By now everyone has probably noticed Wikia's new skin. A lot of people hate it, and I can't deny that it has a great many problems. One of these problems is the fact that content is now squeezed into a relatively narrow column, but fortunately this problem has a solution.

As explained on this forum at Community Wikia, users can edit their own personal wikia.css page to change how the wiki looks. In particular, you can remove the pointless widgets on the right of the page (Wikia Activity, Photos on this Wiki, and the Wikia Spotlights) and increase the width of the content to the full width of the page. You can also remove the Facebook widget.

As admins, we are forbidden from making these changes across the whole of SNN because it would violate Wikia's Terms of Use and we would be blocked, but there is nothing to stop each user from making the change themselves.

In order to effect these changes, go to your user page and input "/wikia.css" after your username in the address bar. For example, I would use the page User:Supermorff/wikia.css. You can get to your page by clicking on Special:MyPage/wikia.css. It is important that /wikia.css is all lower case. Copy and paste the following text into this page and save:

/* These three effectively hide the rail but keep the search box */
/* Hide the three widgets */
.WikiaActivityModule, .WikiaPagesOnWikiModule, .LatestPhotosModule, .PopularBlogPostsModule, .WikiaPopularBlogPostsModule, .WikiaSpotlightsModule, #WikiaSpotlightsModule {display:none !important; width:0 !important;}

/* Increase the width of the actual page content */
.WikiaArticle {width:980px !important;}
.WikiaPageHeader details {width:970px !important;}
.WikiaArticleCategories {width:950px !important;}

/* Same as above but for preview */
.skin-oasis #wikiPreview {margin-right:10px !important;}

/*No Facebook*/ 
.fb_edge_widget_with_comment { display:none !important; }
   { color: black !important; }

{ font-weight: bold; }

/* Hide the 'share' button */
li#ca-share_feature {display:none !important;}
/* Remove bottom ads */ 
#WikiaArticleBottomAd {display: none !important;}
#WikiaRail section {
      display:none !important;

Once the page is saved, you will have to bypass your browser's cache in order to see the changes. Instructions for your specific browser should be included at the top of your /wikia.css page by default.

I hope users will find this useful, and that it will help to lessen the impact of this new skin. Feel free to inform as many users as you like about this fix.

EDIT 10/11/2010: Great news! The above code has now been updated to remove the blog widgets and the 'share this' button. Many many many thanks to User:AlexShepherd on Community Wikia for his help. Also thanks to AlexShepherd's friend Gaz for new code to also remove the Wikia adverts at the bottom of the page! Everyone update your /wikia.css pages!

EDIT 15/1/2011: I've changed the code again to remove the line about image attribution. This is because Wikia has relaxed its stance regarding this feature, so we have been able to remove it site-wide! Hooray.