Speedy: *zooming through the same spot now passing 2 more hedgehogs in mark VI and Mark V respectively* HI CABOOSE!

Church: what the heck was that?

Caboose: what was what.......hey speedy.......

(he then returns to mobius)

Speedy: that was an odd reference....meh it'll clear up soon enough *zooms through marble garden*

(with sonic and Twister)

Sonic: ya know, what could happen if well *whispers if fiona came and Twister slaps him*

Twister: don't get fiona into this -_-'

Sonic: don't worry shade didn;t mind, she's fine despite this speedy is yours and hers...

Twister: thuis speedy being yellow, if it was the other reality of me and fiona I'd have a fox daughter and speedy would be red-ish orange........

Sonic: good point........

Julie-Su: reminds me of that time I had speedy tied up in a chair for Lara

Twister: 0_0' okay number one, how'd you get here, and umber 2........I don't remember that....oh yeah now I do

Julie-Su: to answer those questions. 1 lara had me come, and 2. it was Lara's birthday gift and I gave her speedy

Lara: it was fun too :P

Sonic: *shudders but heres some zooming* oh my......speedy's here!!!!!

Twister: GET THE LIGHTS AND HIDE SOMEWHERE *shots a lightbulb and turns the switch ff and replaces the bulb and hides quickly*