Well, time for a new blog. The question is, what was your favorite through least favortie voice cast from the Sonic the hedgehog games and tv shows? There are a few little rules you must follow, though.

The rules First, take these four voice casts.

  • 4kids voice cast
  • TV Show voice cast (From AOSTH, SATAM, and SOnic Undergroud)
  • Sonic adventure cast
  • Current cast

Then, put them in order from first to last, favorite to least favortie in your opinion. Incluce reasons why you liked or hated the voice cast. Then, post the comment. And the last rule is..... Have fun, I guess.

Now, time for my list and opinions

1. 4kids cast: Why? The voices fit just perfectly in my opinion. I really liked Sonic, Blaze, knuckles, rouge, and Jet's voices. Plus, they even kept Eggman's voice, for the current cast.

2. Current cast: We can all agree that SEGA flopped a few times with this voice cast. Take Amy and shadow, for example. Amy's voice makes my ear bleed, and Shadow kinda sounds like a gangster. But Sonic, tails and Knuckles have awesome voices, and Blaze sounds like she kept her old voice to me.

3. Tv show cast: I didn't really think some of the voices fit the characters too well. Sally sounded like a 25- year old, Rotor (known as boomer during those days, if you are interested) sounded like a kid, and Bunnie... Well, let's skip onto the good part. All the voices in AOSTH were awesome, plus snively and Antonie in SATAM. Oh, and we all remember....... "snoo-PING AS usual I see?"

4. Sonic adventure cast: I'm definently gonna start a flame war here, but I hate this voice cast. Tails sounded NOTHING like an 8 year old in sonic heroes, rouge had a terrible voice, and Amy's voice is equal to her voice nowadays: a voice that makes our ears bleed. The only voices I liked were knuckles and eggman's, and yes, I am sad that Deem Bristow (the voice of Eggman) died, But all in all, this voice cast is terrible.

Note: this is not the order you have to put it down in. This is just my opinion.

And so, let the commenting begin!