Okay new idea thans to being robbed on Marched 18, 2013 when everyone at my house was gone and i was at at school. I know i made pitched this idea before, but i decided to change it around so it makes more sense and has much more purpose. Okay i once said that Rouge the Bat should have her own game. I still think that, plus i said that she should gain some form of powers. Now thanks to being robbed like i said, i decided to change that around. How about a game where Rouge does something so stupid that she get cursed by some mystical being, or is taken over by some form of symbiosis that threaten to kill her if she doesn't change her ways. The whole point of the game is that she get double-edged powers that effect her and things around her depending on what she does. It's kinda like Shadow the hedgehog (Game) mixed with Infamous. All the other characters will play a important role in the game. So whatever you guys think of this idea, just tell me. No flamming and other nonsense. I'm still a little ticked off at the moment and i don't want anything to make me go into a deep depresion state of mind. I almost forgot say and I'm saying this now. I got robbed after coming back from Megacon on Sunday March 17, 2013. And the really sad thing is that my birthday is on March 21, 2013. Life really sucks a lot.