me?
Shadow: Do you remember the last time I let you trick me into ducking my face into the flowers...
Shelly: Look, Charmy said he was sorry, and he IS a bee, after all! *picks flower* Just sniff it a little bit and I'll leave you alone
Shadow: If I had a penny for every time I heard that...
Shelly: SMELL IT!
Shadow: *hesitates, then sniffs flower* It's OK. I guess... *sneezes on Shelly*
Shelly: Say it, don't spray it. *gets napkin and wipes face*


"A fool won't hold on to money for long..."

Girl: *standing behind a kissing booth* *Spike & Shelly walk by*
Shelly: Just so you know, this isn't a date. I'm only walking with you 'cause Jezz isn't around.
Spike: RIIIIGHT. *spots booth*
Shelly: Just keep walkin', Renzar.
Spike: You can't tell me what to do! *reaches into pockets* Aw, man, I'm out of cash! Hey, Shelly...*gives her puppy dog face*
Shelly: *groan* FINE *gives him 2 rings* *walks off without him*


"A fool learns nothing from a wise man, however, a wise man learns much from a fool..."

Espio: *teaching Shelly, Shadow & Spike how to stand on their heads*
Shelly: How did we wind up in yoga class anyway???
Shadow: Who knows...
Spike: I'm so tired, I could go to sleep just like this.
Espio: And now we finish with the "corpse pose"
Spike: THAT I can do *hits the floor*
Shelly: Got any smelling salts?
Espio: I have an old gym sock
Spike: I'M UP!


"A friend in need is a friend indeed..."

[Sonic, Shelly and Shadow going on a trip in the jungle]

Shadow: *holding camera while Sonic talks in front of it*
Sonic: [Austrailian accent] G'day mates! T'day, we're gonna be traversing through thick waters, as we explore the mystical rainforest. Crickey! Look at that! It's a gator!
Shelly: No, Sonic, it's just a log.
Sonic: [Normal voice] I knew that, I was just testing 'ya.
Shelly: Shadow, did you get shorter?
Shadow: *sinking in quicksand* Get me outta here!
Shelly: Give me your hand!
Shadow: *gives her hand with camera*
Shelly: *takes camera* Thanks. Sonic, help the guy out.
Sonic: Oi Vey. *gives Shadow vine* Pull on this!
Shadow: *pulls himself out* I hate you
Shelly: I know ^ ^


The proof of the pudding is in the eating...(the proof is in the pudding)

Amy: Who wants to try my world-famous tapioca?
Sonic & Shelly: *sniff tapioca*
Sonic: *makes sick face*
Shelly: *eats pudding* Hey, are you gonna eat that?
Sonic: *shoves his bowl over to Shelly*
Shelly: *eats both bowls* Hey, Amy, you got any more?


You are what you eat...

Sonic: Hey, Shelly, can you make me a sandwich?
Shelly: *puts bread on Sonic's head* Now you're a sandwich


There's more than one way to skin a cat...

Big: *fishing with Froggy*
Shelly: *pushes Big in pond* YOU OWE ME FIVE RINGS, CAT!
Froggy: *ribbit*


On tenterhooks...

Shelly: *standing in the middle of a mall, looking scared*
Shadow: *passes by, notices Shelly and walks over* What's wrong with you--
Shelly: *grabs Shadow by the chesthair (yeah, that's right, I said it! CHESTHAIR!) I DIDN'T DO IT!!!


Happy birthday, Sonic!

Everyone: *singing he's a jolly good fellow to Sonic*
Shelly: *gets out guitar and sings Lee Evans' Birthday Sonic*
Once a year we celebrate with stupid hats and plastic plates
The fact that you were able to make another trip around the sun
And the whole planet gathers 'round and gives and laughter do abound
And we let out a joyful sound and sing that stupid song
Happy birthday!
You're one year older
Happy birthday!
Your life still isn't over
Happy birthday!
You did not accomplish much
But you didn't die this year I guess that's good enough!
So let's give to your fading health and hope you don't remind yourself
Your chance of finding fame and wealth decrease with every year
Does it feel like you're doing laps and eating food and taking naps
And hoping that someday perhaps your life will hold some cheer?
Happy birthday
What have you done that matters?
Happy birthday
You're starting to get fatter
Happy birthday
It's downhill from now on
Try not to remind yourself your best years are all gone
If cryogenics were all free
Then you could life like Walt Disney
And live for all eternity inside a block of ice
But instead your time is set
This is the only life you get
And though it hasn't ended yet sometimes you wish it might
Happy birthday
You wish you had more money
Happy birthday
Your life's so sad it's funny
Happy birthday
How much more can you take?
But your friends are hungry so let's cut the stupid cake
Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday, dear...
Sonic: OK! OK!!!! ...Thank you, Shelly, for your entertainment...
Shadow: Better him than me :P

(you can listen to the song here [1])


All that glitters is not gold...

Shelly: *digging a hole*
Sonic: Hey, Shelly, whatcha doin'?
Knuckles: Shadow got 'ya diggin' your own grave again?
Shelly: No. Not even close. I'm diggin' for gold!
Tails: Can't you just blow your nose?
Sonic: No, Tails, not that kind of diggin'.
Tails: OH.
Shelly: *shovel touches something hard* I've hit something! *digging faster* Look! Gold!!!\
Sonic: Shelly, this is fake gold...Shelly?
Shelly: *disappears*
Sonic: *picks up note Shelly dropped* "Off to the bank, be back soon --Shelly the Millionare" Oh boy...

[two security guards hauling Shelly off]



Procrastination is the theif of time...


Rome wasn't built in a day...

