aka Stephen

  • I live in Ireland
  • I was born on July 12
  • I am Male
  • Steve993

    If nobody makes an actual Sonic film by the time I'm finished my final years in school (Which is still 2 years away from September) then I will make one once I hopefully make it to Hollywood. My plan is to make 4 films only doing another if I have a good story but the character would eventually spin off into a team up movie known as Super Smash Bros teaming up with Mario, Link, Samus, Fox, Donkey Kong and Solid Snake as I hope if these films are a success movie studios would start buying the rights to make movies of other video game characters and setting them in the same universe similar to what Marvel did with The Avengers. I have the plots for the four films ready and have already written the first two films with the final two to be wri…

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