Ok, so ALOT of people have been asking me to make them talkbubbles and I don't mind making them but do you have to rely on me to make em. I mean I'm not a smith and it's not terribly hard. Just follow this procedure

{{Word Bubble

  • In the image section, type the name of an image without its prefix (File:)
  • In Color, insert a color or use a hex triplet to get a more accuarte color. Try Wikipedia's list of colors for help
  • Color2, insert a color
  • textcolor, insert a color
  • textcolor2, insert a color
  • sig, insert a signature, something cool you'd like to say like "The cow says moo" ...ok, that's a bad example
  • text, insert {{{text}}}
  • name, insert your username without its prefix (User:)
  • time, insert {{{time}}}