Old-Sonic-Crew New-Sonic-Crew

To the left you see What I consider to be the original Sonic crew, I.E. Playable characters before the large shift to colored eyes, rock music and Chao gardens (Sonic Adventure onward). Yes, I count Flicky because Flicky was playable in Flicky.

To the Right you see what I consider to be the New Sonic Crew, I.E. Playable characters introduced in or after Sonic Adventure.

Notice in the original cast, What great characters. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Robotnik. Notice also the not so great characters: Heavy and Bomb, Tails Doll. However, good or bad, look at how lovable these charcaters are. even the mean characters like Bean and Nack, you still just wanna give them a big hug. And the variety of colors in these characters is very nice.

Notice the new cast, Some great characters. A lot of robots. A lot of one time appearances. Most all these character i wouldn't ever consider hugging (with the exception of Cream and Big). Overall these new characters are definitely quantity over quality. SCR-HD, SCR-GP, E-1000G, E-1000R, Chao Walker, Dark Chaowalker, so many of these are just place fillers who we don't care about. However there are some notably cool characters in the new cast like Chaos and Jet the Hawk.

What do you think? Is there a real difference in the new characters compared to the old? Which do you prefer?