According to the poll I set up, 71% of users who voted want to see a Mother 3 parody. Thing is, I'm not sure if I should make it or not.

Why I want to make it:

  • I love Mother 3 (though I'll admit I like EarthBound better) so it'd be fun for me to make a Mother 3 parody
  • Not a lot of people have played it due to it's inaccessibility, so this would get the word out about it
  • I parodied EarthBound so why not parody the sequel?
  • The fans have voted...
  • For me, a day without comic making is like a day without sunshine

Why I don't want to make it:

  • It's been like two weeks since I finished MobiusBound. I don't want to dash straight into another series, especially if it's gonna take another 5 months
  • I have exams starting this week so understand I won't be making it anytime soon
  • Some days while making MobiusBound I would get as low as 2 readers per day...
  • This is a SONIC wikia, and while Sonic characters will be the main stars, it will be following a non-Sonic story
  • I'm at a loss for ideas right now

Judging from what you have to say to me, I'll make my decision whether I want to make it or not, but please forgive me if I choose not to make it.