Okay thing are going out of control in the Archies versus Ken Penders lawsuit. Mostly do to one one of the members in the Archies party. They still haven't made a writen settlement yet. If they don't make a signed settelement then the judge will dismiss the lawsuit in prejudice. Meaning Archie cannot file the case again. So there is a high chance of Ken winning. But there is some up's and down's to this. Archie may be able to use the characters, but they may have to be used in the way that Ken wanted them to be. Some of the stories may have to be canon. Like the the Later Years stories will have to a actual timeline and may or may not happen. There is one thing that can happen, when they can't do this. Ian Flynn may have to write a reboot that can probally help them stay in the game. Sega may have to do something to save themselves as well. The lawsuit started because of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Which all of the game material was borrowed from his work. Sega may try to save themselves by hiring and paying Penders to write Sonic games for them. This means most of the characters that we know and love may go through some major changes to save them. 

So this is mostly the fault of one of Archies Party members in the case and not penders. The settlement should have been finished in January. So write down what you think and please no flamming, or trolling.