Note: The reason this isn’t a top 10 list isn’t because there’s not that many problems in with Sonic 06’s story. It’s because a lot of the problems fit in with the reasons I gave, so I’d just end up repeating myself a lot. Anyways, let’s move on.


Told you guys I'd be back with another controversial blog. This time it's on the story of what is one of the worst Sonic games ever made, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic 06, Sonic Next Gen, Sonic the Disaster, or whatever you want to call this monstrosity. Along with it's horrible gameplay, and glitches, this game also has one of the most convoluted plots I've ever seen in a video game. They tried to make a serious and dramatic plot, but it just came off as laughable. So today, I've decided to make this blog. This is the Top 7 reason why Sonic 06's story sucks.

Why so serious?

I've placed this one at the bottom of the list, but I still feel it's worth mentioning. This story just takes itself way to seriously, and that's really hard to do when you have a bunch of cartoony animals, some fat guy in a red suit with golden nipples, and all that other stuff. Sonic isn’t meant to be a serious franchise, and thankfully Sonic Team seems to realize that now. However, this is only the least of the problems with the story.

What have they done to you Knuckles?

This is another small complaint, but as a fan of Knuckles I have to address this. Let’s be completely honest people, Knuckles adds absolutely nothing to this game’s story. He shows up at some warehouse, gives Sonic a card, and then just follows him around for some parts of the game. That’s literally all he does. You could literally replace Knuckles role in the story with any other hero character, and it wouldn’t make a difference. And unfortunately, unlike some problems with Sonic 06, this one really didn’t change. For quite a few games after that, Knuckles was pretty much just there following Sonic like a second Tails (especially in the Riders series). After the voice change, I think he’s improved a bit, but I’ll have to see more of him before I make my final decision. That’s why this is at number 6.

Cause this is Filler! Filler Night!

Filler is another thing that plagues Sonic 06’s story, Sonic’s story especially. Take Sonic’s first level, Wave Ocean. Him and Tails go to rescue Elise, and when they reach the end of the level, the Egg Carrier escapes and they just end up going back to the town. I really don’t get why they can’t still chase after Eggman, it’s not like there’s anything blocking them from reaching him, or that he’s out of sight, they see his air ship not that far away. But ya, that’s how the level ends. No boss fight, no dialogue between Sonic and Eggman, heck Sonic doesn’t even say anything at all in the cutscene that follows. We just see Tails telling him that they failed, then he grabs a white feather, looks pissed off, and goes back to Soleanna to collect more information. Speaking of which, collecting information is more stupid filler. Why would I need to collect information on Doctor Eggman? Sonic had been fighting the fat guy for 15 years when this game came out, I think he knows more about him than these lifeless towns people (seriously have you seen the way those people look). Another example of filler in Sonic’s story is when Tails goes to try and rescue Elise. He goes through the exact same level Sonic does, and in the end he fails to rescue her. We don’t even get a cutscene saying we failed this time; we just cut back to Sonic in the city. What the heck was the point of that? And don’t even get me started on that mission where you have to find the captain. So ya, let’s see what’s at number 4.

Potential plotlines that go nowhere

While I myself am not that big a fan of Sonic having an incredibly serious storyline, I do know that other people seem to like it. If you do, then that’s perfectly fine. It’s your opinion, and I’m not gonna try and tell you that it’s wrong to like it. However, for a game trying to have a really serious storyline, Sonic 2006 really missed a lot of potential plotlines. For example, let’s take the scene where Silver is sitting at the docks wondering if it really is right to kill someone to save the future. This could’ve been a pretty nice plotline, and it could have possibly given Silver more depth. But then Sonic Team said we can’t have any of that. The moment this is brought up, it’s dismissed and completely forgotten about, and then Silver goes back to being the whiny little idiot he is throughout the rest of the game. That scene could’ve been cut out entirely and it wouldn’t have made a difference. The next plot point that I’d like to mention is when Omega finds out he imprisoned Shadow in the future. Since these two are good friends, this might’ve been a pretty nice plot line. However, like the previous plotline, it’s completely forgotten and never brought up again. There are a few other plotlines that go nowhere, but those are the two major ones that could’ve made the story a lot better had they been expanded. So let’s move on to number 3.

Sonic’s Entire Story

You know, for a game titled Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic really doesn’t have much impact on the game’s overall story. I can sum up Sonic’s story in one sentence. Sonic saves Elise, they talk a bit, Elise gets captured again, rinse and repeat. That’s literally all that happens in it. It’s the most basic, generic story I’ve ever seen in a video game. No variety, no twists, nothing, and for a game trying to have a serious plot that’s not good. That, and Sonic has the most bland personality in this game. You know, I’ve seen people complain about how Sonic acts in Colors and Generations because he’s too cocky (which is weird, seeing as that’s how he’s supposed to be), but at least he had a personality. Here he’s just a stereotypical good guy, and it’s incredibly boring. Heck, you could’ve replaced Sonic with Chris Thorndyke and it wouldn’t have made a difference (that seems to be a theme in Sonic 06). There’s really not much else to say about it, as if I go on any longer I’ll just end up repeating myself. So let’s move on to number 2.

Mephiles is an idiot

Had it not been for what’s next this would’ve probably gotten the number 1 position, but it’s still a huge problem with the games story. After watching the cutscenes, and seeing how his plans play out, I’ve come to the conclusion that Mephiles is a freaking idiot. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a close look at his plan then. Mephiles’ plan is to get Elise to cry so that she’ll release Iblis, so he can become a God or some crap like that. Doesn’t seem like that bad a plan, until you take in to account that Mephiles can Time Travel. Why the heck doesn’t he just go to the future, where Iblis is already released. He becomes a being that exists in the past, present, and future when he fuses, so it really wouldn’t matter when in time he did it. Some have said that Iblis has to be a flame in order to fuse with Mephiles, but I really don’t buy that. But let’s say for a minute that those people are right and that it does have to be a small flame. Okay, then why not go back to when Iblis was first released around a decade ago. Sure Shadow and Silver would be there, but I’m sure he could fuse with Iblis quickly enough, and I doubt the Duke or any of those scientists would be much trouble. Time would be destroyed, and he would’ve completed his goal. But for those who are picky, let’s say that he had to get the flames by killing Sonic to make Elise cry. Well then why the heck didn’t he just kill Sonic in the first place instead of dragging Silver into all of it? The cutscenes in the Last Story show he’s completely capable of doing it, so this essentially makes a whole lot of Silver’s Story entirely pointless. This I why I view Mephiles as an overrated villain. When you actually look at his plan, you can see he’s a complete idiot.

So after that horrible mess, what could possibly be at number 1? Let’s be honest, you all know what’s coming.

Sonic and Elise’s kiss

Yes I know this was predictable, but let’s be honest, this is without a doubt the worst scene in Sonic’s history. This was the moment when any credibility this game (and for some the Sonic Franchise as a whole) might’ve had just jumped out the window of a 40 story building, ran back up the building, jumped out the window again, and kept on doing it until it was nothing but a bloody corpse. All hope for a satisfying ending to this game left after that one scene. As if the scenes trying to build a relationship between these two characters throughout the game weren’t creepy enough, they just had to put this in. And I don’t care what anyone else says, it’s beastiality and there’s no denying it. I could go on and on about this scene, but there’s really nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said. So instead, let’s just leave this nightmarish scene as the number 1 reason why Sonic 06’s story sucks.

Well that was a pretty fun blog to right, so now let the hate commence. More of these blogs will be coming in the near future, and more angry comments will probably follow. I may be controversial on this site, but in all honesty I wouldn’t have it any other way.