After many years of gaming, animations, and graphic novels (or comics), things have made me wonder about Sonic in his current form as SEGA stated that he is a meter tall (3'3" or 100 cm) "European Hedgehog" that runs beyond the speed of sound and he made crossovers or references with others in different forms. Now when he makes a competitions or fights against or along side with Mario, he actually looks taller than how they stated him before, especially the time in Sonic Generations that he is taller than Classic Sonic and he is faster than how he was in Sonic Colors that Omega stated that he may surpass the speed of light in the DS version, and I think he was overrunning from the black hole on Act 2 at the end of the game. What do you, the Sonic fans, think about him in this time?


Modern Sonic running with Classic Sonic in "SONIC GENERATIONS".

WiiU MarioSonic char01 E3

Mario and Sonic with Ski and Snowboard in the Olympic Winter Games.