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    Okay, seeing as I haven't written a blog in...forever I might as well think of something to tell everyone so they can laugh their butts off at the idea XD

    You guys know that conquering storm rules the raiju with an iron fist right? what if she had a husband to rule over?

    thats where my idea comes in...

    I had this idea in my head for a while after fixing his backstory....

    but here it is...


    yes I went as far as that...apparently in some alternate mobius lets say the wager between him, and emta-fox (SFW character) accidentally wagered wrong against conquering storm and lightning lyn, and the wager was if Twister lost he'd be forced to marry conquering storm when the time comes....

    To explain the story it…

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    I'm holding off Speedy's Solo Story series for a more.....alternate point of view

    Roxio: and I'm the speedy in which those things happen to :P

    Speedy: he is technically me from fractured mirror which enerjak captured mostly everyone and made prelates of former friends, and he has also captured villains

    Roxio: so me,my mother,my brother,and a few other friends, have made a group of rebels to stop Enerjak....well.........and....

    Speedy: I know I'll die...but lara-su is in the team too

    Jani-Ca: IT'S JANI-CA! D:<

    Speedy: sorry ^^;

    Roxio: ashe changed ehr name because of her "father" who was a former gaurdian, if anyone remembers ther enerjak battle in the past you'll know whio it is, besides, the claws and red gleamign eye make it obvious......


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    Speedy: *currently lied down on a mushrooom in mushroom hill* heheh good 'ol deadringer gets 'em everytime...heheh burying my fake corpse....

    Knuckles: hi speedy...

    Speedy: hey...whats up?

    Knuckles: silver is coming after you ya know

    Speedy: 0_0' uh-oh.....

    Knuckles: and he wants you to go on a date with Lara..

    Speedy: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Knuckles: just say yes speedy :) gives ya a shot at kissing her.....

    Speedy: good....first to find silver so he can discuss this

    Knuckles: heheh yeah...I'll take you to him....

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    Speedy: *now hiding in lava reef...alone* well this was great, lava reef. a sure place to hide and-

    Sonic: speedy you hafta get out of here! EGGMAN IS GONNA GET HERE AND OBLITERATE ANYONE IN SIGHT!

    Speedy: wow, ya know I heard he made lien-da look fore normal....I gotta ask dad if she's-

    Sonic: no -_-'

    Speedy: good....lets go! *runs into a wall* ow!

    Sonic: aren;t you supposed to be with your girlfriend?


    Suzie-Lu: I still try :3

    Speedy: great -_-' well good news is, I ain't getting beaten by eggman and I ain;t being loved to death..... which both things are good

    Sonic: dude, you like staying away from everyone so silver can think your dead right?

    Speedy: o_o' how'd you know?

    Sonic: your dad told me


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    Speedy: happy new years to mobius, and will this year give me more brighter days *thoughts* or in anyone who hates me in that case, darker ones

    Knuckles: hey speedy whats up

    Speedy: meh nothing....just drawing is all

    Knuckles: drawing what, you and laa?

    Speedy: o_o' no.... I'm drawing sarge beating the tar out of the meta :) see *shows a picture of sarge the echidna beating meta the hedgefoxidna*

    Knuckles: nice.....

    Speedy: thanks, I kinda have a thing for drawing.....

    Knuckles: well lara wants ya so, I'll just take you to her ^^

    Speedy: okay......

    Knuckles: *walks off as speedy follows him*

    to be continued

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