Shelly: [turtle-racing with Shadow]
Shadow: Remind me why we're doing this again...
Shelly: 'Cause I took your bracelets and wouldn't give 'em back unless you turtle-raced me for 'em.
Shadow: And it took a week to fight you
Shelly: And we tied, so you lost! HA!
Sonic, watching in a deck chair: You named your turtle Mikey?
Shelly: Hey, it was that, Leo, Don or Raphael. I flipped a coin -- well, actually, two coins--
Sonic: TMI.
Shelly: Sorry

[One week later]

Shelly: *still watching her turtle race, Shadow and Sonic left days ago*

[One more week later]

Shelly: *still staring at turtle*
Sonic: *comes over to her* ...How long have you been standing here?
Shelly: About 15 days.
Sonic: For a turtle?
Shelly: Mikey gets lonely
Sonic: *groans*


He who hesitates is lost...


The leopard can't change it's spots...

Shelly: *trying on different outfits* Jezz, does this one make my tail look big?
Jezz: Uh...*stuffs his mouth with snickers* [muffled talking]
Shelly: Aw, how sweet! ^ ^ *goes to try on a different outfit*
Jezz: *swallows* Whew


The truth will be revealed...

Shadow, Jezz & Shelly: *competing on a game show*
Host: Alright, last question! Who do you think your opponent's closest friend is?
All: *Start writing on cards*
Jezz: Done
Shelly: Finito!
Shadow: Finished.
Host: Jezz, you go first
Jezz: I chose Shelly, and her best friends is...*drum roll* ME!
Shelly: He's right *picks up card that says "Jezz"
Host: Aww, how sweet...OK Shelly your turn
Shelly: I chose Shadow and wrote "Me, Myself, and I"

[audience laughs]

Shadow: Hmph *holds up card that says "Me, Myself and I"
Host: Shadow, you're last. Remember, if you get this wrong, you will NOT be moving on to the final round.
Shadow: I wrote--
Shelly: *flips Shadow's chair backwards* HE'S NOT UP TO IT!
Shadow: *grunts as he hits the floor*
ShellY: "Who cares"

[audience laughs]

Shadow: *chases Shelly around the stage*
Jezz: *watching them with an "oh brother" look on his face*
Host: Uh, thanks for watching!
Shelly: *runs over host running*
Shadow: *knocks over camera and it breaks, static shows*


Action speaks louder than words...

Shadow & Shelly: *getting off the bus, Shelly rubbing her tail*
Shelly: Why do you always give me a wedgie on the bus?!
Shadow: Because we can't afford a cab.
Shelly: You know, when a guy is constantly messing with a girl, it usually means he likes her.
Shadow: True. But I wasn't messing with a girl; I was messing with you
Shelly: Touche`...


When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade...

  • Shelly and Dawn are resting under a tree*
Shelly: Ah, what a nice, relaxing summer day, wouldn't you agree Dawn
Dawn: *snoring, talking in her sleep* Pocketfull of Sunshine...
Shelly: Ah, yuppers. Nothing could ruin this day. Nothing.
Noth--OH FOR THE LOVE OF JOE! It's too quiet!! Why won't something happen already?! I need to punch something!! *punches the tree* *gets buried in lemons*
Shelly: *muffled* Well, that leaves 2 more wishes.


Cheaters never win and winners never cheat

  • Shelly and Shadow playing chess*
Shadow: Check.
Shelly: Check what?
Shadow: Ugh.
Shelly: *looks around Shadow* Fou, get off of Shadow's motorcycle!
Shadow: *turns around* You little brat!!
Shelly: *rearranges the board* My mistake, it was just a pigeon.
Shadow: You try that again and I'll put you in a car accident.
Shelly: Your turn.
Shadow: *moves a pawn* Checkmate.
Shelly: What da--but--I thought--I just--*knocks the board off of the table* I hate board games!


The early bird catches the worm...

Shelly: Hey, tomorrow is gonna be Independence Day!!!
Shadow: So...
Shelly: SOOOO...we're gonna start celebrating early! *ties Shadow to a giant firecracker, then lights it*
Shadow: Can we talk about this?!
Shelly: Nope. Arividerchi!
Sunny: heh, you made him a Fly Type!
Shelly: Good one!
[Shadow's firecracker explodes]
Shelly: Ooh, that's gonna smart in the mornin'...
Shadow: *floating down in parachute*
Shelly: That's my cue to make like pants and split!
Sunny:Wait a sec there! Ya might wanna watch this! *gets out gun and shoots bullets in Shad's parachute*
Shad:*falls* AHHHH!
Sunny: Now we run!
Shadow: *finally reaches floor* IF I EVER CATCH YOU TWO, I'M GONNA [is too far for them to hear]
Shelly: Shadow has SUCH a colorful vocabulary... 0_0
Sunny: And beyond that! You should see the way he comes up with names! My new one is The Roach! (i really do get called a Roach, but i just play along with it)
Shelly: Mines' is "Monkey"...and sometimes I wonder if he even KNOWS my real name
Sunny:i know he dosent know mine!
Twister:He just calls me nutjob. *Twister then ties shade to large parachute firework*
Shelly: Hey, when did the Twister hit? *rimshot, Shelly gets hit with a tomato*
Sunny: Yeah! *throws a watermelon* Oops! It was supposed to be a grape!
Shelly: *trying to get watermelon off her head* You're lucky watermelon's my favorite fruit, or you wouldn't be so 'Sunny' anymore *chewing sounds*


Happy 4th of July!!!

Sonic: Oh, say, can you see? By the dawn's early light
Tails: What so proudly we hail at the twilights last gleaming?
Knuckles: Through stripes and white stars, through the perilous fight
Shelly: O'er the rampart we watched were so gallantly streaming?
Shadow: [opera voice] And the rrrocket's rred glaaare, the bombs burrsting the air
Amy: Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there
All: Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave...O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave
Shadow: [jamming]


Out of sight, out of mind...

Knuckles: 97, 98, 99, 100! Ready or not, here I come! *why did I let Cream talk me into another game of hide and go seek...* [looks around trees, in bushes, under rocks...]
Shelly: *passes by* Oh, hey Knuckles!
Knuckles *covers Shelly's mouth* Be very quiet. I'm "wabbit" hunting.
Shelly: ..."Wabbit hunting"? OK...*walks away* ["he really IS 21 flavors of dumb, isn't he..."]


