Before Joining Wikia

I first figured out about this wiki on April 2010 - December 2011, I figured about it before a few users here joined. I was only reading articles. In April and May, Sonic was something I didn't care much about since I was on the wiki. In June, after I went out of middle school, I started to forget completely about this wiki and never went on it again. In August, I visited Sonic Fanon Wiki. 3 months later, I remembered Sonic News Network, and came back on December 9, 2012. Still not able to edit, I just looked at stuff again. On March 12, I joined another wiki. On April 15, I came back again. 4 days later, I left again. On July, I finally edited.


I first joined chat on June 28, 2013. I never got a promotion. I didn't really want a chat promotion. I only joined chat on that one day. I usually do a chat on wikis where you don't need to edit to join chat or start a chat. Just letting you know.