Speedy: *in mushroom hill pouting* I lost the bet I don't get a date.....and I feel like something weird is gonna happen

Sonic; uhhh speedy......Yeah we're celebrating that your alergies went away

Speedy: least I get something out of this........

Sonic: yeah.... and ummmm be glad silver won't be there

(scene shows silver hidden VERY WELL in an item box)

Speedy: why?

Sonic: Lara's gonna come

Speedy: 00; YES@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REGARDLESS WHO WON THE BET I GET A DATE!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Sonic: o.o' well that was funny *laughs* but watch out for knuckles he is gonna rip your kidneys out if he sees ya with her

Speedy: what about Julie?

Sonic: she doesn't mind at all ^^

Speedy: good......