Okay, you guys know that I'm a huge Rouge the Bat fan. And a lot of people say she's a aful character, because she's a theif, a lier, and is plain out rude. And some people say she doesn't really have a purpose. That I can agree and disagree.  For one thing she's like Catwoman. Catwoman does steal, flirt, and is rude. But the only main reason why she does what she does is, because she's looking out for herself and her friends. Rouge only cares for people that she really cares about. People actually seem to understand what Catwoman does, but not Rouge. Rouge steals, because she loves the thrill of the adventure, which is okay at times, but that's just it. She has lots of jewels and stuff, but you have to ask the question "What does she do with them?". Catwoman use what she steal to take care of things that make sense and understandable. The Rouge the Bat in the games seem to be somewhat mellow theify.  The Archies Rouge the Bat seem to want to commit genocide to get what she wants. It makes you wonder why Shadow hasn't taken the lead and trained her to be a better person. Shadow  should just tell her what he really thinks of her jewel obsession. And to answer what you guys are thinking, during the treasure tango, Rouge was will to kill Team Rose, for the Sol Emerald, and claimed it was to scare them, and she knew that Blaze's world would die without the emerald. 

Okay here's an idea that makes sense that could actually happen to Rouge. Rouge runs into a fellow theif who is better then her, and the G.U.N replaces her with the new theif in town. Rouge tries to prove that the G.U.N stills needs her, but she gets badly beaten and is embarressed in public. She then starts to think about how she got herself into the mess that she's in and tries to fix it. 

Rouge's Origin:

Here's two theories on Rouge that I thought of, and I know that it maynot be true or it maybe, but still like this blog says, here's something that make sense. Rouge may have been born into a poor family and had to do whatever it took to survive or may have been born into a really rich family that never payed attention to her and the only thing she could possibly draw some form of love from jewelery.

These are just theories. I know it's not stated by SEGA, but it's could be something to think about. Who knows, one of them may even be true and they don't have to be stated out loud.

Okay if this doesn't make sense, then I'm stumped. So tell me what you guys think, and no crap that will lead to a very stupid argument.