Speedy:Hey, names Speedy Prower, you might know Twister and Tails my father and Uncle,besides you might see some storys of mine about my adventures alone, and might get some answers from some of my close people around here.

Sonic: seriously, you think you can get answers from people you know about, jeez an I thought Shadow was crazy

Speedy:No you numbskull what I say is, I might get evidence and tips to STOP the dark presence and save Knothole THAT IS THE ULTIMATE IDEA!!!!!

Sonic:You on your own? good

Speedy:Well DUH! of course I am, I need this to be a secret so don't tell anyone *runs off*

Sonic:I'm gonna tell Lara about this, of she is gonna freak otu when she finds out he's going on his own

  • with speedy*

Speedy;Alright this is the place, time to kick some dark presence backend CHAOS...INVISIBILITY *turns invisible and runs in*

  • five minutes later*

Speedy: *bruised* well that was odd, but I did get some info out of them about Lien-Da, and her spot at lava reef *runs off*

  • scene returns to sonic*

Sonic:Look all I know is Speedy goes off on his own to stop the dark presence WITHOUT HELP and plans to save our lives, what do ya think of that, he's gonna beat my heroism, WITHOUT HELP!


Sonic:Wow, she took that real hard

  • back to speedy*

Speedy:I have to be quiet I don't want security guards to kill me *turns invisible*

Lien-Da:Alright, if I send most of my troops to the castle, then they won't be able to defend themselves causing OUR VICTORY!

Speedy just walks in and grabs her by the arm

Lien-Da:alright unhand me whoever you are....

Speedy:Like you don't remember me *turns visible*

Lien-Da:SPEEDY!?! like what the heck! YOU EVEN KNEW MY PLAN!?!

Speedy;Well duh I had a hidden camera on you during my job for the king, now I know your whole plan.

Lien-Da:well I won't tell you still hmph

Speedy;Oh YES your telling me, NOW SAY IT before you want me to start a lightspeed road to painville?

Lien-Da:Okay fine I'd tell you... NOT! *disappears by teleporter*

Speedy;DANG! just when I was getting the answers to my questions. well adds up to my next question, where on mobius is Lien-Da? *runs off*

  • back with Lara*

Lara-Su:He has to be here *searching the spot speedy was at before his attack on Lien-Da* I have to follow him *runs off