Greetings all, This is my internet series simply titled "The New Sonic the Hedgehog Show". I have only made four episodes so far. The first episode had an educational message as a little extra something. I'm posting it here because it needs more views and some of you did not know it existed and it is in a easy place for you to watch all the episodes.

Creator's comments

thumb|300px|right|Educational Message: Fire and Clouds

So, the show was originally going to be all like the first episode, where each one revolves around a different character. However, after the first episode, I received feedback that Sonic was not in it enough and that people wanted Sonic to be the main character, thus Sonic is the main character in the following episodes. Feedback also communicated a desire to have Mario in the show. Thus Mario was written into episode 2, then becomes a major character in episodes 3 and 4. After episode 2, there was a lot of positive feedback about the amount of action, so a bit more action was in later episodes. I believe that this is a great show because of all the fan input that I received while making it. Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback, back in 2007.Sonictoast 23:05, September 2, 2010 (UTC)