Last time on Soniczero0000 blogs. After talking about his new Rouge the Bat idea because he was robbed, he talked to others and gain some sympathy from others, SonicZero decideds to let it go. He then brought up the Ken Penders case and it's insanuty. Now Soniczero as decided to start a new with a brand new idea in this brand new episode of SonicZero000 blogs.


It's midnight and Rouge the Bat was out getting ready to rob a very fancy jewelry store. She gets inside and before she could steal anything, loud crash could be heard outside of the store. She goes outside and sees a meteorite. She walks over to it and sees a strange alien hybrid named Zero-Ohki inside. Zero-Ohki wakes up and gets up and looks up at Rouge. Before anything can be said a space ship shows up and shoots at them. Rouge grabs Zero-Ohki and they runs away. They run into Shadow and Omega and Zero-Ohki warns them that the Black Arms have return and their queen " The true ruler of the Black arms" have sets their sights on Earth. Now Team Dark must save the Earth from these alien invaders that are linked to Shadow. Plus they have to face the return of Black Doom, who magaged to survive is defeat by jumping into another dimension with use of chaos control. The gameplay will be similar to Sonic Heros and will also be able to play with each of the characters in Team Dark seperately in solo missions. The team will be the second or first four person team. Speed, Power, Flight, and Support/Special.


Rouge the Bat: The leader and flight member of Team Dark, G.U.N Spy/Agent, and Treasure Hunter/Theif. She is a beautiful bat who uses her charms to get what she wants. She's very clever and is very intellegent. She is able to break into any high security complex that has anything of value. She has made some  friends, but they barely trust her for cunning personallity and trickery. She has a good friendship with Shadow and Omega. She became really Good friends with Zero-Ohki and she knows that he has a crush on her and seems to return some of his feelings. He is also willing to be her personal loyal servant.

Moves: Rouge knows a number of martial arts and is a expert in kick boxing. She now decides to mix things up by applying pressure point, judo, and crane style fighting with her moves. Her most well known move is the screw kick.  Which she has made newer variations of the attack with her team.

  • Screw Kick: Rouge atacks with a fast spinning drill kick that can ause lots of damage.
  • Chaos Spear Drill Kick: Shadow transfers chaos energy into Rouge and she transformsher Screw Kick into a chaos spear version of her screw kick.
  • Chaos Spears: Due to the combination moves Rouge gain the ability to use chaos spears.
  • Echolocation: Rouge is able to give off a highpitched sound to locate hidden objects.
  • Enhanced Speed & Strength: Rouge gains more speed and strength due to her training.
  • Zero-Ohki Weapon Transformations: Zero-Ohki is able to transform into multiple weapon forms. Rouge uses his sword and staff forms.

Shadow the Hedgehog: Shadow is a master of chaos control and is th speed member of Team Dark. He comes off as arrogant and cruel, but is actually nice when you get on his goodside. He is very smart and is able to come up with battle plans. He is good friends with Rouge and Omega, and has formed a surprisingly a brotherly friendship with Zero-Ohki.

Moves: Shadow is a master of chaos control and uses chaos energy in his attacks. He Uses karate, judo, and mix martial arts to fight.

  • Homing Attack: Shadow launches himself at his opponets.
  • Chaos Control: Shadow is able to use his chaos powers through chaos control.
  • Chaos Spears: shadow shapes chaos energy into spears and launches them at his enemies.
  • Chaos Blast: Shadow fires chaos energy as either as a beam or a huge blast of energy.
  • Speed & Strength: Shadow has great spee that rivals Sonic the hegehog and is able to life heavy objects that normal people would think would squash him.

E-123 Omega: The Power member of Team Dark. Omega has a very monotone out look on anything. He has great deal of hatred towards Dr. Eggman and wants to destroy him. He cares greatly for Shadow and Rouge, and has bond with Zero-Ohki.

Moves: Omega is a Former Eggman Robot who has a lot of weapons inside of him. 

  • Plasma Lasers: Omega is able to fire off high concintrations plasma energy that can cause serious damage to anything.
  • Plasma Bombs: Omega launches explosive bomb that release plasma energy.
  • Rocket Barage: Omega can fire very powerful rocket missles at his opponet. 
  • Nanobots: Omega uses nanbots to transform himself into new forms and create wepons.

Zero-Ohki the Hybrid: Zero-Ohki is a cosmic dimensional alien from a extradimensional planet that is actually connected to Sonic dimension and Blazes, he is also the support/special member of Team Dark  He has a very calm dimenor and is cunning. He mostly acts like a wild beast at times to throw is enemies off. He has a huge crush on Rouge and willing to be her loyal servant. He also has a brotherly friendship with Shadow and has a friendly bond with Omega.

Moves: Zero-Ohki is very powerful. He can manipulate and generate is life force energy by using both Chi(Physical Energy) and Aura( Spiritual Energy). He can use chaos control and can turn into weapons. He is extemely fast and super strong in land, sea, and air. He has very sharp senses. He is actuall somewhat blind. He senses the energy around him and uses the energy to see. He basicly can see the world in a whole new respective.

  • Chaos Control: Zero-Ohki can utilize chaos energy in most of his moves.
  • Cosmic Manipulation: Zero-Ohki is able to control cosmic energy.
  • Life-Force Manipulation: Zero-Ohki is able to control his own life-force to make himself stronger.
  • Weapon Transformation: Zero-Ohki is able to turn into multiple weapons.
  • Speed & Strength: Zero-Ohki is fast like Sonic and Shadow, and is also strong like Knuckles.

Appearance: Zero-Ohki looks similar to Shadow but is a little cat like. He his part cat, gheko, hedgehog, surprisingly echidna, bat, chemelion, spider, rabbit, fox, and other things he inherted from his ancestors. He is black and has red, blue, green, and yellow streaks. He also sports a gem on his forhead that is actually organic from being born at birth. He has slightly faded chrona colored cat eyes and has a tail transforms into what he is realated to.                                                                                                             

I'm still working on this so please wait and also tell me what you think.