(day of the christmas party)

Speedy: *humming a song to himself as he's getting ready*

Knuckles: *on a ladder through his window* ghey whats up speedy?

Speedy: nothing, getting ready to head off for the castle acorn, you

Knuckles: same.... by the way it's okay if ya kiss Lara....

Speedy: kidneys are saved again :)

Knuckles: luckily I don;t rip out kidneys if they ask permission first :)

Twister: speedy, you ready...hey knux

Knuckles: hey

Speedy: yeah....

Twister: I'll see you tonight speedy, have fun :)

Speedy: I will *hps out his window*

Twister: luckily I got a secret up my sleeve

(later on)

Speedy: *covered with lip-stick marks* my goodness how many mistletoes are there in this place?

Sonic: atleast 1 for each room...other than the bathroom....

Speedy: okay.....I hope I ain't found by Lara...yet..... *runs offto the bathroom, getting kisses long the way* found it..

(a few minutes later)

Speedy: atleast I'm lucky suzie ain;t here.... besides.....I wonder if Lara is here yet

Knuckles: uhhh speedy, lara ain;t here yet so just try to stay calm okay?

Speedy: I am, but every other girl here is kissing me to death since I was back from the bathroom....

Knuckles: the way your a good person *shakes hands*

Speedy: thanks *sees mistletoe* ah...thats whyy we shook hands ^^; awesome

Knuckles: well I'm just gonna...go off now to...... play cards :/ see ya *walks off speedy walks the opposite way*