• Soniczero000

    Hey everyone long time no see. Sorry I haven't been on a lot. I've been kind of busy. So any way I've been looking on and they have a power called Planewalking. The ability to travel different planes of existence. Worlds that exist by themselves and are not alternative realities or universes. My question is, is Blaze's world a plane of existence or and actual alternate reality?

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  • Soniczero000

    Hey guys tell me what you guys think of my OC character.

    Due to his training and visiting other dimensions and planets, he earned a lot of names because of his actions and personalillty. Also Known As:

    • Zero
    • Zeo
    • Gao
    • Fang
    • Dyna
    • Jack
    • X
    • Hurricane
    • Joker
    • Xtreme
    • Cosmos/Cosmic
    • Nexus
    • Monster Zero
    • The Astro Monster
    • Fusion
    • Saga

    Age: 18

    Allignment: Good(Sometimes) Neutral(Mostly) Hero/Ani-Hero

    • Cat 
    • Hedgehog
    • Gheko
    • Lizard
    • Chameleon
    • Hawk/Falcon
    • Eagle
    • Fox
    • Snake
    • Dimensional Slime being (Wisps  Dimensional Cousins)
    • Frog
    • Fish
    • Dolphin
    • Bat
    • Echidna

    • Athena the Yakuza Mother (Mother/Sensei)
    • Thor the the Hybrid Alien (Father) (Deceased)
    • Rouge (Crush/Affectioned  Best Friend and sister in arms) (Love/Hate Relationship at certain times)
    • Shadow (Best Friend/ Brother in arms/Friendly Rivalry)
    • E-123 Omega (Cl…

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  • Soniczero000

    Okay. I know that some of you guys told me not to talk about Rouge, because of you know who, but after watching a few episode of One Piece. The episodes about Nami's past. Something clicked in my head. What if Rouge's origin that same as Nami. I know this is something very skeptical, but this makes my last two theories look insane. Nami is a pirate theif, who lost her foister mother, who she loved dearly along with her adopted sister. Her village was taken over by the fishman Arlong, who killed her foster mother in front of them, and kidnapped Nami, because she is a skilled map and sea chart maker. He makes a deal with her, if she earns 100 million berries (Cash), he would give her the village.

    What if Rouge is in the samesituation but diff…

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  • Soniczero000

    Okay, you guys know that I'm a huge Rouge the Bat fan. And a lot of people say she's a aful character, because she's a theif, a lier, and is plain out rude. And some people say she doesn't really have a purpose. That I can agree and disagree.  For one thing she's like Catwoman. Catwoman does steal, flirt, and is rude. But the only main reason why she does what she does is, because she's looking out for herself and her friends. Rouge only cares for people that she really cares about. People actually seem to understand what Catwoman does, but not Rouge. Rouge steals, because she loves the thrill of the adventure, which is okay at times, but that's just it. She has lots of jewels and stuff, but you have to ask the question "What does she do w…

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  • Soniczero000

    Last time on Soniczero0000 blogs. After talking about his new Rouge the Bat idea because he was robbed, he talked to others and gain some sympathy from others, SonicZero decideds to let it go. He then brought up the Ken Penders case and it's insanuty. Now Soniczero as decided to start a new with a brand new idea in this brand new episode of SonicZero000 blogs.

    It's midnight and Rouge the Bat was out getting ready to rob a very fancy jewelry store. She gets inside and before she could steal anything, loud crash could be heard outside of the store. She goes outside and sees a meteorite. She walks over to it and sees a strange alien hybrid named Zero-Ohki inside. Zero-Ohki wakes up and gets up and looks up at Rouge. Before anything can be said…

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