So I am thinking about making a set of Sonic playing cards using 3D artwork from the games. My plan was to print a different character on each card, however, 52 characters are a lot and there is no 3D artwork for many of them. here are a few I've made so far, please tell me what you think. What you like, don't like, Which cards work which don't work. suggestions of artwork to use or other characters. improvements to the cards, etc.


I guess 52 isn't that many, I'm now up to 60, toast. Of course I gave in and started using un-polished artwork such as Nack and Bark and Bean. But oh well. At least I have more options for character of the week. The amazing Finitevus artwork was done by kichigai on Deviant Art.

Sonic cardTails card happyAmy card happyKnuckles card happyCharmyVectorEspioMightyBlaze card happySilverChilidogProfessor-PicklesCreamrabbitmagichappycheesetoasthippozebramonkeybreadBigFlickiesWisps-card-happyChip card happyChao-WalkerMaria-RobotnikShahra-card-happyElise-card-happyTikal card happyOmochao-Card-happyWerehog cardSuper-SonicSuper-Silver card happyMedievil-friendsSega-FriendsMario-FreindsShadow card happyRouge card happyOmegaSuper-ShadowDr robotnik card happyMetal-SonicEgg-GunnerEgg-Pawn-Card-happyKikiOrbot-card-happyCubot-card-happyE-102EggRobo-Card-happyTails-DollDark-Chao-Walker-card-happyChaos card happyGun-commander-card-happyBlack-DoomBlack-Creature card happyBlack-Knight-card-happyErazor-DjinnFinitevus-card-happyJet card happyWaveStorm-the-Albatross120pxSCR-HD card happyMetal-Sonic-3.0-card-happyFang-card-happyBark-card-happyBean-card-happy