No climbing the Reichstag dressed as Spiderman...


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me...

Shelly: Shadow, what's that?!
Shadow: What? *turns around*
Shelly: *steals his motorcycle*
Shadow: There's nothing--NOT AGAIN!

the next day

Shelly: Shadow, look out!
Shadow: Not this time, monkey. [crashing sound behind Shadow] *turns around*
Shelly: *steals his gun, replaces it*
Shadow: If I weren't in such a good mood, monkey, you'd be history. Pre-history. Cretatious period. *grabs gun and shoots at an Eggman's robot, but instead all that comes out is a sign that says "BANG!" Why, you little joker!
Shelly: Aw, you say the sweetest things! *starts running with Shadow chasing her*


Things turn out best for those who make the best of the way things turn out...

Shelly: *riding her extreme-gear skates* Whoo! Now this is catching air! *anthropomorphic chicken crossing the road*
Shelly: Whoa!! Look out!
Chicken-lady: Wha? *squawking*
Shelly: *jumps over her* Why did that chicken cross the road?! *rimshot* *crashes* *wiggling around in trash can* Well, this could be worse. *trash can tips over and rolls towards a tree* Oof! Well, it still could be worse. *tree falls on Shelly* Maybe I should just shut up.


Fall seven times and stand up eight...

Shelly: *trying to get out from under the tree* Oh, for the love of all that's good and pure in this forsaken universe, get offa me!!!


It takes two flints to make a fire...

Shelly & Shadow: *fighting Eggman*
Shadow: We may have to use teamwork to beat The Doctor this time...
Both: We're doomed. [crash]
Shadow: *crawls out from under rubble* Ugh...Monkey, I never thought it possible to hate you even more than I already do...I was dead wrong.
Shelly: *pops up from rubble* Hey, if you find any teeth around here, they're mines. *passes out*


Always expect the unexpected...

[Shelly's doorbell rings]
Shelly: *opens door*
Mailman: Delivery!
Shelly: *takes package* Thanks, have a nice day!
Mailman: Don't tell me what to do >:( *walks away*
Shelly: ...(oooookaaaaay...) *opens package* It's here! *pulls out a boomerang* Whoo! *throws boomerang* *boomerand hits the ground* Huuuh? *throws it again* *it hits the floor* *picks up box* "New imitation boomerand. Dosen't really work!" *grumbles, then throws box behind her and walks away* *box comes back like a boomerand and hits Shelly in the head* D'OH!


Silence holds many words...

Espio: *meditating*
Shelly: *bounces up* HI, ESPIO!!
Espio: *dosen't budge*
Shelly: Oh, silent, eh? *makes funny faces, armpit farts*
Espio: *Still does not move*
Shelly: What are you, a tree? I can be stubborn too, 'ya know!! Why'd the chicken cross the road? EH?? To get to the other side? It was too far to fly? The butcher was chasing him? *starts poking him* EH? EH? EH? EH? EH? EH? EH? EH? EH? EH? EH? EH? EH? EH? EH? EH? EH? EH? EH? EH? EH? EH? POW!!!
Shelly: *wakes up in a hospital bed*
Jezz and Statyx: *standing next to her bed*
Jezz: Hey, Shelly. Feeling okay?
Shelly: Ugh, what happened...
Statyx: Espio went Naruto on you.
Shelly: Again?
Jezz: What do you expect when you purposely annoy him?
Shelly: ...*plops back on her pillow*


"Hope for the best, prepare for the worst"...

Shadow: *driving Shelly and Statyx through a desert*
Shelly: Could you please remind me why we're driving out to the middle of nowhere just to FIGHT?
Shadow: Simple: We don't want to destroy the city in the middle of things...again.
Shelly: Oh yeah. ...I'm stil on parole for that.
Shadow: And I'm still on probation.
Statyx: And why am I here?
Shadow and Shelly: You're a witness.
Statyx: Duh.:*car breaks down*
Statyx: ...Please tell me you didn't forget to fill the car up with gas.
Shadow: ...Fine. I won't tell you.
All: *get out of the car*
Shelly: ...Great. We're stranded! I'm not gonna fight you without a way HOME!!
Shadow: Stop whining and go find a telephone booth, Monkey.
Shelly: Grr...! *walks off* *turns around after getting a few inches away from Shadow* Oh, and one more thing.
Shadow: WHAT
Shelly: *quake* I'M NOT A MONKEY!!! *continues walking off*
Shadow: Chimp.
Shelly: Chump.
Statyx: *sees a car coming up* *starts waving* What luck, we can get a ride home!
Shadow: And ditch the monkey! HEY! OVER HERE!:*car drives up* *roll down the window and two felons look at Statyx and Shadow*
Statyx: *pupils shrink*
Shadow: *ears drop*
Felon: Hey, sunshine.
Statyx: Whew. That was some fun we had yesterday, huh, Shadow? Those two didn't stand a chance against us -- well, me anyways.
Shadow: *comes into the room in a wheelchair that's being guided by Shelly*
Kit: *gasp* Shadow! What happened to you?!
Shelly: *Arnold Schwarzenegger accent* Mishta Punyvurst got a butt whuppin' from two itsy-bitsy teeny-veeny vittle boys!
Shadow: You know eventually my wounds will heal and I'll come after you, right?
Shelly: Yes, yes I do.


"Good things come to those who wait..."
Shelly: I WISH THIS LINE WAS SHORTER!!! *five seconds later*
Clerk: Next. ...Next? NEXT!!!!
Shelly: *snort* Whozit, where's the line?
Clerk: Ya' fell asleep. Here, get your new boomerang.
Shelly: I do hope the toy works and not the box. Thanks though.
(five Minutes Later)
Shelly: Yes, I would like to return this (Bruised face)
Clerk: It worked too well?


