Speedy: *now at leaf forest* I think she'd be at the end of this place....dang dad said to sing the way there......

(with admiral and sonic)

Sonic: okay the polka song was FUNNY especially when caboose was all "I AM CABOOSE, THE VEHICLE DESTROYER!!!!

Admiral: I know! but we need a better song to help him....

Sonic: good plan *whispers the song ino his ear, the admiral then nods and makes a song play on the radio*

(Back wth speedy)

Speedy: hey a song, I gues I'll sing to it.....

(the epic song plays, melody: "Walkin' along in forge world by Sarge from Red vs. Blue")

Speedy: walking along in leaf forest, what can I see from the top of this hill and looking out there it's a river, a river and lots more leaves it goes on forever ever-ever-ever-ever!!!!!

(small solo)

Speedy: walking on a cliff it makes me feel nervous though, check it out awesome waterfall thats near a river!!! hey there's a cave I guss I'll walk through it, MAN I CAN;T FND LARA IN THIS PLACE I'M KINDA FREAKED OUT! leaf forest is so biiiiiiiiiig!!!!! *song ends and he is tired out* it's official, I I'm going home *walks off back to mushroom hill to rest*