So, the new Sonic CD port finally came out. Unlike 1,2 3 and & Knuckles, It wasn't ported by Backbone Entertainment; but it was remade by a Sonic Fan itself, who knew what everyone wanted. So in the final game, new features were included: Playable Tails, S2 physics, S2 Spin Dash and a knew main menu. There were also gonna be 2 new levels; Desert Dazzle and boss fight Final Fever, but SEGA decided they didnt want to Change stuff from the original game.

What Im trying to tell you guys, is that porting classic games may improve them, and will allow new Sonic fans to expirience those games.

I found this page, where you can sign a petition for a Knuckles' Chaotix port on XBLA and PSN:

Some peple say Knuckles Chaotix wasn't a good game, that it didn't have the same physics as the originals or that it was too much of a platformer game. Maybe the're right. But I think this game added some history to the saga. It was the first appearence of the Chaotix.

If this port was really made, new characters could be added, like Sonic or Tails, and they could use the sprites from the games beta, Sonic Crackers.

So if you're with me, sign away!