"Beauty is only skin deep..."
Spike: *sitting on the park bench, watching girls go by* Hey. Hiya, text me ;) hello, She--
[Shelly swats him in the face]
Spike: *slurred* Seeya. *notices the tree branches sway* Huh. Funny, it's not very windy today. *walks over to the tree* (probably another stupid squirrel* Hey, *clicks tongue* Sandy Cheeks. Outta the tree or no nuts for you.
Echo: *looks down at him* Beat it, furball.
Spike: *gets hearts in his eyes* Why, hello there. I'm Spike Renzar. And you are?
Echo: Leaving. *jumps out of the tree*
Spike: Oh, I see. Playin' hard to ge-*blackout, fighting noises, screaming*
  • wakes up in the dumpster* *spits out banana peel* That chick's meaner than a junkyard dog.
Statyx: *pops up next to him, beaten* No kidding. *faint*


"The pen is mightier than the sword..."
Jezz: *sipping tea*:*indistinct yelling in the other room, crash*
Shelly: *walks into the kitchen with a black eye*
Jezz: What happened?
Shelly: I gave Shadow his breakfast. Remind me again why we let him sleepover?
Jezz: Because you made him break his leg when you came along with him on that mission.
Shelly: I could have sworn I wasn't on that end of the--
Shadow: *comes into kitchen in a wheelchair* Mail call.
Jezz: *takes envelope* Thanks
Shelly: Any mail for me?
Shadow: Sure... *touches an envelope, but instead knocks Shelly to the ground* That's from my doctor.
Shelly: *slurred* I recognize the handwriting.
Jezz: *reading letter, jaw drops* Shelly, check out the water bill!
Shelly: ...that's a lot of zeroes.
Shadow: *chuckle* 50 gallons a day and you still smell like a howler monkey.
Shelly: I'M NOT A MONKEY!!! *house shakes, causing the toaster to fall into the sink full of water, explosion*
Shadow: That's two legs you owe me, knucklehead!!


A good enemy is a better person than a false friend...
Spike: *dressed in a robe with a bubble pipe in his mouth, girls following him* One at a time, girls, there's more than enough Spike to go around...
Shelly and Statyx: *sitting on a bench*
Shelly: Don't look now, but Sir Death-Wish is coming up.
Statyx: He's lucky Blaze is out of town, or he'd wake up very confused in Cuba.
Shelly: Courtesy of Statyx the Hedgehog?
Statyx: Who else?
Spike: Why, hello, my friends.
Shelly: You pretending to be rich again, Renzar?
Girl #1: "Pretending"?!
Spike: Shhh!! SHELLY!
Girl #2: Grab him!! *girls start beating Spike up, cat screeching*
Statyx: Ah, bliss.
Shelly: Pass the popcorn.


A big tree attracts the woodsman's axe...
Sonic: *running, does a backflip*
Amy: *holds up a 10*
Statyx: *holds up a 9*
Echo: *holds up "GET A JOB"*
Sonic: "Get a job"?! What kind of score is that?
Echo: It's not. It's my opinion of you.
Statyx: HAHAHA, ya gotta love her.
Echo: If only we could say the same for you.
Echo: *flips his chair backwards* Oops.
Statyx: *climbing back up* That wasn't cute, Echo.
Echo: I know, but it wasn't ugly either.


A closed mouth catches no flies
Shelly: *following Shadow* ...and you're callous, and violent, and you have bad breath, and you're never nice to me, and you shouldnt've knocked that guy off his--
Shadow: *stops suddenly, turns around, gives Shelly a menacing stare*
Shelly: ...okay, that might scare anyone other than me, including Statyx.
Statyx Hey!
Shelly: But there is no way "the stare" is going to make me leave, mister. I'm not leaving your side until I've listen every single thing about you that makes me so angry.
Statyx: Shelly, you just opened the floodgates.
Shelly: What's that mean? *camera turns to Shadow, who punches and then the screen goes blank* *Shelly wakes up in a cryogenic capsule*
Sonic: Hey, Shelly.
Statyx: You feeling okay?
Shelly: WHere'S the milkman?


A constant guest is never welcome
*doorbell rings*
Blaze: I'll get it. *opens door*
Spike: *dressed up in a suit with a bouquet of roses* Why, hello there my dear! Care for a night on the town?
Blaze: Statyx!
Spike: Oh no.
Statyx: *charges up his hand, the music from Psycho plays*
Spike: *high-pitched scream* *the next day...* *doorbell rings*
Shelly: I hope that's the mail *opens the door to Spike, who is in a wheelchair and full-body cast*
Spike: Hey, Shells! I got banged up but good just yesterday. I sure could use a kiss...
Shelly: Jezz!
Jezz: *cracking his knuckles* Usually, I'm a pacifist. But anyone who moves in on my girlfriend is GOING DOWN.
Spike: *pupils shrink* ...meow. *beating sounds* *the NEXT day* *doorbell*
Sunny: I'll get it! *opens door to Spike, who is in a sarcophagus*
Spike: *muffled* Meow?
Sunny: Silver!
Silver: *cracks knuckles, evil laughter*
Spike: No, please! I JUST CAME TO ASK IF I COULD STAY FOR A FEW DAYS! One more hit will be more than I can stomach!!
Silver: *looks at Sunny, then back at the sarcophagus* Fine. One week.
Spike: Oh, thank you! Thank you!! THAAAANK YOUUUU!!! *one month later, the place is in ruins, and Sunny and Spike are on the couch*
Spike: *scoots over next to Sunny* Well, I guess it's just you and me...*doorbell rings* Oh, hold on a minute, I'll get that. *opens door to Blaze, Statyx, Shelly, Jezz, and Silver, who are all charged up with their respective elements/chaos powers* GET SPIKE!!!
Spike: ...that's all folks. *screen goes blank just before they reach him*


Don't try to run before you can walk...
[Shelly, Jezz and Statyx all standing at the top of a very high road]
Jezz: Alright, Shelly. We've gone through 3 months of painful, painful training trying to show you how to use your Extreme Gear rollerskates.
Statyx: Jezz, it's been two weeks.
Jezz: It has?
Statyx: Sheesh, you'd think Jezz of Time would know that.
Shelly: Hey, are we gonna get anywhere with this?
Statyx: We're not, but you are.
Shelly: What's that supposed to mean?
Statyx: *short blow*
Jezz: Shelly! Watch out for that trash bin! *crash*
Shelly It's okay! The garbage broke my fall!
Jezz: Watch out for that mailman! *crash*
Shelly: It's okay! The papercuts broke my fall!
Jezz: Shelly! Watch out for--ah, forget it. *crash*
Shelly: What you say about a baseball?


