I already know there is an article for this on some forum place, but this is all from my perspective.

This is some sort of sequal to here, so please read that first.

The design:

Getting Started (Planning)

Okay, you want an original character design, ROYGHT? Well, then first, you must plan your character. Plan it's basic design in your head. Basic design includes species, eye shape, color scheme, gender, and the simple build of the character. Planning out the character makes it easier for the design to come in.

Designing (Even MOAR Planning)

Once you get the very basic sketch, It's time to sketch the design! But BEFORE you start sketching, practice lightly on a different piece of paper. Lightly sketch what the features of your character will be like. Here is a list of features you might have to plan about your character:

  • Hair
  • Clothes
  • General Build
  • The Extra Accessories (if any)
  • Markings (if any)


When you're finished with the different paper sketch, sketch the parts onto your character. If it does not please you, erase the part that is unsatisfying and try sketching it again. After you are finished with the sketch-if it satisfies you-, trace over the sketch (darker). After you're done, erase some of the sketch marks. You now have the lineart of your character!


Now your character needs some color! Think of a unique color scheme. Actually, as it says in the first Planning part, you shouldve already thought of a color scheme. But just in case, this will help you. Choosing a unique eye color is important, too.

Clothing and Marking Designs

Now, you dont want your character to just have a plain ol' blue shirt, black jacket, and yellow shorts, right? You might want a cool pattern design! Think of a hobby of yours. It could be a logo, hobby, anything! Just use it to create a cool design!

Hair Designs

Now, in my opinion, hair designing is hard. I just come up with random hair designs that look cool. It is also okay to look on the internet for pictures of cool hairstyles, but you should only use them if the creator has given permission for others to use it.

Shoe Designs

I know some others who have trouble with shoe designs. As you can see, most of my characters have wild and crazy looking shoe designs. My secret to this: randomness. I use my loco randomness to create these designs. It is a big help. I dont know how to put this into simpler words, but I'll try. What I'm trying to say is, just create a bunch of straight and curved lines on the shoes, or use symbols to make an awesomely cool design!

Personality and Abilities (Originality):

The Originality Itself

We all know that almost no one likes recolors, but personality recolors are bad too.


Okay, first of all, you probably want to have an original personality. You dont want your character to be a comepletely mysterious, quiet, likes-to-keep-to-himself/herself kind of person. That, would be Shadow. This might be hard to avoid if you have many characters. But if you have a small amount of them, it would be okay to base one (mostly your main character) off of your personality.


Okay, NO SUPER DUPER SPEED FASTER THAN SONIC AS FAST AS SONIC blah blah blah! No any of that! No character should be faster OR as fast as Sonic! It is total powerplaying and it is very rude to Sonic Team for stealing their ideas. Try an ability that is rare and that almost no one has used yet. For example, Tectonic the Wolf/Fox/Dragon, my fursona, has Geokinesis and Naturekinesis. I've seen very little characters with Geokinesis, and none with Naturekinesis. Again, I based her powers off of myself. For example, my representing element is Earth, which is where I got the two abilities from.

Feel free to give Pros and Cons! And also tell me if this helps plz!