Adventure Turns to your life, Episode one: How it all started

Tails, sonic, amy, knuckles, lightning, cream and cheese: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Nice plane Lightning!

Lightning: Thanks!

NATALIA: i also take that as a compliment since im the plane!

Lightning: Oh and thanks for being the best airplane i ever made!

NATALIA: thank you your highness

Tails: Wow, this is a nice place you live in Lightning!

Amy: How do you make it all pieceful?

Cream & cheese: Maby becuase Lightning does a good job protecting her kingdom. Choa choa!

Knuckles: Well were waiting!

Lightning: Well you all are a new synbol for Kingdom Selenia. Everybody is thinking about you and the S.P.O.F. team. thanks to sonic for letting everybody including the freedom fighters to move here!

sonic: your welcome honey!

Knucles: Nicely said!

more soon!