Never leave a monkey to do a man's work...
[Sonic and Statyx carrying Shelly in a house on a gurney]
Sonic: Heh. You banged yourself up pretty good, eh, Shells?
Shelly: Did I make the team?
Jezz: Poor Shelly. I should never have let her on those skates in the first place.
Sonic: Eh, not to worry Jezz. Knowing Shelly, she'll have recovered 100% by sundown.
Statyx: Besides, a Howler Monkey can only take so much pain in one day.
Shelly: *sits up* *weakly* I'm not a monkey. *faints*
Statyx: ...well, that certainly wasn't as emphatic as usual. *both put her down on the couch*
Jezz: *holds Shelly's hand* Shelly? Can you hear me?
Shelly: Yes, Mr. Kangaroo I will brush my teeth everyday.
Jezz: ...Mr. Kangaroo... That's a new one.
Sonic: Hey, Shelly?
Shelly: *punches Sonic* Who you callin' old?!
Sonic: *rubs face* Apparently, that little trip she took down Crazy Street caused a bit of brain damage.
Twister: We'll need to operate!
All except Shelly: AAAAAAAAAAH!
Statyx: Where in MOBIUS did you come from?!
Twister: Didn't you know? I'm MAGIC! Now like I said, we need a specialist. *puts on gloves* Good thing I went to med school.
Twister: Did too, see? Here's my diploma! They don't give these out to justanyone, you know.
Statyx: *examines a tag on the frame* Anyone with $15, they do.
Twister: *snatches back* Not important! *gets out blowtorch*
*Sonic, Jezz and Statyx all blocking Shelly from Twister*
Statyx: WHOA! BUSTER! You have no idea what you're doing!
Twister: Who went to med school, me or you?!
All 3: NEITHER!!!
Sonic: *opens window* Hey! Lien-Da! I found Twister!!
Lien-Da: *pushes Sonic out of the way* Where?!
Twister: Drats! Foiled again! *runs up the fireplace* You haven't seen the last of me! *Lien-Da follows*
Shelly: *wakes up* Ugh...what happened?
Sonic: Ah, you just had a little accident is all.
Shelly: I did?! *looks at her jeans*
Statyx: She's fine. -_-


A book is like a garden carried in the pocket...
Shadow: *on a park bench, reading a book*
Shelly: *lands in the garbage can next to him* Ouch. *falls out* Yo, Spikey! How about a few rounds with the girl who could beat you up with one hand tied behind her--
Shadow: *holds up one finger, undistracted from his book*
Shelly: What, no, "Beat it, Monkey"? I'm not a monkey! *clears throat* Force of habit. Anyways, you gonna sit there all day, or...?
Shadow: *ignoring her*
Shelly: So that's how you wanna play the game, eh? Fine! Two can play that. *sits down next to him* I'll just sit here quietly until you're ready to spar with me! *1/8 of a day later (3 hrs.)
Shelly: *on her knees* PLEASE PLEASE TALK TO ME! I'm not used to being ignored this much! WAAAAHAHAHAHHAAAAAA!
Shadow: *closes book* *sigh* Alright, quit your sniveling, Monkey, I just finished my book.
Shelly: Great! So--
Shadow: *grabs her arm, twists it, then throws her into the tree* It was a Tae Kwon Do book.
Shelly: Iris-In would be appropriate right about now. [Iris In]


A close friend can become a close enemy...
Shelly: *graffiting someone's house*
Statyx: *walking by, sees Shelly* Whoa whoa whoa, Shelly! What the world are you doing?! I thought you were ABOVE this kind of mischeif!!
Shelly: Shadow asked me to paint his house for him.
Statyx: Yeah, right! Since when would he ask you for any favors? You're his favorite little Howler Monkey!
Shelly: Okay, two things. 1: I'M NOT A MONKEY! *earthquakes* 2: I kinda owe him for an earlier incident...*flashbacks to the two sparring on a building, and Shelly knocking Shadow into a butcher's shop, flashback ends*
Statyx: A butcher shop?
Shelly: Yeah. Do you like hedgehog mea--
Shadow: *muffled yelling*
Shelly: Yeah yeah yeah, I'm comin'! Here, finish up for me, would you?
Statyx: *sigh* Fine.
Shelly: *runs inside the house, dials the phone*
Statyx: Wasn't she just going to take care of Shadow? *police car drives up*
Policeman: Freeze! This is a no graffiti allowed zone!
Statyx: What?! But I wasn't...*turns to the window to see Shelly taunting him* ...*policemen holding back Statyx, who is trying with every fiber in his being to get away* LEMME AT HER! SHE'S CROSSED THE LINE ON THIS ONE!! SHELLY THE HEDGEHOG!!!!


A drowning man is not troubled by rain...
Sonic: *walking along a road, about to open the door to his house*
Amy: *comes out of the house and jumps on him* SONIC!!
Sonic: AAH!
[the next day]
Sonic: *walking along a road, reaches his house* Man, Amy sure never gives up, does she? *about to turn the knob*
Amy: *jumps out of the house and tackles Sonic* GOTCHA!
Sonic: HELP!!
[the next day]
Sonic: *in the bushes, scans the area, jumps to the next bush and repeats this until he's right next to his house* *looks in through the window* No sign of Amy anywhere. Maybe she finally backed off.
Amy: SONIC!!!
Sonic: Bwagah!! *blue blur*
[Echo and Statyx appear from behind the house]
Echo: Too easy.
Statyx: I told you he'd freak.


