Hullo everyone, this is Stella the skunk. I have recently found some underused characters who are also hated in the franchise. The majority of these come from archie, and, strangely, I like 7 of these. So, let's get the list started! We will start from 8 and go down to 1. Happy?

NUMBER 8: SALLY ACORN I wouldn't really say that she is underused, but more hated. People can say that she has boobs, but those were in the earlier comics. Personally, I like Sally. She isn't a so called Mary sue like the other chicks. There are only 2 people who love love her: Sonic and (currently) Eggman. Technically, Sonic hates Sally now, since she's a robo. Adios, Sally, and let's move up to number 7.

NUMBER 7: CHARMY BEE Charmy bee is BOTH underused and hated. He was only playable in two games, and he wasn't shown in Sonic rivals 2 with his other friends. He is hated because he is childish and is often annoying like Omachao, Cubot, Elise, and, to a degree, Silver. I actually like his comic portrayal more than his video game one. Plus he has an actual GIRLFRIEND. Sayonara Charmy, and I think there is a surprise at number 6.....

NUMBER 6: GEFFORY ST. JOHN This poor guy is hated. Really. I read on another website that he was a Mary sue. I immediately said, " have GOT to be kidding me." he really isn't. He messes up everything. Like the time he was put in court, he said everything he could and he was STILL guilty. Or that time when he was trying to chase Sonic in endgame. Guess what happend? Failure. C'mon people, give the little guy a hug.

NUMBER 5: ORBOT AND CUBOT I love these guys. Sadly, like Charmy, BOTH are underused and, more to Cubot, hated. Orbot and Cubot were only seen in 3 and 2 games, respectively. But they were only seen for a dang 5 seconds in Sonic genorations. Orbot dosn't fit into the hated catorgory that much, but Cubot does. Why, everyone? He has an awesome sense of humor. So does orbot.

Ah, we're halfway through. Go to the bathroom if you need to while I- *dozens of omachaos come flying into the room* AY CRAPOLA! AAAAAGGGGHH! (we are having some technical difficulties. Please get some soda and a video game and sit back while We attempt to get the dang omachaos ou- oh, they're gone. Thrown off cliff by Sonic. Please keep reading the blog post...) WHEW! Ok, let's resume.

NUMBER 4: ANY MEMBER OF THE FERSOME FOURSOME Ironicly, we're at number 4 and there are four members of the FF. These guys are WAY TOO UNDERUSED. I do not like that. Maybe a story arc in SU will make my day, and perhaps yours? (BTW, I like lightning lynx the best of these guys.)

NUMBER 3: TIKAL THE ECHDNA Ok, the pressure's building as we move into the top three. Tikal Hasn't been seen as a chacters since SA2. SEGA, if you bring Tikal back I will love you like it's Friday.

NUMBER 2: LOCKE THE ECHIDNA I like this guy. Since his death in enejak: reborn, we need to see a comeback of him. Even a flash back would be ok. I just need SOME LOCKE!

Ok. I have 1 question for you all:


THe most underused character of all is............lulz..............*drumroll*................................

SAFFRON BEE!!!! This character is way too underused. We haven't seen her since #199! That's about 35 issues back! C'mon, Archie, I wanna see some more saffron.

Whew. This is now done. WHOOPEE!