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    Upgraded Chat

    May 7, 2012 by SpaceSoft3030

    New chat feature! (From Sarah Manley)

    Starting this Wednesday, we will be releasing an update to chat on all English wikis. It's already live on a couple of select communities as well as Community Test (so feel free to test it out there).

    [1]New blocking system allows you to kick or ban, as well as set specific ban times.Added by Sarah ManleyWe've changed the way users are banned from chat to make it more like blocking on a wiki. With this release, the "bannedfromchat" user right will no longer exist. The new blocking system will be as follows:

    • Kick - We created a new action called "Kick" for admins and chatmods. Kick severs the offending user's connection from chat, forcing them out of the chat room. They will be able to rejoin chat right aw…

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