A little too late, is much too late...
Statyx: *running along the road wearing a tux* Unbelieveable! Forget the laundromat! Next time, I'm doing my own laundry, Blaze is gonna KILL me! *runs into a resteraunt, looks around* Where is she? Hey, there she is! With...Shelly?
Shelly: And then I said "Oh no you di-ent!" And then she said "Oh yes I di-id" and then--BLAM! *startles Blaze* A big brouhaha with no one stoppin' it!!
Statyx: *taps on Shelly's shoulder, clears throat*
Shelly: *accidentaly punches Statyx in the face* Whoo! Felt like I hit something for a sec. Anyways, like I was saying...
Statyx: *gets up furious, charges his hands up*
Shelly: Ooh, a nickel! *ducks*
Statyx: *bolt misses, screaming*
Blaze: *twiching, eyes flare*
Statyx: Uh, Blaze? ...S-sorry I'm late...?
Blaze: *blazing hands*
Statyx: *pupils shrink, ears fall*


A lie can be halfway around the world before the truth gets it's boots on...
[A party at Shelly's house...]
Statyx: Well, I must say, you've done a great job with this party, Shells.
Shelly: Aww, shucks. It was nothing, really.
Shadow: *about to get a drink* ...*walks over to Shelly* Hey, Juice Monkey, there's no more punch.
Shelly: Oh, I'm sorry. *punches Shadow* There. Still thirsty?
Shadow: You'll be eating those words if you don't go get more punch.
Statyx: *looks at the snack table* Uhh, I dunno about you, Shadow, but I'd rather eat those words than those nachos.
Shelly: Fine, I'll go get more snacks. *walking off* Oh, one thing though.
Shadow: WHAT.
Shelly: I'M NOT A MONKEY!! *walks off*
Statyx: ...I almost thought that wasn't coming.
Shelly: *in the kitchen cabinet* Nachoes, nachoes...shoot. I'm out of chips. Oh well, you know what Sonic says:
Sonic in a thought bubble: "The best kinds of nachoes are just stale bread and cheese!" *pop*
Shelly: *humming* [5 mins. later] *comes back into the living room with a plate of "nachoes"* Come and get it! *stampede, chomping sounds* *when the cloud clears, all that's left of Shelly is her shoes*
Shelly: *on the chandelier, shaken* Crazy kids!
Statyx: Shelly! Shelly, where are you? Shadow, where's Shelly?
Shadow: *points upwards* She's up there, in a better place now.
Statyx: *grabs his [own] chest, gasps*'t.
Shadow: On the chandelier.
Statyx: ...umm...yeah, that's...t-that's what I meant. Yeah. *clears throat* Um, Shelly? What're you doing up there? More importantly, why are you shaking more than a Chihuahua?
Shelly: Because I was almost eaten alive by hungry party-goers!
Statyx: Wow. Wouldn't you say it's time to call it a night and kick everyone outta here already?
Shelly: Yeah, you're right. Catch me, okay?
Statyx: Okay!
Shelly: AAAAH! *lands behind Statyx*
Statyx: Oops. Sorry, Shells.
Shelly: *gets up* I. Hate. You.
Statyx: Get. In. Line.
Sonic: Ugh...hey, Shells, I'm not feeling so-- *retches behind the couch*
Shelly: HEY! That's 100% Egyptian cotton!
Sonic: Sorry...I must've eaten too many chili dogs. *both stare and each other for a while, then burst into laughter*
Shelly: Yeah, right!
Sonic: Yeah...*wipes eye* So, what was it that I ate?
Shelly: *eats a nacho* Eh, beats me.
Statyx and Shadow: *stomachs grumbling, exchange faces, run*
Shadow: GANGWAY!!
Other party-goers: *getting sick, vomiting, on their knees*
Shelly: *still chewing, stops, looks at the nacho*
Sonic: Shelly...I think these nachoes you made gave everyone food poisoning.
Shelly: Umm...*swallows* See, they're not as much "nachoes", as they are...stale bread with melted cheese?
Shelly: I wish you told me that before!!
Everyone: *yelling at Shelly*
Shelly: It was HIS idea! *points to Sonic, orange blur's through the front door*
Everyone: *running towards Sonic*
Sonic: Oh, MAN! *blue blur out the front door, angry mob* WHY ME?!?!


Love makes people do crazy things...
Shelly and Statyx: *walking, talking* *thunder*
Shelly: Sounds like there's gonna be a storm. *looks at Statyx, smiles*
Statyx: What? Don't expect to turn into Superman or anything.
Shelly: Eh, I was just hoping you'd wreak some havoc.
Townspeople: *clamouring, running*
Shelly: Hmm... Thunder--
Statyx: You sing and I'll zap you so hard they'll write country-folk songs about it.
Shelly: Hmph!
Man: *running, falls*
Statyx: Hey, what's wrong, man?
Man: It's the apocalypse! There's a rouge with a hammer downtown terrorizing everyone, as if it's looking for something!!
Shelly and Statyx: *exchange faces* Amy.
Shelly: *hiding behind Statyx*
Statyx: Relax, she dosen't know you're related.
Shelly: Good.
Statyx: *hides behind Shelly* I didn't say that we shouldn't still be scared!!
Shelly: Relax. I'm scarier and crazier than Amy could ever hope to be. I just haven't gotten a chance to demonstrate.
Statyx: Let's hope so...
Amy: *smashing a taxi* Sonic! Missed! Our! Date! AGAIN!
Shelly: *walks up to Amy* Hey, Amy.
Amy: How! Can! Men! Be! So Cruel!
Shelly: about splitting a cab.
Amy: What! Do! You! Want! Shelly!
Shelly: I think I saw Sonic somewhere in Mystic Ruins.
Amy: *turns around* WHAT?! *grabs her* WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?!
Shelly: You didn't ask.
Amy: *pink blur* SONIC!!!!!
Citizens: *cheering, confetti*
Shelly: ...This is the weirdest precipitation I've ever seen.
Statyx: just saved this whole town! Sonic really in Mystic Ruins?
Shelly: *walks over to a garbage can and kicks it over* *Sonic falls out*
Sonic: I-is it safe?
Statyx: Wow. Now I've seen it all.


