Hello it is i the coolest tage 103...Ok, i know a lot of you guys always thought that the game Sonic Heroes is a m


odern sonic game. I did to. but i just found out that the game is actually a dreamcast era game. someone explain that to me because for one, i dont remember playing Sonic Heroes on the Dreamcast. Second, it introduced a whole new style of gameplay. And the story was short unlike SA2. on the other hand, i actually had my suspsions of this being a Dreamcast title game because for one they brought back some reminesce of SA2 and SA1. And they actually just Continued on from SA2's ending. Also, when u look at games like Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, Sonic Unleashed, and Sonic Colors, (though i call it colours) u realize that something isn't just right. Sonic Heroes had okay grachics, but the real modern sonic games have such AMAZING grachics. And the CGI was INCREDIABLE for those games. and one more thing, Sonic 06 had Changed the voice actors from then on. So it went from Ryan Drummond being sonic to Jason Griffith(06 and Unleashed) to Roger Craig Smith(Colours, although Colours voice actors actually sounded like Sonic's and Tail's Balls Dropped). so yeah, Sonic Heroes is Dreamcast title game, i don't know why but they could have made another Era called whatever the hell era you could have want with the games being Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog (Game), Sonic Rush, and Sonic Rush Adventure. but overall heroes is a good game though and i will make a blog about that game but for now toodles