hello it is i the Coolest Tage 103 and today im reviewing Sonic 3 and Knuckles. I'm gonna say it up front, this is my favorite Sonic Game Ever and my 5th favorite game ever. Sonic 3 for some reason gave me the speed i've been looking for and i can't stress this enough it's my favorite Sonic Game


Sonic 3

At the end of Sonic 2, the Death Egg Crashed on Angel Island and Dr. Eggman planned to launch the ship again. He meets Knuckles the Enchinda and tricks him into beleiving that Sonic is trying to take themaster Emerald, the big f**king Emerald the knuckles can pull out of his pocket from SA2! sorry i was getting ahead of myself, the master Emerald actually has the the power of all Seven Chaos Emeralds and has the power to stop the Chaos Emeralds. so its pretty damn Powerful and of course Robotnick likes power and needs to fix his ship so he tricks knuckles (knuckles is the master emerald Guardian). Sonic after Sonic 2 gets off the Tornado and turns into Super Sonic and flys into Angel island where knuckles meets them by punching sonic and stealing his Chaos Emeralds and Runs off. Sonic Bascialy goes and tries to get back his emeralds but knuckles being the king of switches always has a switch to send sonic to the nest zone. this happens everytime they time. At launch Base Zone, we see that the Death Egg is about to launch and Sonic and tails (yes tails was here the whole time) have to stop the ship from launching. Knuckles Sereval times tries to throw them off but at the end knuckles falls off a ledge onto Angel Island after the death egg is launching. Sonic and tails beat Robotnick and the Death Egg falls down again to Angel island but another part.

Sonic & Knuckles

you didn't think we were done huh? this game was actually seperated into two Games. Anyway, Knuckles had dropped into Musrhroom Hill same with Sonic and tails. they see Knuckles hiding something important but they go follow knuckles. what knuckles was hiding was a Super Emerald Special Stage. Now we have to collect Super Emeralds to turn into Hyper Sonic. Sonic and tails basically follow Knuckles and when they get to lava reef zone, they see the death egg actually crashed there but no construction work is being done. Robotnick now plans to use the Master Emerald to power the Death Egg into Space again. Sonic Finds Knuckles at the hidden palace the Super Emeralds and Master Emerald is. they fight and sonic wins. but they are distracted by Robotnick Stealing the Master Emerald. Knuckles tried to stop him but gets shocked and they all fall while Robotnick goes to the Death Egg. Knuckles then help sonic and tails by transporting them to the top of Angel Island Sky Sanctuary and knuckles is tired so he stays back and Sonic and Tails quickly head to the Death Egg before it takes off. there they find Robotnick on the Death Egg quickly beat him in his new giant Death Egg Robo. but he still has the master emerald and flees off into space with a blue egg robo and u turn into hyper or super sonic to defeat it. u then return the emerald to Angel island and you are off to youre next adventure.


The gameplay has some new effects to it. Sonic now has this attack where you can perform the insta shield which is a shield that lasts for a spilt second. And now for the first time you can turn into Super Sonic in a stage when you collect all chaos Emeralds in Sonic 3 and in Sonic & Knuckles you collect Super Emeralds you turn into Hyper Sonic. you go through special stages to unlock chaos emeralds. the controls feel very tight in this game so you know youre gonna make every action. There are also new Sheilds in this game like the Aqua Shield that allows us to breathe underwater and use the bouce attack. The Fire Shield prevents us from any fire attack and lets us air boost. The last shield is the Thunder Shield which attracts rings and allows us to do the double jump. Hyper Sonic Has almost all of these ablities (Hyper Sonic cannot Bounce that is the only thing he cant do.

Level Design:

The Level Design's for these levels are Amazingly Great. it seems like this is the game introduced more levels to come like Desert levels and space levels. Levels however sometimes will have have a lot of slow moving platforms and there is alot of platforming in this game. Other than that, the levels are pretty fast but they seem to last for about 4 to 3 minutes. And something alot of people bitch about is the fact that there is underwater sections in alot of levels. but they didn't matter to me since we can use the Aqua Sheild to breathe there.


Yeah like i even need to say it. The music in this game is GOOD GREAT AWESOME OUTSTANDING AMAZING!!!!! Every song in this game is great even Sandopolis. Sky Sanctuary zone has my most favorite music and i still like Super and Hyper Sonic's theme.

Overall, Sonic 3 & Knuckles is a Amazing Game with

  1. Amazing Plot
  2. Amazing Gameplay
  3. Amazing Level Desing
  4. Amazing Music

So Sonic 3 & Knuckles gets a 5 out of 5 with a title of


First Sonic 3

Title of sonic 3


Sonic & Knuckles title


Team Super