Okay. I know that some of you guys told me not to talk about Rouge, because of you know who, but after watching a few episode of One Piece. The episodes about Nami's past. Something clicked in my head. What if Rouge's origin that same as Nami. I know this is something very skeptical, but this makes my last two theories look insane. Nami is a pirate theif, who lost her foister mother, who she loved dearly along with her adopted sister. Her village was taken over by the fishman Arlong, who killed her foster mother in front of them, and kidnapped Nami, because she is a skilled map and sea chart maker. He makes a deal with her, if she earns 100 million berries (Cash), he would give her the village.

What if Rouge is in the samesituation but different. Even though Rouge makes a lot of money from working with the government and stealing, but the people she has to pay, is making her pay something that is probally impossible to pay. I know you guys are wondering, "Why friend Sonic and his friends?". It's simple, she may miss the company of friends and needs a cover up to hide her true self.

So what do you guys think.