OK, so some of you may have noticed that I have deleted 6 of my M3&K issues. To sum it up, I used a fan-made sprite of Silver and edited it to make a new character (Solar). I did this because in Mother 3, Solar plays the part of Claus, who is a recolor of Lucas, the character Silver portrays. However, I didn't have permission to edit those fan made sprites and as a result, every comic featuring Solar has been deleted. I may upload them again, using a different character, but that will be very difficult. The comics had to be deleted because even though other people modify fan made sprites, it's still not a good enough excuse. <sighs> That just put a bullet in my whole project. I don't even know if I wanna continue the series anymore, but enjoy...


On an unrelated topic, I have to stay home today, because I apparently have the flu! Yep, this day just keeps getting better!