Hello everybody it is i the coolest Tage 103 and i was actually planning on making a new blog out today. it was gonna be the Sonic 06 blog. i was starting it up but then i realized how pretty long the plot is and then i would have to go through the gameplay but i have a lot of things to same about the gameplay. In fact i was planning on doing a extra section with a category called glitches haha. But uh im actually writing this blog at 7:49 pm so i don't think i can finish that considering i go to a bording high school (im in my last year THANK GOD) and class starts at 8:00 am so uh, i am gonna do it dont worry but not right not. i might start on it tomorrow but no promises. But i still have future Reviews coming up i still plan to do Sonic Adventure 2 and Colours and Unleashed. But once again i am the Coolest Tage 103 and one more thing i wanted to talk about is that i'm going to make a thing on youtube called the Sonic challenge where i attmemt to beat every single sonic Game except for some. So yeah when it's out you can check it out. You don't have to. if you do i'll be very happy. if you don't well thats okay too.