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    Because today is my birthday. I turn 20 today. The only thing that could make this day better (for me) is junk food. Which im getting a lot of. Altogether, I'm getting a 3-layer homemade cake, ice cream, apple pie, and brownies. WHOO-HOO!

    Also, I am well aware that we have a no non-sonic blogs, so I'm going to go ahead and make it at least somewhatsonic related. I want to know (if you took the time to read anything) What you guys (and girls) think of my fan characters and stories so far? (If you havent read anything, but you are interested in reading. then you can go HERE

    Aside from that, thanks for taking the time to read this blog. Phantom The Shadow Plasma 12:34, January 20, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Syber The Hedgehog

    This Blog Post is for the creation of a new team consisting of Mikee the Echidna, Alter the Wolf and Syber the Hedgehog, and the story behind it. If you are not on MY SNN Wiki friends list, or on DarkFuture or Katrins' lists, I ask that you disregard this blog, as your input will not be considered. (SORRY!)

    So, Alter, Mikee....Time to brainstorm!

    Update: 05/11/2011: If you havent been stalkng us, i would like to inform everyone that our Team name is Team Emerald. We are currently making our story. if you would like to voice your opinions, feel free to do so.

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