Been quite a while since I started a serious comic arc. Not since A Chaotic Adventure last summer. I had hoped to have started a new series after a few months of a break, but schoolwork got in the way. Then I tried to make a mini-series at Christmas (the Shopping one) but due to a little health issue, I became too sick to stand up properly.

In short, I've been slacking behind on my comics a little bit. But I want that all to change. One of the main reasons why I haven't started a series in a long while is because I don't have an idea in mind. I don't have a foundation to work off of. So, instead of me coming up with something (which, at this point, is a longshot) I gonna ask you guys what YOU wanna see. So, you guys have any ideas? What do you guys wanna see for my next project. Leave your comments below.

You guys know how I hate to leave a comic-less blog, which I really do, but I've been busy lately, so maybe I'll have one made and uploaded to this blog tomorrow? Anyway, leave your comment and ideas below.