You may have noticed that we've got a ton of new articles about the characters from Sonic Unleashed, and this is all thanks to Ultrasonic9000, who has made all of the pages that have gone up pretty much single-handedly. Can we give him a round of applause? He definitely totally deserves it!

Something you probably haven't noticed is that he has put all the notes he has compiled about the Sonic Unleashed characters on his user page, at User:Ultrasonic9000#Sonic_Unleashed_Characters. If anyone fancies helping him out with his mammoth task, maybe drop a line on his talk page or just use his notes and try to make a SU character page for yourself!

UPDATE 8 AUGUST 2012: He's done it! Ultrasonic9000 has actually made character pages for every single Sonic Unleashed character! That's incredible. But there's still work to do fleshing them out a bit, particularly by adding the characters' history based on Ultrasonic9000's notes, so feel free to chip in! (Heh, puns.)