Speedy: *in a tank =* thanks for the lift soldier

Tank driver: welcome....... *stops infront of his place* now step away from me....

Speedy: no problem buddy *hops down from the tank, along with levithan and the admiral)

Levithan: ya know......once everybody sees me

Admiral: oh wat are they gonna do, dismantle you

Speedy: *already inside seeing the light is out* hello??????????? Mom???? Dad????????? Anyone thats tied up???????????

Admiral: maybe no one's here

Speedy: you guys stay here...I'm gonna get to my room *goes upstairs*

Admiral: helo???

Sonic: quiet! hide here *grabs the 2 and hides with them*

(in speedy's room)

Speedy: Hmmmm I wonder what happened :( is it still international no speedy week? I miss everyone :(

(few minutes or so later)

Twister: speedy didn't notice us......we are bad ith timing.........

Knuckles: *muffled* who's idea was it to make this party

Everyone else: *stare at knuckles*

Knuckles: *muffled* uhhhhhh

Speedy: *coming back downs eeing knucklles is tied up* dang I forgot my knuckles whacking stick *goes back and zooms towards the tied up knuckles* hello......knuckles.....

Knuckles: *muffled* speedy you know if ya do this I'll rip your kidneys out

Speedy: *lays a jar down holding 2 fake kidneys in water and he then starts swinging at knuckles like he's a piniata*

Knuckles: *muffled screaming*