Hey guys, it's Speeddasher again, this time with a less controversial blog (oh don't worry, more of those are coming in the near future). This one isn't going to be a debate like the last two, but rather just a peaceful discussion. As a lot of you probably know, E3 is coming soon. I for one am really excited (especially since there's the rumor about a Star Fox and Metroid crossover). But today on this blog, we'll be talking about the Future of Sonic. It would appear that Sonic has at long last gotten back on his feet with titles such as Colors, and Generations, but the question is what's next? That's what this discussion is about. I want to hear what everyone else wants to see in the next Sonic game. Do you want to see a sequel to Colors, a spinoff title with another Sonic Character, or maybe even Sonic 4 Episode 3. Whatever you want the next Sonic game to be like, please post it here.

As for me, I personally would like to see a game that's sort of like the Sonic Adventure games, except with the Colors/Generations gameplay style.