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    The link above is to my youtube channel. please enjoy my videos! =3

    And i will also introduce myself.

    I am a crazy for Sonic the hedgehog. He is awesome and i've been a fan scince 2007. And even though that's only 5 years, i know alot. And believe it or not, i know more than my uncle, and he's known Sonic longer than i have. But to be honest he doesn't like Sonic. If you have questions like "What's your favorite Sonic Character?" please ask me. * Just ask me on my youtube channel which is the link i posted. And if you can't get to it just go to youtube and type in SonicFanChannel99 Or if you can't get to youtube, just ask me questions from gmail.
    My email:
    Than you and enjoy your time here at the Sonic News Network. …
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