Be careful what you wish for... you just might get it
Echo and Sonic: *both sitting in a tree, playing Rock, Paper, Scissors*
Sonic: 1, 2, 3! *he draws scissors, she draws paper* Scissors cuts paper.
Echo: Lucky. *tapping* *both look down to see a rabbit trying to get up the tree*
Sonic: Is he trying to get up here?
Echo: Of course, he was probably smelling this... *takes a Chili Dog out of her pocket* *hops down, feeds rabbit her snack*
Sonic: *hops down* You sure that's safe for him?
Echo: It's just meat with beans, I'm sure he dosen't mind. *pets the rabbit* ...
Sonic: Wow...Echo has a soft side.
Echo: What's your point, Molasses?
Sonic: ...can I ask you something?
Echo: Shoot.
Sonic: Why don't you treat me how you treat that little rabbit.
Echo: you want me to?
Sonic: I was only asking why--
Echo: Do you?
Sonic: ...*shurgs* It'd be nice. At least once in awhile.
Echo: ...k. *gets up, walks over to Sonic, scatches his tummy* You're a good boy, aren't youuuuuu! *Sonic chases Echo*


12 Days of Christmas...
Shelly: On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...
Jezz: A big banana for my favorite monkey!
Jezz: On the 2nd day of Christmas my true love gave to me..
Sonic: Two knuckleheads...
Echo: And a banana for a monkey.
Sonic: On the 3rd day of Christmas my true love gave to me!
Echo: 3 knucklesandwiches. *punching Sonic*
Sonic: What a Christmas!
Jezz: Two knuckleheads...
Shelly: And a banana for a monkey! AW MAN NOW I'M DOING IT!!
Echo: On the 4th day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
Statyx: 4 words for you! Sonic, Echo loves--
Echo: 3 knucklesandwiches. *punches Statyx offstage before he can finish the sentence*
Sonic: Two knuckleheads!
Jezz: And a big banana for my monkey!
Statyx: *jumps back onstage* On the 5th day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
All: 5 Golden Rings! *5 rings fall onstage*
Statyx: 4 words for you: Sonic, Echo loves--
Echo: *trips him, throws him offstage* 3 knucklesandwiches. *beating up Sonic*
Sonic: *blackened eye* You're gonna get a lump of coal, you know.
Jezz: Two knuckleheads.
Jezz: And a yellow fruit for the monkey!
Shelly: *twitches*
Echo: On the 6th day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
Knuckles: 6 Christmas lights! Hey uh, how do you put these things up?
All: 5 Golden Rings! *rings fall*
Statyx: 4 words I shouldn't say SONIC ECHO LOVES--
Echo: *blasts him away* 3 punches. *hitting Sonic*
Sonic: *slurred* Two knuckleheads
All (sans Shelly): And bananas for our fav. monkey!
Knuckles: Uh, hello? I asked how to put these up?
All: *point to Knuckles*
Knuckles: ...OH! Uh... on the 7th day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
Rouge: 7 Chaos Emeralds
Knuckles: 6 Christmas lights* THAT I STILL DO NOT KNOW HOW TO PUT UP!!
All: 5 Golden Rings! *rings fall*
Statyx: 4 words I am afraid to--
Echo: *pushes Statyx offstage* 3 knuckleheads
Sonic: Knucklesandwiches.
Echo: Sure thing. *punching Sonic*
Sonic: Ow...Two knuckleheads
Jezz: And a banana for my monkey!
Rouge: On the 8th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...
Cream: *flies onstage* 8 decorations!
Cheese: Chao, chao chao chao chao
Rouge: 7 Chaos Emeralds
Knuckles: 6 stupid lights! SOMEBODY TELL ME WHAT TO DO WITH THESE!!!
All: 5 Golden Rings! *rings fall*
Echo: *head-butts Statyx away*
Sonic: Uh... 3 knucklesandwiches?
Echo: *punches Sonic 3 times in the arm*
Sonic: Two knuckleheads!!
Jezz: And a monkey for a banana!
Shelly: Wait, what?
Cream and Cheese: On the 9th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me!
Knuckles: What am I, invisible?!
Silver: 9 Christmas presents!
Cream: 8 decorations!
Rouge: 7 Chaos Emeralds
Knuckles: STOP IGNORING ME!!!!
All: 5 Golden Rings! *rings rain down*
Statyx: 4 forbidden words!
Echo: 3 knucklesandwiches! *beating up Statyx*
Echo: Don't care.
Sonic: *thumbs over to Echo and Statyx* 'Two knuckleheads!'And a snack for my little monkey!
Silver: On the 10th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me!
Blaze: 10 candy canes!
Silver: 9 Christmas presents!
Cream: 8 decorations!
Rouge: 7 Chaos Emeralds
Knuckles: WHY THE HECK ARE THEY BLINKING?!?!?!?!?!?!
All (sans Knuckles, who is getting himself wrapped up in the lights): 5 Golden Rings! *rings fall*
Echo: *steps on Statyx, who was on the edge of the stage*
Sonic: 3 Knucklesandwiches...
Echo: *punching Sonic*
Sonic: By the time I get you back for this, you won't even remember it was coming.
Jezz: And my monkey's got a banana!
Shelly: *eating banana* Singing makes me hungry.
Blaze and Statyx: On the 11th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me!
Big: Duuuuuuuuuhh, I forget!
Blaze: 10 candy canes
Silver: 9 presents
Cream: 8 decorations
Cheese and Rouge: 7 Chaos Emeralds!
Knuckles: I'm being STRANGLED!!
All: 5 Golden Rings! *rings fall* [silence]
Sonic: ...Statyx?
Sonic: *over speakerphone* ECHO LOVES SONIC!!! [silence, Sonic stares at Echo]
Echo: *stares back* Well, it is Christmas.
Sonic: Yeah. Yeah, it is! Okay, Statyx! You win! *puts his arm around Echo*
Statyx: HAHA! YES!! Take THAT, you brown demon!!
Echo: Yeah, and you take this. *throws 3 soundwaves at him, crashing sound, Statyx falls through the stage*
Sonic: 3 Soundwaves.
Echo and Sonic: 2 knuckleheads.
Jezz: And a monkey in need of a BATH!
Shelly: *mumbling loud with banana in her mouth*
Amy: 12 Christmas cookies!!!
Blaze: 10 candy canes!
Silver: 9 Christmas presents!
Cream and Cheese: 8 decorations!
Rouge: 7 Chaos Emeralds!
Knuckles: Can I go home now??
All: 5 Golden Rings! *4 rings rain down*
Sonic: ...wait, where's the 5th--*GIANT Goal Ring lands on Shelly*
Sonic: There it is.
Statyx: I give up.
Sonic: 3 Knucklesandwiches!
Echo: *punches him twice, spin-kicks him away* *crash*
Sonic: Oh yeah, she loves me!!
Jezz: 2 knuckleheads... *all look over to Shelly*
Shelly: ...and a monkey under a ring. [applause]
All (well, most of them anyways): *bow* *curtains close*


