Sonic: Its been a very long time since anything interesting happened. I'm starting to miss kicking eggman's fat butt. 

Tails: (on phone) sonic i need you here quick

Sonic: ok i'll be there. Maybe he wants me to test one of his new inventions.

Sonic takes a quick run to tail's home.

Eggman: heeheehee i have the perfect plan to destroy sonic and everyone in this world. This laser will destroy everyone in this world. Heeheehee

Eggman fires the laser to the satellite and spreads it across the world.

Sonic reaches tails :ok what do you want? All of a sudden i feel very sleepy. 

Tails: me too

Everyone falls asleep except eggman.

Sonic wakes up the next day : something feels weird.

He gets up and looks in the mirror: ahh i'm human

                                                      TO BE CONTINUED