Okay, here we go.

Well, the question I have to ask is, what is your three favorite and three least favorite character designs?

The rules

First, take ANY, and I mean ANY characters from these three parts of the franchise:

  • Video games
  • Comics
  • Tv shows

Then, choose you three favorite designs, and your three least favorite designs. You may include your opinions if you please. You may use their current design, a super form or alternative outfit (if they have one) or their classic design (if they have one.).

Here is my list:


1. Dr. Finitevus

2. Lightning lynx

3. Blaze the cat


1. Eggman nega (seriously?! A recolor of Eggman? No.)

2. Vector the crocodile (for some reason, I just don't like it.)

3. Amy rose {sonic the comic style} (I hate the outfit, and the spines freak me out for some reason.....)

And so, let the commenting... BE- wait, one more thing:

If any flame wars start, I will disable commenting on sight.

Ok, we can continue: BEGIN!