Hey guys, it's me Speeddasher. I'm sure you can tell from the title what this is about, so I'm not gonna bother talking about this for long. The reason the blog is cancelled is because after watching pretty much every episode of the series (I still have like four or five to go, but tell me, how many bad series do you know of that pulled a complete 180 in the last few episodes) there's not much to rant on about this show. Oh don't get me wrong, it's still a horrible show, but if I were to make the blog, a majority of it would just be me saying how boring every episode is. Heck, the only extremely terrible episode were the first three (I actually might still do a blog on those three episodes if anyone wants to see it). The other reason is because I've gotten kinda bored with these blogs. I've found TV series on Netflix that don't suck. Netflix has introduced me to Gurren Lagann, Baccano, X-Men, The Twilight Zone, and I've recently started watching Futurama. So ya, if anyone still wants to see a blog on the pilot, let me know in the comments.

Oh, and if you're one of those people who wants me a review the rest of the series, here's your review of all the other episodes.