Tis the season to be jolly..."
[Christmas party at Statyx's house]
Shelly: I gotta hand it to you, Statyx. This may be the best Christmas party in history!
Statyx: Thanks, Shells! Blaze and Fou helped with most of it.
Shelly: *takes a sip of her eggnog* Wow, this is great! Who made it?
Statyx: Fou did!
Shelly: *passes out*
Statyx: Funny, Echo had said the same thing. Speaking of which, I wonder where she disappeared to? *closet door closes* Uh-huh... *walks in front of door, clears throat* Gee, I wonder where Echo disappeared to? Oh well, wherever she is, I just hope she comes back soon, because Sonic just invited Amy under the Missletoe. Her hea--
Echo: *flings door open, walks out casually* If you need me, I'll be on the roof.
Statyx: *closes door* That girl makes me SO mad!


A miss by an inch is a miss by a mile...
Sonic: *running*
Eggman: *targets him with a cannon install in his Egg Mobile* Eheheheheheh! I have you now, hedgehog! *fires at Sonic*
Sonic: *running, dosen't notice the cannonball*
Sonic: Gyaah!! *turns around and runs the other way*
Amy: Sonic, wait! Huh? *notices the cannonball, hits it with her hammer and it goes flying back towards Eggman*
Eggman: *explosion*


A woman is like a cup of tea; you'll never know how strong she is until she boils...
Hope: *sitting in the park next to Statyx, watching the birds* Earth really is beautiful, isn't it?
Statyx: Yeah. ...oh, boy.
Hope: What's wrong?
Spike: *walks by, notices Hope* Why, hello--
Statyx: Beat it, kitty. She's my sister.
Spike: Chill, dude, all I said was "hello".
Statyx: Well, keep walking. Unless you're in the mood for fried--
Hope: Now, Statyx, be nice.
Statyx: You don't know this guy, Hope. This guy's a real flirt.
Hope: But he seems nice.
Statyx: Just wait 'till you get to know him.
Spike: You said she was your sister, right Statyx? Then how about this: if the pretty lady can beat me in a duel, I promise, I'll never bother her -- or Dawn or Sunny -- again. But, if I beat her, she goes on one date with me. Then I never bother any of your sisters again.
Statyx: No wa-- *evil smile slowly appears on his face* Yeah...good luck, Hope!
Hope: Uh...okay. *gets up* *2 minutes later* *several buildings are shown with Spike-shaped hopes through them, and Spike's leg are sticking out of a garbage can*
Hope: How did I do, big brother?
Statyx: *clapping* Excellent, Hope, excellent!


Misery loves company.
Shelly: *an orange blur running amok* EASTERRRRRRRR!!!
Sonic, Amy and Statyx: *sitting on the couch watching her fly past*
Statyx: ...what did you give Shelly for Easter?
Sonic: A big, chocolate bunny.
Shelly: *whip*
Amy: *w/ a basket in her lap* Knowing fully well *whip* what would happen.
Sonic: I got Echo one, too. *whip*
Echo: *wearing a toothache band* I think dey *whip* shee dat.
Statyx: You know, Ech, you look like the Easter Bunny.
Echo: *whip* When I get better, both of you *whip* had better write yourselves an elegy.
Sonic: You're welcome. :) *crashing sound*
Amy: Through the door.
Statyx: And out into the streets. *beep beep!* *crash*
Echo: *staring at Sonic*
Sonic: ...what?
Echo: ...I'm just thinking about whether to finish you off in the Muted Dimension or to scatter your decibles.
Statyx: Ouch. 0_0
Echo: And if he gets the former, YOU get the latter.
Statyx: What'd I do? It was HIS dirty work!
Echo: And your mouth.
Amy: *gets up* I'm gonna go check on Shelly. ^_^| *puts the basket in Sonic's lap* Happy Easter. *runs out of the room*
Echo: *stares*
Sonic & Statyx: ...WHAT?!
Echo: -_-
Sonic: Look, I'm sorry. I didn't know you had such sensitive teeth. Especially considering how much you eat! Heck, I'm surprised you're so thin--oops.
Statyx: Now you've done it.
Echo: *cracks knuckles* *explosions*