Sonic stands on the platform inside the Space Colony ARK. He could still here Shadow fighting the anterchiek. If Shadow could damage it down and keep it in it's second form, Sonic could go Super and defeat. "Espio, can ya hurry up?" said Vector. "I'm working as fast as i can, who signed me up for this any way?" said Espio. Charmy was losing his patiece and said "Alright, out of the way, i'll fix the machine!" and then he threw himself at the machine. Surprisingly, the transformation machine started. "Hey, it's working," they all said. But by then it was too late.

Shadow did do damage to the monster, but it didn't matter since The Anterchiek already just transformed into it's final form. He was now.......THE FINALCHIEK! This new form was unstoppable. It shot lazers, fired eggman robots, missle, chaos spears, and spine pillers that can trapped and transport opponents. It also swinged it's tail, charges at an incredible speed, has an unlimited amount of chaos energy, and can blow people away. It also threw astroids.

"DAMN!" said Sonic. The Finalchiek flew out of the ark and connected himself to angel island. "Oh my god!" Everyone was saying. "Wait guys, it's not the end of hope" said Shadow, "We can still defeat it. It forgot about 2 powers we have, our super powers, and the Ark. We can use these two to blast the the Anterchiek. I don't know about you guys, and i hate to admit it but i've actually grown pretty found a little of this planet. We can't say goodbye left. Are ya with me?!". "Yeah!" they all said. "Good here's what were gonna do. Me, Sonic, Amy, Silver, and Espio will go super and weaked the Anterchiek. The rest of you will merge the ark and the Eclpise Cannon into the monster. Now let's do this!" shadow exclaimed.

"Okay guys, ready?" Vector said getting ready to start the transformation machine. "Ready!" they all said. With a push of a button, the machine lifted them and four lazers hit them and turn them super. "Alright, let's get ready to do this, Anterchiek here we COME!" said Sonic. The rest of the people in the Ark watched in amazement.

Super Rose went first. "This is for Cream and Cheese!" said Super Rose. She threw her super hammer at the weak spot. "RAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!" The Finalcheik said. In return he shot her with one of the lazers. He threw a Flying robot at her. She counter attacked by destroying it with her hammer. "Take this!" she said, and threw a chaos ball at him. "RAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" he said. Then, The Finalchiek used chaos control. "He can use chaos control," Super Sonic said."I'll fix that," Super Shadow said, "Chaos Control!", and the time was up. But then He shot a missle at Amy. "KahHHHHH" she said until shadow caught her. "You should rest. Besides, We wouldn't want you to hurt yourself now would we? Chaos Heal!" Shadow said. "Thanks Shadow," she said as he put her down. The monster then started shooting spine pillers to trap them. He caught Espio, But Espio burned hus way out. "Alright, Time to put your evil ways aside," he said and then said "SUPERJINSTU!" and the a burst of fire balls started hitting the weak spot.

Back in the ark, Eggman was trying to change the course of the ark and the ecplise cannon so they merge. "My grandfather is great genius. This malfuntion is impossible!" Eggman said. "Maybe you're not doing it right" said Vector. "We Can't do it right with a wirless connection. We need a power source. But What?" Eggman said. "Hey, i've got a chaos emerald, Charmy said. What!!! Everybody said.

The super gang was still fighting The Finalchiek. By now they were starting to get weak, but The Finalchiek was just getting more stronger. "Damn it! It's like like he's getting a source of unlimited power!" Sonic said. But where?!" said Silver. Then Eggman said on his walkie talkie "Can you hear me sonic? Your regualr attacks are useless. He's Using the Master Emerald on Angel Island to heal himself. Go to Angel Island and Take Master Emerald off the island". "Of course!"Silver said. Shadow, You're the only one good enough to use teporting. Teleport to Angel Island and come back with the Master Emerald, Sonic said while holding one of the chaos balls The Finalchiek threw at him. Got it!" Shadow said, then said "Chaos Control" and landed on Angel Island.

"Shadow to Sonic, Do you copy" Shadow said into his walkie talkie. Hear you loud and clear buddy Sonic said. I'm in the Hidden Palace Zone, I see the master emerald, i'm coming out on, Shadow said. Roger" Sonic said. Shadow grabbed and left with the Master Emerald. "My Power....GUNOOOO!" The Finalchiek said. " Good, Now it's time for the super team blast," Sonic said, "Ready everyone?" "Ready!" they all said. They all gather hands and said "CHAOS CONTROL!!" and a huge beam blast erupted and The Anterchiek return to oringinal form.