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There is no doubt that a certain hedgehog has been cheating off a specific plumber's notes when it comes to spinoff titles. So why not embrace it, if it worked for Mario, then why not Sonic, right?

Introducing the next wanna be Mario Spinoff:


That's right. Like Mario Super Sluggers, this is a Baseball Game comprised of over seventy different Sonic Characters, many of which are clones of other characters.

BOOM!! Story

Upon one of his many vacations, Sonic finds a Genie in a bottle. Sure enough Shahra is the Genie and very happy to see Sonic she says she will grant him a wish. Sonic wishes to be able to play Baseball with all his friends, even the dead ones. Shahra creates a whole baseball zone with a number of different stadiums themed off different locations from Sonic's life. All Sonic's friends pile in and enjoy playing baseball, but sure enough, Dr. Robotnik is jealous because he was not invited. Robotnik invades and sends out his team of badniks to cause mayhem around Baseball zone. It is now up to Sonic, to assemble the ultimate baseball team and defeat Robotnik in the diamond.


team name Captain Sub-Captain Team players Team Picture Commentary
Sonic's Super Sneakers Sonic




Shahra, Chip, Hero Chao (clone of Chao), Prof. Pickle, Elise, Porker Lewis, Flicky, Red flicky (Clone of Flicky), Pink flicky (Clone of Flicky), Green Flicky (Clone of Flicky) Sonic's-Super-Sneakers
Amy's Hammer Slammers Amy




Cheese (Clone of Chao), Vanilla, Big, Froggy, Gamma, Silver, Blaze, Marine, Emerl, Gemerl (Clone of Emerl)

Amy's-piko-Pikos Why Gamma? remember, "This Robot is my friend, he helped me". Amy bats with her piko piko hammer. Emerl and gamma are both brought back to life. Silver and Blaze are friends with Amy in Sonic '06 and Blaze is also friends with Cream in Sonic Rush and with Amy in MaSatOWG.
Knuckles' chaotix Knuckles




Espio, Charmy, Mighty, Ray, Shade, Heavy, Bomb, Tikal, Chaos, Chao Knuckles'-Chaotix
Shadow's Emo Kids Shadow




Omega, Maria, GUN Commander, Dark Chao (Clone of Chao), Gerald (Clone of Robotnik), Black Doom, Black Creature, king Boom Boo, Lumina, Void. Shadow's-Emo-kids Like how in Mario Super Sluggers, King K'Rool joins DK's team, in this one, Black Doom joins Shadow's team. Lumina and Void just needed somewhere to go. Black doom, Maria and others on this team are ones that are brought back to life just to play baseball.
Jet's Babylon Rogues Jet




Storm, E10000G, E10000R (Clone of E10000G), Erazor Djin, Battle Kuku, Bean, Bark, Nack, SDR-HD, SDR-GP (Clone of SDR-HD) Jet's-babylon-Rogues a lot of Jet's team can use their airboards as baseball bats. Kuku and Bean are birds so they join Jet's team. Bean brings along Bark and Nack. Erazor joins because he is a genie.
Robotnik's Rotten Eggs Dr. Robotnik


Metal Sonic


Metal Knuckles, Egg Robo, Tails Doll, Phi (Clone of Emerl, Eggman Nega (Clone of Robotnik), E-21 Ballios, Zero, Egg Pawn, Coconuts, Kiki (clone of Coconuts) Robotnik's-rotten-eggs Just had to use Ballios, it wouldn't make sense not to.


Secret Unlockable Teams!

team name Captain Sub-Captain Team players Team Picture Commentary
Sonic's Sonics Sonic


Metal Sonic


Riders Sonic, Classic Sonic, Knight of the Wind Sonic, Polygonal Sonic, Super Sonic, Sonic the Werehog, Hyper Sonic, Sonic Underground, Excalibur Sonic, Dark Spines Sonic. Sonic's-Sonics Most of these players are clones of Sonic. All have variations, like Riders Sonic bats with his air board, Excalibur and Knight of wind Sonics bat with swords, sonic Underground bats with his guitar, etc. Polygon Sonic has very loud footsteps.

How to Unlock Each of these are alternate costumes for Sonic (except Metal Sonic who is his own character). By obtaining all of the unlockable costumes, the team is then unlocked (the only team where you can use more than one Sonic at a time.)

  • Metal Sonic - Unlock "Robotnik's Rotten Eggs" by beating story mode.
  • Super Sonic - Collect all 7 Chaos Emeralds in Story Mode
  • Hyper Sonic - Upgrade all 7 chaos Emeralds into super emeralds through bonus stages.
  • Riders Sonic - obtain Sonic's extreme gear in Story Mode.
  • Sonic Underground - Obtain Sonic's guitar amulet in story mode.
  • Knight of the Wind Sonic - Obtain Caliburn and gauntlet in story mode.
  • Dark Spines Sonic - Get Sonic, Shahra and Erazpr Djin into the Hall of fame.
  • Polygonal Sonic - Win a match using the 9 "Sonic R" characters.
  • Classic Sonic - Get Sonic into the hall of fame and beat story mode.
  • Werehog - Get Sonic, Prof. Pickle and Chip into the Hall of Fame.
  • Excalibur Sonic - Win a match using Knight of the Wind Sonic
team name Captain Sub-Captain Team players Team Picture Commentary
TV's Toonsters Sally


bunnie Rabbot


Antoine D'Coolette, Scratch, Grounder, Toon Coconuts (Clone of Coconuts), Sara, Old Man Owl, Manic, Sonia, Chris, Cosmo TV's-toonsters A Blast from Sonic's TV past. at least 2 characters to represent each of Sonic's animated appearances. Sonia bats with a key board, Manic uses a drumstick, Antoine uses his sword and Bunnie just uses her robotic arm. Chris is the worst character in the whole game. Cosmo is yet another dead character that comes back to play baseball...unfortunately, Tails has move on :(

How to Unlock Get all captains and sub-captains into the hall of fame, plus 38 other players. As a prize you receive a new TV. This is the path to the TV world where you are challenged by the TV Toonsters to game of ball. Come out victorious and unlock the whole team.

more coming soon