So Sonic Heroes was a pretty fun game, but its most appealing aspects were the number of playable characters included in the game. IF they were to ever make a sequel these are some new team ideas I was thinking of. Comment about which ones you like or don't like, or comment with your own ideas of new teams.

Team Name Speed Flight Strength
Team Sneakers Sonic Ray Mighty
Team Metal Metal Sonic Tails Doll Metal Knuckles
Team Badnik Coconuts Grounder Scratch
Team Babylon Jet Wave Storm
Team Emerald Tikal Chao Walker Chaos
Team Fighters Fang Bean Bark
Team Rush Marine Silver Blaze
Team Little Chip Cheese Froggy
Team Girl Elise Shahara Merlina
Team Freedom Sally Dulcy Rotor
Team X bad guys Deccoe Bokkun Boccoe
Team Love Triangle Shadow Rouge Knuckles
Team Underground Sonic Sonia Manic
Team Robotropolis Snively Cluck A SWATbot
Team Flicky Iggy Flicky Tiger
Team AoSTH Sonic (in many silly cotumes) Tails Professor Von Schleimer
Team Anime Sara Old Man Mr. President
Team Why? Mr. Tanaka Chuck Thorndyke (in a flying machine) Ella
Team Object Caliburn the Sword Omochao Amy's talking Car from Sonic Drift

Okay, I'm sorry, I got a little silly at the end there