It was a beautiful day on the planet Mobius. The sun was shining, Flickies were singing and it was just that kind of day where absolutely nothing could possibly go wrong.

Sonic the Hedgehog leisurely strolled through the great forest, admiring the delightful aromas of nature. "What a nice day it is." Sonic said to himself. "Way too nice of a day to spend in gross polluted cities trying to fight that rotten old Dr. Robotnik. I think I will take the day off.

"A day off?!" shouted a voice not far behind Sonic.

The hedgehog turned to see Tails, his kid sidekick and best friend in the whole world trailing behind him.

"What, do you do? Follow me everywhere I go?" Sonic asked.

"Well actually, yes." Tails replied. "But with all of my obsessive fandom aside, I have to disagree with your idea. You are the hero of Mobius. And as nice of a day it is, you still need to be prepared to face Dr. Robotnik, should he strike today with some new evil scheme."

"I guess I'll need to find someone to cover for me". Sonic said. "And I think I know just guy!"

Sonic zoomed to GUN headquarters in Station Square, faster than the speed of sound. With the greatest of ease Sonic hopped, slid and zipped right past each and every security precaution that the base has to offer, thus arriving at his destination in the 'Agent's Lounge'.

The lounge was much more empty than Sonic had ever seen it before, however he figured that most of the agents were probably outside enjoying the nice weather. Of course, there was one dark spiny agent still there who could care less about a pleasant day and Sonic quickly spotted this specific agent playing pinball on the north wall of the lounge.

"Hey Shadow! What's up?" Sonic said.

Shadow turned to Sonic, irritated. "You distracted me and I lost my last ball. Now I'll never get the high score! Arrgh! Why am I so bad at pinball now?!"

Sonic stepped closer and patted him on the shoulder. "Gee Shadow, is this why you are always feeling so down and angry?"

Shadow turned away from Sonic and looked down. "I guess someone was bound to figure it out sooner or later. I never had a friend named Maria. Maria was the name of a pinball machine that Professor Gerald installed for me on the Space Colony ARK. I loved that machine. But that day the soldiers invaded... well one of them tripped on the wire ... my high score was erased. ... I often tell the other agents about that score, but no one believes me. It was a score so unbelievably high, I don't know if I'll ever reach it again.

"I admit Shadow, I don't believe you either. Your not very good at pinball, you said it yourself." Said Sonic.

Shadow continued to stare at the ground as a single tear secreted from his eye. "So what do you want anyway?" Shadow asked Sonic.

"I wanna take the day off." Sonic replied. "I was thinking that you could fill in for me. you'd be perfect because no one seems to be able to tell us apart even though we don't actually look anything alike."

Shadow hesitated for a few minutes then finally spoke. "Okay, what do I need to do?".

"Well," Said Sonic, "You start by running around collecting as many rings as you can, then eventually Dr. Robotnik will come. You need to hit him eight times then step on an Egg Capsule to release a bunch of animals. Keep doing this until either you die or you see a bunch of Japanese names scroll by."

"Ummm... okay" said Shadow. "I guess I'll go do that". Shadow left the lounge.

Sonic stood there in the lounge alone for a minute thinking. "Hmmm, now what should I do with my day off?" He said to himself. "I know!" he said pointing a finger to the sky. "I'll play some pinball." Sonic inserted a quarter into the pinball machine and began to play the game.

Hours passed and Sonic was still on his first ball. Eventually the game stopped and the screen projected a large text reading 'Highest Score Ever!'.

"That wasn't so hard." Sonic said and he exited the lounge.

When Sonic got outside he noticed the Sun was no longer shining. The Flickies were no longer singing. The sky was brown and air tasted like stale waffles dipped in exhaust. Sonic looked up to see a poster that read 'Dr. Robotnik! New Unquestioned Leader of the Whole World'.

"Shadow!" Sonic yelled.

Shadow appeared next to Sonic instantly. "What?" he replied.

"What happened here?!" Sonic roared in Shadow's face.

"Well I guess I'm not very good at protecting the world either". Said Shadow.

"Ya think?" Said Sonic sarcastically.

"So, you wanna help me clean up this mess?" asked Shadow.

"eh, you just leave this to me" Said Sonic. "You just stick to pinball".

Sonic zoomed off at the speed of sound. "Some day off this turned out to be." He said as he spin dashed into an army of Badniks.