Olympics Badge

For a while we've been host to a button on the Main Page of our wiki advertising the Video Game Olympics currently being arranged by our affiliate, Wikia Gamia. Well, there's great news: Sonic and Tails have both won gold medals, in the 100-meter dash and the long jump respectively, and the wins were pretty comprehensive both times!

There's only one more event with a Sonic character, and that's Sonic (again) competing in the Decathlon! The winner of this event is the Olympic Champion, the world's best athlete, and Sonic is currently in second place. But the event closes today, so everyone go and vote for the fastest thing alive!

UPDATE: Well, the Decathlon has now finished (making it the only event so far that's ended on time), and Sonic won silver, just behind Master Chief and ahead of Mario. Three medals in three events, two of them gold, is a really spectacular showing. Way to go Sonic!